If I had thought that we all liked Mexican Cuisine, then I was in for a pleasant surprise. No, this round up proves that we all LOVE Mexican cuisine. To be v honest, I was not prepared for so many entries and I am just loving the fact that this round up turned out to be quite something.

Two of my main aims were totally satisfied thanks to you all wonderful foodies.
1 ) Quite a lot of you informed me that this was the first time you have made something mexican and Oh Boy! Was I happy!
2) Many true blue non vegetarians went that extra mile to try something vegetarian and make it so. I am deeply obliged. To try a new Cuisine and also to try go Vegetarian were my two main aims and you have not let me down at all.

Without Further delay lemme present to you a delicious array of Mexican Dishes.


1) Trupti from Recipe Center

This salsa was a sure way to refresh your sense thanks to all that aroma that would have wafted around. Although I had made
something similar, her Coriander Salsa was simply perfect. I loved it.

2) Sagari from Indian Cooking

Do I even have to say something here? isn’t that pic drool worthy enough? :) I have not yet tried my luck with tomatillos and this is going to be one of recipes with which I am start the taste hunt of the same.

3) Siri from Siri-Corner

During the noons, I would be busy working at my coding with a slight grumbling of my stomach as hunger strikes my door. And this is the precisely the moment my dearest gal pal will always strike and knock on my messenger window thumping her droolworthy pic right on to my face. Her timing is impeccable. I still remember my state after this Frijoles Meneados pic. yum!

4) Siri from Siri-Corner

Yes, I told you so. This was another one of those moments which I shared with you just before. She never fails to make me hungry. This dish is v new to me and it was a super hit right the moment I laid my eyes on it. This Bocadillos is in my to-do list! and am sure it will get added to yours too! I pray Siri for more of your peek-a-boo session at every book store possible!

5) Madhu from Eggless Cooking

She is not only good at cracking riddles, she seems good at tracking the right cells in my taste buds too. I couldn’t help myself from gushing out my excitement when she sent me her Mexicitos. At that point, it dint matter to me if it was called that or Empanaditas. My only concern was where and when could I lay my eyes on those beauties. Thanks to her and her significant other, this was such a treat and am sure its going to be yours too.

6) Anna from Morsels & Musings

I have been checking out fresh and v green looking Cactus in the store but always wondering what you could possibly do with a cactus! Had been meaning to probe further w.r.t it in cooking when Anna freed me of that. Her Cactus Salad is something which I have in mind to try and satisfy my curiosity with the mysterious Cactus. Looks wonderful and the recipe is v simple too.

7) Mythreyee from Paajaka

The variations to the salsa is simply mind boggling. Ways to make it more nourishing and texture and color seems to be ceaseless.
Thats what came to my mind as soon as I saw her Salsa.It is said that Chefs are first taught the saying that ‘A Food is eaten with eyes first” and if that is true, then this salsa has been devoured by me 100 times over :) This wonderful salsa managed to bowl over many events at one go, so do you think you really stand a chance against this one ? ;)

8) Hetal from Isha’s Kitchen

I am glad that someone took the time and innovativeness to come up with the ‘Better late than Never’ proverb. Cos that seems to have worked wonders for Hetal to send me my all time fav Guacamole.Looks delicious and all thats left to do is to dip some tortilla chip and enter into another world – a world also called as heaven! ;)

9) Mansi from Fun and Food

I love mealy salads! ( yeah trust me too! ) and this salad is my dream come true. Mexican salad is my fav and to see it was like a dream come true. Scrumptious and total winner!

10) Rachel from Tangerine’s Kitchen

Another total scrummy salsa on display. Her Mango and Tomato salsa looks so refreshing. I have never tried a salsa with mango but now with fresh juice looking mangoes everywhere, this is one salsa which is sure going to be at my table soon.

11) Shweta from Fresh Flavors

You want to give a mind boggling party ? Want to impress your guests and become an instant success. Its easy and shweta shows how. Her Mexican Dip looks out of this world and this is a must try. It is not that hard to make and the taste am sure is mind boggling.

12)Zlamushka at Burnt Mouth

Her repertoire of spices is just mind boggling. Puts even spice lovers like me to shame.And her Roaster Bell Pepper Salsa is a must in your recipe book. Give it a try and enjoy the chilli and spice sensation traveling down your throat.

13) Angel at Angels Bento Blog

Nothing comes close to a mother’s touch. Angel gives us her mother’s recipe for a Salsa sans peppers. This is a wonderful solution for all those who love their salsa but dont want that excessive heat. She also has a luscious looking bean dip in there which is not to be missed.


