Refried Bean Dip Healthy - Food Recipe commented on Oct 24, 2014
[...] How to make healthy refried beans recipe at home | mexican 1 cup pinto beans ( or kidney beans/black beans ) or use canned beans; 1 red onion,chopped; 2-3 garlic cloves, minced (or as per your taste) 1 tomato,chopped. None found. Meet The Author : tdnams [...]
Nina commented on Oct 24, 2014
Hi Maureen, Jaggery is similar to Brown cane sugar, (but not sure if you can substitute Jaggery with crystalized regular brown cane sugar). You will find Jaggery in any Indian store like Patel brothers etc, just ask the store manager if you need help with finding Jaggery in the Indian store. By the way its called Jaggery in English.
[...] It contains pumpkin puree which can either be bought in a can or made fresh yourself from a pumpkin – check out the recipe here. [...]
Ahkku Gaica commented on Oct 23, 2014
I heat up fresh goat milk to 185 and then cool it to 112 and add culture. Wrap the pot with several thick towels and let sit overnight. Yummy and thick!
Rhiannon commented on Oct 23, 2014
Definitely only 1/4 cup of butter. I've made it both ways, 1/2 cup was too much made it impossible to need the dough without it fulling apart.

If you noticed, I have added only 1/4 cup ghee to the dough. The rest of for frying it. Will be more specific in the instructions. --DK

Krithika commented on Oct 22, 2014
Another successful recipe !!! :lol:

Thank you :) --DK

Pashmina commented on Oct 22, 2014
Loved the tip to put paneer into boiling water first! And the addition of cashew butter and sans sugar just made this dish divine. Can't wait to make it for Diwali party this weekend!
Sky North commented on Oct 22, 2014
It's better made with black beans, white kidney beans or rosecoco beans, not red kidney beans as not really authentic Mexican. Really though you can use a mixture of whatever beans you like. Other than that, this is a good recipe. I like also to stir in some refried beans - rellenos - which will thicken it up if this is what you like. I made this with home made corn totillas. I would suggest if you make with home made ones, just re heat them first then leave to cool before adding, this seems to make then stay in shape and not break up too quickly. The addition of some sour cream, a bit of grated cheese on top and some fresh, chopped coriander (cilantro in the U.S) is really god too, along with some nice roasted green chillis. :wink:
Sujata made our recipe on Oct 08, 2014

Hi ,mysore paK IS my fav sweet...will try for diwali:) 

Azade made Zucchini Potato Fritters on Oct 21, 2014

Dear Chef,

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D Lynn made Concord Grapes Jam on Oct 09, 2014

Huntress Heavenly CG JAM I have been making this jam for 3 or 4 years now and the only problem I have is that there is never enough. So this year I have tripled the batch and will do it twice yes it is heavenly! 

The only changes I made were to use 9 lbs of grapes and 10 cups of sugar, and cook time was increased to 1.5 hours.

The grapes were measured after being washed, de-stemmed, and peeled. (this measurment includes the juice from the grapes) and 9 cups of sugar were added as the recipe calls for, when it calls for it.  the tenth cup of sugar was added after an hour of cooking down. (at this point if it weren't hot one might be tempted to grab a straw. the reason for cooking down longer is because there is so much juice, but the flavor that comes from the reduction is how my jam got it's 2nd name Heavenly.  Thank you DK for a great recipe!! 

I processed in a pressure cooker because that is what I know, and trust.-for 15 min (but check your altitude) you can use a waterbath also.  the shelf life on this from the test I did with last years batch is a year + but I can only say what I know.  I had to hide a jar last year just to do the test. this is the reason for triple batches this year.

I got 7 pints, 12 half pints and 1 pint. My oldest grandson needs his own big jar lol.

Make this Jam you will be so happy you did.  I am sure it will become a must have for your harvest cooking too.

Anita made our recipe on Sep 29, 2014

as you given the tips , i copied the same

This recipe turned out great! I divided my dough into two smaller pans and made two loaves for smaller sandwiches. Very tasty! 

Kevin made our recipe on Sep 07, 2014

The thing I appreciate the most from this recipe is the tip about not rolling he dough too thin. it was perfect! Thank you!

Meenu made Vella Kozhukattai (Sweet Modak) on Aug 28, 2014

I followed step by step as you guided and I could prepare the tasty sweet modak.Thanks for guiding and teaching even the minute details.

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