….If you jus scratched your head at the title, then I am guessing that you missed out the introduction. Hop over in there and then come back here to continue fe(a)sting.

26) Charcuterista @ Charcuterista

I have this habit of reading cookbook while going to sleep and I thought I was the only one! But when Charcuterista cited her habit, I knew I had company. Likewise she made this scrummy looking All-American Potato Salad made from the cookbook. Now if reading cookbooks at bedtime would make you bring out such beauties, its worth practising the same, dont you think? ;)

27) Suganya @ Tasty Palettes

She is among those gifted few who can make even the most normal looking recipes look so appetising. So imagine what she could do with something already so vibarant and vivacious, something like her Three Potato Soup with Rouille A creamy bowl of Nirvana.

28)Sia @ Monsoon Spice

My fellow host in savouring the International year of the potato, Sia is known for her anecdotical style of exposing her culinary endowment. Her ‘persistant’ attitude in making the Aloo Paratha bore results – an excellent one I would say looking at the pic! Yeah Sia – U sure did it ;-)

29) Padma @ Padma’s Kitchen

She disappeared but she came back with a bang with her toothsome Aloo Poha. My eyes always devour her recipes via her pics. She gone missing again – first it was the Laptop acting as a thorn but now its a wonderful ‘back to home’ trip. Hope you are having a great time Padma :)

30) Sushma @ Cookspot

The first thing that struck me about this website was the “website”. The address of this blogger is Unique and I havent still comprehended how!(Lemme know if anyone knows!) Bitter Methi leaves are, oh well, bitter and not v pleasing to many. But right combo always helps to down this health mine and Aloo Methi is the perfect example of the same. Sushma’s version makes it more tantalising on our taste buds.

31) Radha Sounder @ In Kitchen

I went, I saw and I got conquered by these absolutely delicious Potato Balls with Stuffing. Radha’s recipe is simply too creative to let pass!

32) Arundati Rao @ Escapades

Arundati made me aware of the existance of potato flakes(yes you heard me right!) through her ‘experimented to pleasing results’ Potato Rosetti. This is one Valentine’s gift her ‘special someone’ is not going to forget for a long time to come:)

33) Nags @ For the Cook in me

While she waits for the life to catch up, I go to her site to catch up with her profile pics!;-). I thought I knew Gujarati cuisine quite well only to be proved wrong by Nag’s Gujarati Khattai Aloo. I havent heard of that one before and the “glow” of the dish makes me want to know only more.

34) Jayashree @ Spice and Curry

If I was amazed by the combo of brinjal and Potatoes earlier, I was left speechless of the same with the inclusion drumsticks which Jayashree sent my way via Sojne data aur Aloo Torkari. She has some unique dishes out there which are a feast to the eyes.

35) Maya @ konkan World

Its not deep fried although it looks like one. I repeat – Its not deep fried although it sure tastes like o
ne. What am I talking about? Its all about Maya’s Sindhi Aloo. It cant get any simpler than that and the tastes is simply out of this world. I loved them!

36) Saswati @ Potpourri

It may freeze like hell at the place where she blogs from, but if she keeps making delicacies like her Alu Chop, you know that one can be deliciously warm from within. A true oriyan who exhibits her unparalleled love for her birth place and what better choice than to get to know about the beauty of the place straight from the horses mouth.

37)Priya @ Priya’s Kitchen

She is one lucky gal – why? Not only did she get to put her legs up for once, she also got to taste an absolutely delicious Dum Aloo to rejoice her relaxation! Pays to have sisters like these ( I distinctly heard mine say the same too!!)

38) Happy Cook @ My Kitchen Treasures

Sometimes you cant help but stare at disbelief at what she writes. Like in this post of Gratin Dauphinois. Once you get past dribbling taste juices at her pic, you are warned with an ominous ‘Dieters Note’. You keep reading and am sure at some point you go up again to stare at her pic and wonder – why in God’s name does she need to diet? Cos if she needs to, then I pretty must starve myself for next 60 days! Blessed not only with coming up with gastronomical food, she is blessed with a great MIL!

39) Cham @ Spice Club

There’s nothing like a good aroma which fills the house when you cook for your loved ones. And it is so true with respect to Cham’s Potato Sukka which has all the reasons to make neibhours come to your door. Thats one dish which will have more followers apart your son cham! :)

40)Vimmi Borkar @ Possibilities of Life

If looks could kill, then this would kill all your stately ambitions to diet. At least thats what Vimmi did to me with her Spicy Bread Rolls. They look so crispy and so yum!

41) Gaurav @ Gastronome By Choice

A Gastronome indeed! Gaurav’s Bread Pakoras are an irresistable treat and you cant beat the taste! This one is a keeper.

42) Suman @ Heaven’s Garden

I sure was in Heaven’s Garden when I made and tasted Suman’s Panipuri Chaat. I have been missing them awfully having last had them eons ago and after seeing these, couldnt hold out longer. They tasted heavenly and now I dont have to worry anymore for their unavailibility.

43) Archy @ Archy’s Recipe Book

A true bong style Aloo bhartha set my tummy’s hunger clock ticking! I have not used mustard oil before and this one looked to be the one to start my first one with. Also dont forget to check out the nutrition info about Potatoes in her post.