Main Course

1) The Masters from Jugalbandi

Somehow the words “impossible”, “hard” , “time consuming”, “nothing is perfect” seems to have skipped their dictionary
database. What I end up thinking ‘aaah this is some hi-fi chef stuff and cant be replicated at home” is proved always wrong by this talented duo! What , you think I am exaggerating? Ok, just skip the rest of the narration – hop over to their Mole Poblano post – read and come back after 2 hrs to finish the rest of them! Why 2? Cos thats how long its going to take to come out of your reverie.

2) The Masters at it again from Jugalbandi

What? Did you think they would let you get off their site so easily. Here another delicious and colorful one – Arroz Rojo from their
Kitchen, comparatively easy (phew!) and something which a lazy bum (which is to say me) can make till i reach the expertise of making that Mole Poblano like them! I am brave I guess for having my hopes still!

3) Siri from Siri Corner

Next time you dont find Poblano peppers for your Chilli Rellenos,
dont care a hoot. Siri has a perfect alternate with bell peppers which looks as delicious as the original or I might add, better than the original one. A delicious heart warmer :)

4) Shibani at Anyone Can Cook

Nachos was one of the first things that I was introduced to when I came to US and boy! Did i go crazy! I loved it and for close next 4-5 outings to Mexican Restaurants, I refused to even try any other dish. Such was my passion and it still is although have overcome my Nacho frenzy!!! and try other stuff. Seeing Shibani’s Nachos ,
complete with beans, guacamole, salsa and sour cream bought my excitement multi fold :)

5) Kalai at Samaithu Paarkalaam ( Kandippa Parkalam!! ;) )

hehe! Sorry couldnt help adding my 2 bit to your title! :) . Kalai’s Enchiladas look as wonderful as any professional ones. Her sauce found favor in my kitchen and I loved it. Another one in the
must-try list :)

6) Nupur at One Hot Stove

She tells us that her Taquitos are snacks, but when I made them it filled me up as a main course! Oh well, I dunno if over stuffing lots
of these (cos they were so delicious) will account for a main course. But I couldnt stop at one and I don’t think so will you. So I am putting these in the main course section :) Another tomatillos recipe for me to try

7) Johanna at Green Gourmet Giraffe

Wow! Wow! Wow! Yes three Wow’s and why not – the various components of this dish makes it so irresistible that I couldn’t help but gape in awe! Her Tangy Silverbeet was new to me. All in all her platter is bound to whisk you away :)

8) Kalai at Samaithu Paarkalaam

Her pics are always so drool worthy and her presentation is noteworthy. So in lieu of that here is another encore Mexican Pizza made v simple by using tortillas as base with some delicious toppings!

9) Medhaa at Cook with Love

Mexican Rice is so similar to Indian cuisine. No wonder it is such a hit with Indians too. Medhaa’s Mexican Rice looks delicious and she gives you hints to make it in the Rice Cooker too.

10) Jamie at Flavor Pantry

This was another recipe I made. I had all the ingredients ready even the pre-soaked Black beans that I made it immediately. I used the fat free version just like her and she was so right. Her Fiesta Pasta Salad dint feel like it was fat free at all! V delicious and filling.

11) Bhags at Crazy Curry

She always manages to bring out a lively post. Her thoughts and opinions always enthrall me :) as did her Quesadillas Yummy esp
when eaten with hands! ;-)

12) Divya Vikram at Di
l Se

Divya says that this was her first time at attempting Enchiladas at home. And I am happy that she did since they look so good and I bet it is all spicy and cheesy!

13) Arul at Food And Taste

Arul presented some v pro looking absolutely yummy Quesadills. I can vouch for the fact that you would want to grab one right from the screen.

14)Ranjeetha Prabhu at Ranji’s Kitchen Corner

I have never used eggplant/peas in my enchiladas and Ranji shows me how with her colorful and cheesy looking Eggplant Enchilada.
Another one in my list :)

15) MS at Food Travails

My significant other’s love for Chille Rellenos made me give it a hesistant try. But I need not have been cos it became my fav soon after. When I saw MS’s Chille Rellenos, I was bowled over. One look at that pic and you would know why!

16) Divya Vikram at Dil Se

Another scrumptious mexican table by Divya showcasing a very bright and colorful Homemade Salsa and cheese quesadillas. Now thats some enthusiasm..don’t you think ? :)

17) Valli at Cooking 4 All Seasons

A beautiful Mexican Rice is next from Valli’s kitchen. Dont you all want to ask when the Video of this rice is coming up on her site? I know I do :)

18) Pavani at Cook’s Hideout

Its amazing to realize how another cultural cuisine can be used to influence another and right mix of which brings about another dazzling array of goodies. Pavani has done just that and made a Mexican Pasta for us. One look at the ingredient list and you will know what I am talking about.

