Winter's in and its chilly throughout the day...Usually the first thing that comes to my mind is soup. Nothing beats the rain and chill outside like a soup, a creamy one at that. I like to go in for soups which are v creamy, tasty but does not compromise in health.

Leek,Broccoli and Asparagus soup is one such healthy and creamy bowl of heaven. It has all the keywords which are used to denote 'Healthy' and the surprising part for all those 'broccoli' and 'asparagus' haters is that you would be surprised at the taste of this soup. I can say so, cos I am one of you. :)Give it a shot and you would be astounded.

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  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 4 people
  • 1 onion,chopped
  • 1 leek,cleaned and sliced
  • 2 medium sized potatoes, scrubbed and chopped with skin
  • 3-4 cups of water or vegetable stock
  • 1 bay leaf
  • about 1-2 cups of Asparagus, chopped.
  • about 2 cups of chopped broccoli florets
  • salt and pepper to taste

Place the onions,leeks,potatoes,bay leaf and water/stock in a saucepan,cover and bring to a boil - about 10 min.


Add the broccoli and asparagus


and simmer for another 10min.


Cool slightly,discard the bay leaf and puree in a blender.


Return to saucepan and reheat. Add salt and pepper.

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3 Member Reviews

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By Swati on Jul 7, 2012

I was looking for a recipe for asparagus-broccoli soup when I came across this recipe.  Since I did not have leek at home, I made do with one additional onion.  It turned out absolutely "soupilicious".  Thanks a lot for the recipe.

By Gracelin on Apr 21, 2011

Did the same way . Came out well .I added little yogurt and cumin just before blending . . I check ur site daily before cooking.Thank u .They alll are simple and lite

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By Cheryl on Aug 2, 2015

Hi could you add meat into this soup?

By #workoutwednesday + Push/Pull Strength Programs | Scratch Paper Fitness on Feb 13, 2014

[...] diet tonight’s dinner consisted of a lean protein with massive amounts of vegetables. Broccoli, asparagus, and leek soup with sweet potato and this [...]

By Rhonda Bloom-Ford on Aug 9, 2013

Thoughly enjoyed the soup...very simple, healthy and yummy. Dropped out the potatoes as I'm on a diet that doesn't allow me to eat root vegetables and I didn't even notice that they weren't in there. To compensate for the potatoes I put in an extra leek and extra batch of asparagas. Will be making this recipe again. Thanks!!!

By Paola on May 17, 2013

Is there something else I could use besides potatoe to help give it that texture? I'm vegan but I really don't like the taste of potatoe in my soup, thank you!!

By Sarah on Nov 10, 2011

I don't have leeks...will it be OK without them - or should I go get some?

Onions should be good instead.

By Diane on Dec 14, 2009

Would love to try your recipe for this Leep, Broccoli and Asparagus Cream Soup......Can you tell me how many the recipe serves? Thank you kindly, Diane

Hi Diane, this recipe makes about 3-4 portions :) -- DK

By redactedrecipes on Dec 20, 2007

Mmmmm... leeks. Really looks tasty.


By Rachel on Dec 12, 2007

I still would want to have that bowl of soup though it isnt cold where I live!!!

By Dhivya on Dec 10, 2007

Hi Kribha..Do give a sure u will like it.

Thanks Vineela

Thank U relieved..:)

Sure will Happy Cook...Will serve it with some home baked bread too :)

Thank u Raks :)

Thanks Cynth :)

Thanks Deepa :)

Thank U Latha :) :)

Thanks Siri :)

Thank U glad u liked them :)

By sagari on Dec 9, 2007

lovely and healthy soup recipe divya looks deleciousss

By Siri on Dec 8, 2007

Leek, Asparagus and Broccoli - pretty interesting combo Dhivi.. and the soup looks heavenly!..:D

~ Siri

By Latha Narasimhan on Dec 8, 2007

Such lovely pictures dhivya! anyone one will feel hungry after seeing these! :) Nice recipe for a cold day! :)

By DEEPA on Dec 7, 2007

wow!!!this is very healthy one ....awesome

By Cynthia on Dec 7, 2007

Darn this is good.

By RAKS KITCHEN on Dec 7, 2007

Aspargus in soup?!Looks Awesome Dhivya!

By Happy cook on Dec 7, 2007

Pass me a bowl slurp slurp

By Ilva on Dec 7, 2007

Perfect! Thanks a lot for this entry, it's been added to the list!

By Vineela on Dec 6, 2007

nice recipe deepa for this cold weather.thank you.

By Kribha on Dec 6, 2007

Never tried leek soup before. Looks delicious.