6 min Mor Kulambu (OPOSĀ©) By DK on Sep 4, 2018

South Indian Buttermilk stew using ash gourd using OPOS method. Gets done under 6 minutes using Indian pressure cooker.

5 min (OPOS ) Milagu Kuzhambu (Pepper Tamarind Stew) By DK on Feb 20, 2017

Traditional South Indian (Iyengar Brahmin) stew is made using tamarind & a spice mix that's peppery and warming. Its medicinal & great for winter/cold days.

Purslane Dal (Paruppu Keerai/ Kulpha with lentils) By DK on Aug 12, 2016

Purslane is a superfood. It is a weed with immense health benefits. This is a simple Indian dal using this weed.

Watermelon Rind Kootu (Dal) By DK on Oct 5, 2015

A simple Dal recipe made using the nutritious Watermelon Rind. Next time instead of throwing them away, try using them in this recipe. Healthy and Nutritious.

Vallarai Keerai Kootu (Brahmi/ Pennywort Leaves w/ Lentils) By DK on Jul 6, 2015

Indian Pennywort are nutrient dense greens that provide immense benefits as per Ayurveda. In this recipe, these bitter greens have been combined with lentils.

Masala Dal (w/ whole Urad, Channa & Rajma) By DK on Jan 8, 2015

This simple and hearty Dal recipe uses Whole Urad Dal, Rajma and Channa Dal with subtle Indian spices. Protein and Fiber rich.

South Indian Sambar By DK on Aug 8, 2012

Popular South Indian stew made with pigeon peas & tamarind (with/without vegetables). Commonly paired with steamed rice, idlis, dosa, vadas etc
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Fresh Cranberry Beans and Tomato Stew By DK on Jun 28, 2012

A delicious stew made from fresh cranberry beans and ripe tomatoes. Makes for a light lunch or dinner with some crusty bread - perfect summer dish

Vendhaya Kuzhambu (Fenugreek-Tamarind Stew) By DK on Feb 20, 2012

Classic South Indian Tamarind ("puli/puzhi") stew with fenugreek seeds. Mostly eaten mixed with rice as first course in a 3 course meal.
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