Linguine with Mascarpone Cheese By DK on Aug 13, 2010

Mascarpone Cheese sauce with lemon is the highlight of this recipe. Wholegrain Linguine is coated with light cheese sauce along with colorful vegetables.

Low Calorie Aloo Bonda (Potato fritters) By DK on Jul 26, 2010

Popular deep fried snack gets a low calorie makeover thanks to pancake puff/kuzhipaniyaram pan fried in only 1 tsp of oil. Enjoy them hot with coconut chutney.
61 9

Plum Lemonade By DK on Jul 21, 2010

The unique dark pink color that plums impart to traditional lemonade not only makes it attractive but also adds a unique & different flavor to usual lemonade.
25 5

Paneer Cigar Rolls By DK on Jul 12, 2010

Easy recipe for Paneer Rolls makes a delicious Kid friendly recipe for all occasions. These Cigars are like Spring rolls, only better :)
53 15

Mango Coconut Ice cream (Without machine) By DK on Jul 7, 2010

Luscious Mango Coconut milk icecream is homemade without using machine. Bursting with flavor, color & creaminess its a must try recipe. Easy to put together.

Vegetable Manchurian with gravy By DK on Jun 25, 2010

This colorful Manchurian with gravy is thanks to Indian and Chinese Fusion. A low calorie version of the more popular fried recipe with no compromise on taste.
31 5

Hakka Noodles By DK on Jun 21, 2010

This Indian influenced Chinese Hakka Noodles is a popular Street food. Colorful vegetables are stir fried in high flame & tossed with noodles. Quick and Easy
71 8

Eggless Banana & Coconut Bread By DK on Jun 16, 2010

Simple bread that's moist on the inside & crunchy on top. The distinct taste of coconut goes well with banana. It keeps well & tastes even better the next day.
21 4

Wheat Couscous Patties By DK on Jun 1, 2010

Call it patties, burgers, cutlets or whatever strikes your fancy - but these wheat couscous patties make for a beautiful presentation but are nutritious too.
27 1

Mango Kulfi Ice cream By DK on May 27, 2010

Making Kulfi Ice at home is an easy process with minimal ingredients. Fresh Mangoes processed to a pulp and mixed with creamy ingredients and frozen until set.
56 12

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