Exactly an year ago, I happened to meet a chef wannabe. She was originally from India and was staying in the US for last 15 yrs but her accent was unbearable! It was Tamerican! (“Tamil + American”). I am simply astounded at few fellow Indians, the kind of attitude that they carry as a baggage, all cos they happen to be “not so Indian” right now and the compulsive necessity to show that they have changed completely and are much “above” the “unprivileged” others :) Anyways, among her incessant blah’s, I heard few words, one among which was what I assumed to be ‘coolies’ and I remarkably thought that she said I looked like one!!! Was I pissed? You bet I was! The cheek of her to insult me so !!

Source: Food Network

But I did later understand that she was talking about not ‘coolies’, but Coulis!:) And her comment was something to the effect of my shade of lipstick was the same color as her coulis she made that day! One of those astoundingly rare occasions when a compliment was taken as an insult! Phew! Coming to Coulis :)

What is Coulis?

Coulis (pronounced as coo-lee)is French, meaning strained sauce. It is derived from latin word ‘colare’ which stands for ‘strain’.The sauce can be either sweet or savory. In the early days, they were supposedly used to mean the sauces which used to drip from meat, while they were cooking.

What are coulis made of?

Coulis can be made either from pureed fruits or vegetables. They must be thick and evenly textured. Usually while making coulis with fruits, the fruits are used uncooked whereas with vegetables, they are cooked by way of roasting, simmering etc to soften them up before pureeing them to a sauce.

How are Coulis used?

Coulis usually accompany any main dish. They are used as a glaze, as a topping or as a base for a main dish or a dessert. They also make a beautiful garnish esp. when it comes to gourmet cooking. Have you noticed the chefs at Food Network artfully decorating a plate with colorful droplets of some liquid. Most of them are nothing but Coulis :) either made to accompany the main dish or made from the main dish itself :) .

Source: Mendenhallin

Although they are available pre-made in shops, they are among the simplest to make at home. They can be prepared in jiffy and can be refrigerated for few days – not more than a week. But if it needs to be stored longer, freezing is an excellent option. They are amazing to transform a simple dish to gourmet looking in matter of seconds :)

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11 Responses to “What is Coulis?”
  1. mridhu

    hahaha!! very funny story.. my husband had a roomie who decided to become Amerikkan the minute he stepped into the airport … to board his flight to US . And things went from bad to worse after he got to US. His first purchase was “fatless”butter and and was telling his mom abt yogucht vaja… My hubby was like huh?? what the hell is that? it turned out to be yogurt vada!!!!! Good heavens! He was eating thair vadai till a few days ago.

  2. A. I.

    hahaha, I have “amerian Indian” neighbors (not the red variety that break into a jig everytime the stove lights up) that have lived in AMERIKKAYY ( yeah like katrikay) for a while and returned to stay. It is soooooooooooooo irritating when they begin every sentence with…In UMM-ERIKKA…grr!

  3. Aparna

    A very ppy, peaceful and prosperous new year to you.
    Coulis, lipstick and accents – great story!

  4. Sig

    LOL, that was a funny story! :-)
    Wish you and yours a fabulous new year Dhivya!

  5. Lakshmi

    lol on the coolie incident. such pretending (to be not what they are) Indians just piss me off too. Of late, any Indian who I see on TV shows in US seem so artificial to me.

  6. Purva Desai

    Coulis looks devilish…..and nice info about the dish….and nice reading the hilarious Colee incident too…

  7. Kalai

    ROTF over your Tamerican interaction, Dhivi! You know, I was born in the US and am told that I speak Tamil like a native Tamilian. It completely ticks me off when people feel they have to act they’re all better than the natives back home just because they’ve been in the US for a while… Puh-lease!! Sorry for the rant!

    Coulis looks great and is very versatile! :)

  8. Soma

    Something very new. Thanks for sharing…

    happy New Year to you & your Family!

  9. Curry Leaf

    I am imagining ‘Tamerican’ Accent.I had heard a few such words in some places here and was ‘struck’ by it.
    Nice info about coulis.Thanks

  10. Madhu

    Nice info DK,I have heard a lot about it on tv, but got much clear info after reading here. beautiful pics for presentation.
    New year wishes to you and your family.

  11. rekhas kitchen

    great info about coulis DK it is very help full
    A very happy mew year to you and your family

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