44)RP @ My Workshop

If you are like me, then you would love samosas to death. But then again, if you are like me, you would probably keep away so that you dont have to get scared everytime you see yourself in the mirror. Right? If you said yes, RP’s Baked Samosas is the answer. They look so gorgeous and delectable.

45) Sra @ Whem My Soup Came Alive

No matter how much she muses about running out of narratives or fears of a future ‘lack of it’, Sra is among those who jus cannot write a post without making everyone laugh. Her post is as rich as her Potatoes with curd-cashew Paste. You are sure to smile when you take a mouthful of that appetizing dish. />

46) Mansi Desai @ Fun and Food

Call it croquette, call it cutlets, call it tikkis – call it whatever you like cos this is one recipe which will jus blow your mind with the taste. Mansi’s Spicy Vegetarian potato Cutlets are a visual and ambrosial treat.

47)Raaga @ The Singing Chef

There is always something special with our Mother’s touch and Raaga senses the same when her mom used to make delicious Vegetable Cutlets for her during weekends. Hopefully her childhood memories would have been strong enough for her to end the Cutlet making draught! At least mine did – thanks to you :)

48)Johanna @ Green Gourmet Giraffe

Potatoes and Leeks compliment each other so well and that is one soup I find very tasty. But if I thought I couldnt possibly love them anymore, Johanna sent me this lip smacking recipe for Potato and Leek Soup and I was jumping with joy. I think the additon of Parmesan rind did it to me!

49) Sunita @ Sunita’s World

She loves Nature and Cooking and I love her Photographs. Perfect right :) Her pics express her passion so well and her Coriander Rosti is no less. Thats one bite worth happily emoting for!

50)Sandhya @ Sandhya’s Kitchen

I can practically imagine biting into one of Sandhya’s Potatoes Latkes with my tea. They look so crunchy dont they? And what more, they are eggless too which adds to their appeal.

….. People dont love their potatoes for nothing, Otherwise how else do I explain the necessity for a Part 3. The feast to continue ….

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19 Responses to “And here’s some more peak into the Potato Fe(a)st”
  1. arundati

    oh!! what a fabulous roundup!! part 3 huh?? i cant wait!! thanks for the lovely words that describe each blogger….that makes it so much more special and i can imagine all the hard work that went into it….hugs!! for being such a gracious hostess.

  2. Johanna

    what a fantastic collection of potato recipes – I have had breakfast but now I am craving a second breakfast – of potatoes of course! will enjoy looking through all these recipes.

    (By the way – I am holding an event encouraging people to make a nut roast – visit my blog to check it out if you are interested)

  3. Suganya

    Did you spend a whole week doing this? Amazing, DK. Who says this is your first try at event hosting?

  4. Mansi Desai

    That was one heck of a roundup, and what less could you expect for something like “potato”??! very well-done Dhivya…you’ve pt in a lot of effort in this; you should take some deserved rest now!

    but only after you finish cooking for my WBB-Balanced Breakfast event:)hehehe

  5. Archy

    Hi.. Wonderful round up Dhivya !!
    Very nicely explained.. Lovely commentary !! Great job !!
    So many dishes in one roof, Amazing Potato feast :) !!

  6. sra

    Hi Dhivya, thanks for the round-up, and the personalised commentary. Really very nice!

  7. manju

    Wow, what a selection to choose from! I’ve already bookmarked 24 recipes from Parts 1&2 to check out. Great job, Dhivya! Now I’m going exploring, too. Ciao!

  8. Saswati

    wow dk! cool round up and i have fallen in love with ur writing style.and there’s more ..i can’t believe it….but so many potato dishes under one roof…amazing!

  9. Laavanya

    Yet another smashing round up DK.. Loved the cute intros to every dish.. you go girl! :)

  10. LisaRene

    Potatoes are a favorite of my husband and his favorite spice is mustard so clearly I have a lot of new recipe ideas to explore. What a wonderful roundup, every entry truly looks great. I’m learning about cooking Indian food and your site and roundup is a fabulous resource.

  11. Happy cook

    What a wonderful round up.
    Now i know the place for potato dishes.It will be a realy difficult choice if i have to decide whaich one to make. They all lokks so delicious.
    Now waiting for the part 3

  12. Asha

    I could kill you right now with my feather duster!!!! ;D
    There is more? Kewl!:)
    I “read” cookbooks too and books are all around my bed which irritates Arvind to no end. I put them back and they come out again and on the carpet quickly! HeHe!!

  13. sunita

    Thanks for the lovely round up Dhivi…you did a great job!

  14. Sia

    wohoooo…. bring them on girl…. i missed 1st part. let me go and check the potato feast:)

  15. Madhu

    I like the intro you have given to each dish. You are doing great job Dk, can’t get enough of potatoes.

  16. Uma

    wow, kudos to your round up. Still more to come? You really making us feel like daily serial! he he he!

  17. Cham

    Hi Dhiv,
    Seems everyone love their potatoes in so many ways :) Wonderful round up with suspense…

  18. Bhawana

    Great DK,

    You summerized this event so beautifully. A nice work done by you :) .


  19. Kalai

    Holy cow, girl!! There’s more?! I can’t wait to see the rest! :)

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