19) Maybelles Mom at Feeding Maybelle

She has incorporated health into a delicious meal. Her Tacos are filled with a special Tofu filling. Something for Vegans and v health conscious people out there.

20) Meera at Enjoy World Food

Meera takes the Quesadillas into another level. Not only do they look absolutely delicious, they are v v good for you too thanks to cutting away extra cheese and sour cream.

21)Bhavani at Snap Eat Burp

She may have made her Tortilla Sandwich on a whim but they look and taste like a dream. Another recipe I tried for one of my quick lunch fixes and what got me curious was adding the yellow squash.

22) The Taste Tinkerer at Taste Tinkerer

Another delicious Chilli Relleno to choose from. That Black bean sauce is just calling out to me.

23) Sita at Spicy Flavors

This is an easy and delicious wrap if ever was one.That Gobi kabab luks so yummy. This is one wrap which am sure is going to be a hit all over.

24) Jayashree at Spice and Curry

Countless have been the days when I have just gone to her blog to read all her recipe titles. I have this inane unexplainable love of Bengali language, not that I have managed to learn much but i love to hear it being spoken. Then I go around repeating them like a crazy parrot :) Sandeepa and her have been my boon in that respect. So that being the case, her entry Veg Fajita came as a pleasant surprise. I just wish that she could have translated the title somehow into bengali for me!

25) Sunita from Sunita’s World

Her photography her forte, cooking her passion and her blog my stop points on almost day to day basis. Her baking skills are self explanatory. Her Mexican Stack of home made Whole Wheat Tortillas just goes on to elaborate on what I said before.

26) Foody Guru at Few Minute Wonders

What can I say! I was completely floored. One by the fact that Mexicans call their grandfather the same way as Tamilians! And if I was not impressed enough by that bit of knowledge she went ahead and made a Dal Makhani Burrito No, I dint make a mistake..it really is Dal Makhani burrito. This was so amazing that I am still groping for words.

27) Jayashree at My Experiments With Food

Jayashree sends a very useful and simple method for making Refried beans which is a must in the Mexican Kitchen. A must know recipe.

28) TC at The Cooker

I had been curious about Tamales for a while now and my one try was so good that I wanted to make more. TC gives us a delicious Tamale Pie to indulge in and indulge I soon will :)

29) Anuzi at Living life with a little bit of spice

“No me ames, porque pienses que parezco diferente” Hey wait ..dont go! I am not scolding you either nor is Anuzi I am sure. ;-) You have to go down the post to know that
she means well with her v delicious looking Mexican Burrito :) Though pretty busy spring cleaning ( for her in-laws advent) she still managed to chip in with this beautiful wrap.

30) Uma at Telugu Ruchi

I had not heard of her Arroz Verde before and this green rice luks so appetizing. Carrot and peas are something which I have never used before in Mexican cooking and this dish gives me a good reason to do so :)

31) Ramya Harish at Welcome Hunger

Ramya shows us her version of Mexican Rice. It is as colorful as it can get, Vegan,very simple to make and healthy. Of course not to mention very delicious looking. Now what more does one need!

32) Columbus Foodie at Columbus Foodie

I am so grateful to B for trying to give me a meatless version of the Mexican dish. She goes out of her comfort zone to give all of us another one of those delicious and droolworthy Mex dish. Her Fauxjitas uses meatless chicken strips and meatlesss beef strips. The end result looks so delicious that I am sure that none of the non veg lovers will feel a pang at going all veggie. Special thanks B for her effort.



1)Y from LemonPi

Mexican Wedding Cookies are famous for nothing. They are so delicious and cute looking. Y sends in her cookies and they look nothing short of Amazing!

2) Arundhathi from My Food Blog

This is one snack which you wouldnt mind having all day. It was a good thing to know that her Mother made such treats in a traditional Indian home when she was a kid. That innovative trait seems to have been passed on from Mother to daughter. :)

3) Lisa from Food and Spice

Just from where do I start. I made her Black Bean Pastries and I have to warn you that they are highly addictive! She always manages to bring out innovative dishes and I am just lost for words. Her pastries are my reason to wish that her father visits her often enough :)

4) Uma at Telugu Ruchi

Another really appetizing looking Mexican Wedding Cookieshas been sent from Uma whose presentation skills just amazes me every time. These cookies are no different. All thats left to do just pick one and munch away to glory.

5) Pooja at Creative Pooja

Give me cutlets any day. I love them so I was only more pleased to get an Mexican’ized Cutlets from her. There is simply no limit to the creativity that this girl has in her little fingers

6) Tina at Wycked Sweets

This is simply perfect for all Egg lovers out there ( Siri- are u listening ;-) ) I especially loved the use of so many kinds of vegetables in Tina’s Mexican Egg Rolls. Looks a perfect snack esp on a rainy day!Yum!

