We, the team, try our best to make wading through recipes at Chef In You, a breeze. Keeping that in mind, we keep making changes, improvisations etc to see if that goal is achieved. Among the many, we are introducing a new feature for which we need the most important element – YOUR feedback. Without you, my wonderful readers, Chef In You would not be where it is today. So let me walk you through this feature.

Step 1. Select any category of your choice. I am selecting “vegan” for this example.

Step 2. You will be provided with all vegan recipes in the site. You will see how a box appears above the recipes with the option “Vegan”. You will also notice that there is “+” sign beside it.

Step 3. Clicking the “+” sign will expand into a box which houses few more categories. Suppose you want to see all Vegan recipes which can be made under 15 minutes, then select “Under 15 minutes”

Step 4. You will now see another box which has “Under 15 minutes” along with “Vegan”. The recipes below are now filtered to match your condition – that is – all vegan recipes which can be made under 15 minutes. You can add or delete (by pressing the close button next to category) any options as per your need.

We are still in the testing mode so if there is any inconvenience, pls shoot me a comment/ email so that we can do the fixes. Special thanks to my best half for making this feature happen. Your feedback means a lot to us and hence constructive comments would be utmost appreciated.

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11 Responses to “New Feature in Chef In You”
  1. suku

    i regularly visit this site, am fan of this, specially the dal makhani from this site was a hit at my home.hence curious to use this new feature, but for me nothing appears as u explain

    Thank you Suku. The site has been revamped after that. This is an old post and the site looked like that before :) –DK

  2. suku

    is u r new feature functional as of now? if so then I do not see anything what u have explained

  3. suku

    it looks cool, but i do not see the side panel

  4. Chef In You is my favorite website! Love the way recipes are written and pictures give a great visualization! I made many recipes and all came excellent! Keep up a great work!

  5. Dhivi,I tried this feature and it works fine!Its nice that you added those filters.Fantastic!

  6. DK, you impress me so much.
    I was passed on an award which I should pass on to 10 more bloggers. You are one of them. Please accept.

  7. Fantastic feature and it will make finding recipes so much easier.Good job done.

  8. Cool feature DK..makes much easier to browse through ur site..

  9. Cool feature Dhiv! Makes life easier for Chef in You fans!

  10. Nice feature tested couple of times and it works just fine!You’ve made our browsing thru ur recipes much more easier, thanks u so much! :)

  11. wow.. this makes life easier….Good Job DK!!! I Just tried using this new feature and it looks perfect….I will do the exhaustive user testing for you… :)

    Dear Radhika – you are such a dear! Thank you so much – I read your FB message too! Yes my husband did that even after I told him to put it as Main Course! But I had some plan in mind for that so he made the change now itself :) But luv you for doing the testing for me…You have no idea how much we appreciate it :) –DK

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