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1) How to Bake using Microwave

2) How to Bake using Microwave Convection Oven


One of the most common questions I receive for almost all my baking recipes is ‘How to use the recipe while using their m/w convection grill”. And of course many more related queries pertinent to it. I consider Food blogging to be an all important platform where one helps another with food related questions hoping that experience and similar situations help. But in this case, since I do not own a m/w convection grill, I was indeed left in a fix. I soon approached a resident expert of whom many bloggers are aware of to help me in this regard. She has graciously accepted my request to answer all such queries.

Do you have any M/w Convection grill questions? Any doubts that’s been nagging your brain cells for long? Don’t hesitate to shoot out even the most silliest of them – many of us might have the same too! Ask them below and the answers to them will be posted to the best of abilities.

I have already started a thread in my Chef In You facebook page - you can see the thread of questions and doubts below

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33 Responses to “Microwave Convection Oven?”
  1. Naresh

    I plan to purchase microwave on this diwali but i totaly confuse which microwave i will purchase. I want all feature microwave. shall i purchase convection modle.? plz gave me a reponse as soon as possible. I have budget of around 14000.

  2. I have an electrolux 200L microwave grill……..please tell me how to make pizza’s in it………i actually need to know the time span for grilling it!!!

  3. mani

    jus came to knw about ur blog ….its really great….:)…plz answer my question ..i have a simple microwave with no grill convection ….n now basically m planning to purchase an otg…for baking purposes…is otg btr for baking thn micrwvw with grill and con. if yes plz suggest the brand too …:)

  4. divya sudrania

    I HAVE MW 25BC whirpool microwave oven . pls let me know how do i make sandwiches in this oven

  5. jaya

    how to make bati in grill n convention microwave smart oven

  6. Priyanka

    How to make bati using microwave

  7. :)
    can you please tell me how to make bati using microwave and grill only mode

  8. Khemlata

    I have whirlpool magicook 25c convection microwave oven
    Plz tell me how to cook using 700w or 850w etc written in many
    Microwave recipies. In my microwave it is P100, P80, P40 etc is available only

    Also tell me how to grill and use convection

  9. Offshore Company

    Are you on Twitter? I’d like to follow you but couldn’t find
    the button!

    Oh yes. Its on top-right corner just under the banner –DK

  10. i have whirlpool magicook grill microwave oven i want to know how to prepare cakes and cokies in my microwave

  11. Prescy

    I used to bake cakes using a gas oven and they came out fine. Of late I hv been using a LG Microwave convection oven and if the cake is big or baked in a pyrex glass dish the turntable stops. Is it ok to continue baking even if the turntable stops?

  12. Manju

    We are bought conventional microwave with barbacue option.Actually am confused about the cooking in microwave.which trays are used in microwave,convention,combination?Am taking more than 30min for cooking even simple dish also can u help me about this?

  13. prashansa

    hello DK,u r 1 of my most favorite person on earth.I wanted to buy a microwave and want it to be one time investment.Mostly i will cook for 3 people,or four.Plz. recommend a brand,and some capacity specifications, with which i can make maximum of your recipes.thanx in advance,to my MasterChef:)

    Thanks for your kind words Prashansa. I am no chef just a passionate foodie like you :) I do not personally use a microwave for cooking hence the guest post about the whole deal. In the first para under “Update”, you will see two links which has wealth of info about the microwave and baking by a talented fellow blogger Divya who uses it extensively for baking. pls refer those links. –DK

  14. Kirti

    plz let me know how do i make grilled sanwiches in my samsung convection microwave??

  15. Gagan

    I made a cake in samsung microwave grill at 600 C . At first it rises up then I after some time it comes down and become smaller than the utensils ? Why ? please send the correct temperature and way to cook cake in my microwave

  16. Syed

    I have White Westinghouse Model . WMW30AG .I dont know whether it is convection or not . It has grill . I want to use grill . can I use regular Tefal non sticking pan over the grill rack . And the glass turn table has to be kept or not . There is no preheat option in the oven . How to pre heat the oven . The manual says to set a cooking time , turn grill / combination button once and START. Can u guide me and mail me back the procedure for grilling fish fillets.Thanx .

  17. I own a Panasonic Micr/Conv/Grill. Pls clarify if temp. needs to be reduced by 10 to 20 degrees compared to a gas oven when baking e.g. cake or pav. Also shld the time be shortened. Tk u, look forward to your reply

  18. reetu

    :( i have a samsung oven purchased by my husband before our marriage(6 years ago). I think it is OTG. It shows Temperature not by degrees but by walts like 800w;650w,400w etc. what is the difference between degrees and walts. as all recepies are written in form of degrees.

  19. gauri

    plea mail me the same plea plea i really wanna learn

  20. gauri

    im a beginner to use the oven i have ifb 25sc2 can u plea guide me from the basics as to which utensils to be used and how to preheat the oven ,what settings do i opt for when i gotto bake,grill etc !!plea help me !!:):)even while grilling do we need to place the glass tray at the bottom??!!

    Please refer to these links to clarify your doubts – Baking in M/W convection Oven and Baking using Microwave:

  21. Hey, I have a No Bake Cake event going on. Do participate.

  22. I don’t have a mw convection oven so I too am unable to answer questions regarding baking in a mw oven. Hope this info. will englighten me as well. Actually I was going to do a similar post for choosing between a gas range and an electric range. I’m shopping for a range now so I wanted to get inputs from others too. Hopefully I will get to it soon.

  23. Years ago i had just a convention oven and i loved baking etc using the oven, when it got busted I bought a Microwave convention oven and hated it, i never could bake something for more than 50 minutes in the oven when i used the convenction in high temp, after 50 minutes it automatically stopped for cooling. I cursed buying them for 2 years and i binned it and bought just a convection oven without the combo. As some who loves to bake i thin i would never duggest a combo. Personal opinion lot of you might differ.

  24. Hi have been using an OTG for baking and I like the taste of cakes baked in it. Recently I heard a famous chef saying that a convection microwave is better for baking as it circulates air better. I am not sure about the taste part in comparison. Please advise as I want to buy a new OTG soon!! Am in a fix- OTG or convection microwave???

  25. Suchitra.S

    Pl let me know how I can use grill for vegetarian dishes? I have Microwave oven with grill and convection. :cry:

  26. Payal

    recipes for diabetics patients….

  27. Opps sorry own not won :)

  28. I too own this type of a oven…What is the warmup mode used for? For cakes n cookies have heard tat not only does the dough play a vital role even the settings play like maiing it soft n perfect texture…tell more abt settings for cakes n cookies.Becos when we see a recipes settings they might have used a diff oven…so how can I match the settings for my oven?

  29. I too won this type of a oven…What is the warmup mode used for? For cakes n cookies have heard tat not only does the dough play a vital role even the settings play like maiing it soft n perfect texture…tell more abt settings for cakes n cookies.Becos when we see a recipes settings they might have used a diff oven…so how can I match the settings for my oven?

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