Desserts And Beverages

1) Cathy from Aficionado

Cathy gives you the perfect excuse for getting a hangover! Oops! I meant a perfect cure for getting over hangover ;-) . Her Churros con Chocolate look so luscious.

2) Cham at Spice-Club
alt="" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_BekkwVBo24k/SCzq2FZOgqI/AAAAAAAADcU/IqryD7pY9As/s200/cham-churros.%20%20jpg" border="0" />
Cham sends one of the most luscious looking Churros con chocolate They simply look too tempting to let pass.I have seen my share of them but not many that looks as Pro as these.

3) Dee at Ammalu’s Kitchen

Dee sent over something which was exactly what I needed right now given the level of heat and humidity that I am trying to bear! Her Tea-Ponche looks perfect and so deliciously tasty and healthy to boot too.

4) Aparna at My Diverse Kitchen
Nothing beats an elegant dessert like a great tasting Pudding. And Bread pudding -made Mexican Style can only get better.This fruity bread pudding with a hint of Anise is got to be a hit in your party.

One But Two

This section has Two in one post – in short two recipes in same post.

1) Diamond & Pearl at Adhirasam

She went on a cruise and that probably made her cruise the mexican platter with utter ease too. Her Tomato Tortilla Soup and Chille Rellenos are a treat for hungry eyes.

2) Lavi from Home Cook’s Recipes

She thinks “Shall I? Shall I not? ummm” and for a person with such heavy doubts in the background you would be surprised at what she came up with and that too for a first time. I am so glad I helped her to tread to foreign shores. One look at her pics, you would be glad too :) Her Salsa is bursting with color and I am sure it tastes equally good too and her Pizza is no less.


Complete Mexican Platter

1) Namratha at Finger Licking Food

I used to admire her Cake decorating skills all this while and what does she do? She goes ahead and gives me a complete Mexican platter. Now thats one more reason for me to keep going back to her place and drool some more!

2) Asha at Foodie’s Hope

You want it, she has it. You think it, she makes it. I think Asha will have made every single dish in the world ( plus some more) before I invent some customized word for her. yes I need to cos I have already run out of words to write in her comments section – it sounds so repetitive to even me , then imagine her plight – poor soul! Bless her. Am working hard for new words Asha ;-) . Her platter is as astounding as herself. And if you thought that there was everything that you could think of, then wait till you see another Mexican Dinner which she had previously posted. She is one true Dictionary for foodies and yes a true Foodie’s Hope she sure is ;)

3) Meeta at What’s For Lunch Honey ?

Another perfect platter filled with soul food. Her Black bean Chilli and Saffron Rice combined with a Papaya Guacamole is a real treat for all mexican food lovers. Papaya guacamole is new to me and promptly noted down. What are you still waiting for…Go ahead and satisfy your cravings first at her place ( just like me ) and then at your own table later when you make them :) Yes, I am sure that you will give this one a try!


I have tried to present all the entries to the best of my abilities and in case of any exclusion of your entries – Dont think ‘I am trying to hide your delicious entry all for myself! I dont mind doing it though!) This would true unintentional. In such a case do drop me line explaining the same and I would add it pronto

Thank you all for your wonderful entries once again and the next Theme for A.W.E.D will be announced soon at my dearest pal Siri-Corner who will be guest hosting for this month. I have some real deadlines at work due to which she has kindly agreed to do this month’s hosting for me. I am sure you will enoy that theme as much as you did this one.


The Recipe Marathon will start tomorrow and all those are interested to cook along with us, start posting from tomorrow which is to say the 17th till the end of the month. And yes! dont get bugged about the weekend posting. You can keep a draft ready and schedule it to post on the weekends accordingly. Blogger has scheduled posting options just in case anyone was not aware of it. :)

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  1. Aparna

    I just saw this so please disregard my mail.
    I am so behind everything and its taking me time to catch up.
    What a wonderful round-up.

  2. Johanna

    what a fantastic fiesta – I was so inspired by my taco dinner which is so different to my usuall chilli non carne that I am looking forward to some time to browse all these wonderful ideas

  3. Namratha

    This is one round up I can’t get enough of DK, absolutely wonderful!! You’ve done a fab job with the descriptions. :)

  4. Lisa

    That’s an impressive roundup! It must have taken you quite some time to put together. Thanks for hosting this! I’m glad to read you enjoyed my black bean pastries :)

  5. Dee

    Wow DK, there are so many wonderful entries.. Would love to try and taste all of these!!! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful event. Its simply fabulous

  6. Y

    A great little collection of Mexican recipes. Can’t wait to try a few out! :)

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