What is A.W.E.D ? Do I mean awed – to be inspired by the sheer beauty of what you see? Or do I mean it as an acronym for “A Worldly Epicurean’s Delight” ? Well its both. The fact that cultures beyond one’s boundaries and their habits concentrating esp with the universal factor Food is mind boggling enough to be AWED by every epicurean.

Any lover of Food would surely agree with me that more the borders crossed, more the essence of food is realized. That being said, my motive in starting this event was exactly that – Go beyond my comfort level, get to know more about regions unknown and far away but which I believed will be bought closer to me by the magnitude of so many people involved from all corners of the world. The variety, the new ingredients, a new methodology which I have been introduced to through this event so far has been impressive to say the least. To get a gist of what I am talking about, take this journey so far of the countries we have traveled and conquered together.

A.W.E.D goes into new adobe every month now where creative chef’s will handle it in their own unique way. Check out new Avatar’s of new hosts for the coming months

Who’s Hosting A.W.E.D the coming months?

Year 2008

Month Host(ess) Theme Round Up
April DK (Curtain opener) Mexican Mexican Menu
May Siri at Siri’s Corner Middle Eastern Middle Eastern Menu
June DK Chinese Chinese Menu
July DK Italian Italian Menu
August DK (Vietnamese – lost data due to migration – theme available ) - -
October DK American American menu
December DK Thailand Thai Menu

Year 2009

Month Host(ess) Theme Round Up
March PJ of Seduce Your Taste Buds Korean Korean Menu
April Lavanya Raj of Home Cook’s Recipe Japanese Japanese Menu
May Siri at Siri’s Corner Sri Lankan Sri Lankan Menu
June Sweatha of Curry Leaf Swiss Swiss Menu
July Simran of Bombay Foodie English English Menu
August Lakshmi Venkatesh of Kitchen Chronicles German German Menu
September Pavani of Cook’s Hideout Moroccon Moroccon Menu
October Apu of Annarasa Malaysian Malaysian Menu
November Jamie of Flavor Pantry Caribbean Caribbean Menu
December Priya (Easy Tasty Recipes) Portuguese Portuguese Menu

Year 2010

Month Host(ess) Theme Round Up
March Sweatha of Curry Leaf Greek Greek Menu
April PJ African African Menu
May RV Russian Russian Menu
June Swathi Burmese Burmese Menu
July Priya Mitharwal Spanish Spanish Menu
August Janet Turkish Turkish Menu
September Niloufer Riyaz Saudi Arabia (yet to come)
October Saraswati Brazil Brazil Menu
November Priya French French Menu
December Priya Mitharwal Vietnamese Vietnamese Menu

Year 2011

Month Host(ess) Theme Round Up
January Sweet Artichoke Iran/Persian Iranian Menu
February Reva British British Menu
March Umm Mymoonah Indian Indian Menu
April (Break) - -
May Sweet Artichoke Swiss -
June Smita Mexican Current theme
July Ankita - -
August Alka Chinese -
September - - -
October - -
November - -
December Alka American -
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82 Responses to “A.W.E.D M.E.N.U”
  1. I want to host tooo for september or october. I’m doing a series in my blog. 50 from 50 in 50. I’m cooking food from 50 countries in 50 days..

  2. I would like to guest host this event for the month of August or september! Let me know, if I can!!

  3. Hi DK
    I would love to guest host this event in April or whenever slot is available :)

  4. Hi, would love to guest host this event. April or later, do let me know.

  5. Hi D & K!
    Thanks again for letting me host the January 2011.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to host AWED another time in 2011? any month except March :)
    Please let me know.

  6. Hi first time on this site – would love to be considered for hosting this wonderful event – for March, July or August or later in Oct or Dec

  7. Hey , I am new to blogging.great event and a wonderful blog. can i host the next slot please.my email. revathi2dr@yahoo.co.uk [or]revathi.madhanagopal@gmail.com. my blog: http://www.kaarasaaram.com/.

  8. hey, I am Reva and new to blogging.this is a wonderful event and you have a fantastic blog. great job. please can i host the next possible month. thanks. reva

  9. Hi Chef in You!
    I am not sure if it is already opened, but I would love to be able to host one AWED in 2011.
    Please let me know if it is possible :)
    If so, I would love to explore food from Portugal, Indonesia or Iran…
    Thanks and Happy Cooking,
    Sweet Artichoke

  10. Dk, i would like to host AWED as French cusine as theme in November, pls do let me know whether november is still available..thanks in advance

  11. Hi, ChefInYou, I’m excited to participate in A.W.E.D.M.E.N.U. and I just have one question. Do you require blog posts to be exclusive to this event, or could I post a recipe in another event at the same time?

    Oh yes, you sure can submit it to other events too :) –DK

  12. Hai Divya. I should first thank you for starting such a innovative series. It makes us learn and try out new dishes. I am interested in hosting this event. Please let me know if this would be possible.
    I would be very happy if you let me host this event. Thank you :-P

  13. Hi ChefInYou,

    I would be very interested in hosting this for one of the months. Please let me know if I am eligible and who will decide the country. Thanks in advance.

  14. da best. Keep it going! Thank you

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