The earthern lights sparkling with all their glory
Is it bcos they are pleased of the dark wars fought?
Dancing to the tunes of the gentle breeze whishing by
Let us hear it close..are they telling us a mythical story ?

source -internet

The vibarant colors on the ground – all displaying their wares
Competing with each other to prove their exhuberance
What do they say ? Arent they there to set the festive mood
Guess its obvious from their happy and vivacious stares..

source -internet

The nose has embarked a journey of its own..blame the delicious smells
Mother’s handiwork so obvious ..the sweets and the condiments
The jaw on its automated grinding, with something to taste so often
oh, what else to do, what else to think, my mind on the past so dwells

source -internet

The sky so alight, so bright, tarnishing the dark power’s grip
Enlightening the people about the presence of the good & positive world
Reliving a story of the war’s victory of the good over the bad..
Ahh..Diwali…those days…join in with me to take that nostalgic trip

source -internet

Oh yes! I admit..I am so nostalgic…How else would I be.. Festivals in India have an aura of their own..There is this that special magic touch which makes everyone enjoy,bring them close together..makes them forget those nitty gritty arguments and fights. It makes us all so one.

I remember those days in my grandparent’s place where all my aunts and uncles and cousins ( we were quite a number! ) got together at one place. We used to get up so early ( never did we mind getting up then ) around 3:00 am, taking turns in getting the traditional Oil bath, wear those new clothes, having diwali concoction ( legiyam ), run out and burst crackers to the heartest content, pray and then pounce on those delicious variety of sweets and savouries! those days!

Those days, my diwali highlight used to be the fact that I dint have to study(!!), would get new dresses, could eat tasty food made with so much love and effort.It was carefree…

Now days, my diwali highlight is the fact that I still dont have to study ( :-) ), i can go and buy wonderful clothes for not only me but also for my special someone and that I have that beautiful oppurtunity to make tasty food for my loved ones…Its a different scenario, different feeling..But both of them have one underlining factor – That infectious Diwali spirit!

Such was the spirit that I totally forgot to take snaps of the sweets while making them..was enjoying more the fact of making them than taking the photo and it was my dear hubby who was astounded that the camera was not around ( which in turn shocked me…My hubby and such an observation! ) ..

On this note, lemme extend my heartiest and warmest diwali wishes to you and to your family..Hope you all have a blast (pun intended! )…

Addendum :

I got a few suggestion to send this post as an entry to Vee’s Jihva Special Edition Event which I have now! Hope u llike it Vee…

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15 Responses to “My ‘Bomb’astic Wishes Coming Ur Way !”
  1. Cynthia

    A happy Diwali to you my friend.

  2. Hima

    Happy Diwali to you too Dhivya. Enjoy and blast some bombs girl ;)

  3. Vee

    Lovely Post, Dhivya!

    Thank you for sending it my way! A very ‘bombastic’ Diwali to you and yours, too!

  4. Kribha

    Beautiful pics ,poems and write-up Dhivya. Happy Diwali to you too dear.

  5. Sirisha Kilambi

    Thanks Dhivya and wish u the same :-)
    Nice pics…great looking sweets :-)

  6. Madhu

    Pictures look great, Happy deepavali.

  7. sagari

    A very happy diwali to u and pics look beautiful

  8. Asha

    We can’t explode “bomb” firecrackers here but your photos are great. Enjoy the Deepavali!:))

  9. sunita

    Dhivya, wish a very happy Diwali too..btw, I’m really drooling over those laddoos :-)

  10. Jeena

    Lovely poem have a nice time. :)

  11. Happy cook
  12. Padmaja

    Dhivya!! happy diwali to you and your family!! enjoy n have a great day!!

  13. Latha Narasimhan

    Nice post on diwali!

  14. bhags

    You too have a bombastic Diwali.
    Wishing you and your family a great Diwali.

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