Chris commented on Nov 22, 2014
[...] Chef In You | A vegetarian thanksgiving roundup from 2009. ┬áThere is everything from soup to risotto on this list, so it’s sure to have something for you. [...]
vrunda commented on Nov 21, 2014
Great info.I use the regular milk from Indian grocery. I hate the yogurt with gelatin. I tried to use curd from Indian store as culture to start. I follow the same steps you mentioned, similar to what my mom did, but I sometimes get sticky long strings like honey, in the curd. Please help.
Chicken Chicken commented on Nov 21, 2014
[...] however growing up we knew no other kind of Chinese food, so dishes like the chili chicken, hakka noodles, cauliflower Manchurian and dishes such as that all formed an amazing assortment of dishes that [...]
Michelle Burns commented on Nov 21, 2014
Thanks so much for posting this clever system! I used to intuit the right egg substitute based on my previous experience, but seeing your method really helped me to clarify my process in my own mind and for my readers. :-D
Connie commented on Nov 21, 2014
Why do you add water to the cauliflower in the food processor. also how can you toast the sesame oil or you get it ready from the store

The water helps to avoid the cauliflower becoming mush in the processor. And yes, you can toast the sesame oil at home instead of buying from the store. --DK

Nupur Mehra commented on Nov 21, 2014
Hey DK, please could you include my blog in the list under "Worldly Epicureans" The Veggie Indian Thanks :) Nupur
Beth commented on Nov 21, 2014
I like the ship w/o the skull, did you take out the guts of the pumpkin?
Vegetarian Menus Ideas | Kuplux's commented on Nov 21, 2014
[...] File Name : Vegetarian christmas menu ideas | christmas dinner recipes Source : Download : Vegetarian christmas menu ideas | christmas dinner recipes [...]
SRoy commented on Nov 20, 2014
Hey can you please tell me the microwave time set for cakes that are NOT eggless?? I have a Videocon Microwave. . So am really very confused. . PLS help. . :cry: :( :-| :?:
vandana made our recipe on Nov 08, 2014

Thanks. I tried this recipe 3-4 times. it came out mouth watering each time.

Piyumi made Spinach Mushroom Lasagna on Nov 05, 2014

One of the best recipes I have ever tried...

 I used exact ingredients in exact quantities and the Lasanga came out really well...

It is delicious and a good option for vegetarian cheesy lovers..

Thanks for the recipe..

D Lynn made Concord Grapes Jam on Oct 09, 2014

Huntress Heavenly CG JAM I have been making this jam for 3 or 4 years now and the only problem I have is that there is never enough. So this year I have tripled the batch and will do it twice yes it is heavenly! 

The only changes I made were to use 9 lbs of grapes and 10 cups of sugar, and cook time was increased to 1.5 hours.

The grapes were measured after being washed, de-stemmed, and peeled. (this measurment includes the juice from the grapes) and 9 cups of sugar were added as the recipe calls for, when it calls for it.  the tenth cup of sugar was added after an hour of cooking down. (at this point if it weren't hot one might be tempted to grab a straw. the reason for cooking down longer is because there is so much juice, but the flavor that comes from the reduction is how my jam got it's 2nd name Heavenly.  Thank you DK for a great recipe!! 

I processed in a pressure cooker because that is what I know, and trust.-for 15 min (but check your altitude) you can use a waterbath also.  the shelf life on this from the test I did with last years batch is a year + but I can only say what I know.  I had to hide a jar last year just to do the test. this is the reason for triple batches this year.

I got 7 pints, 12 half pints and 1 pint. My oldest grandson needs his own big jar lol.

Make this Jam you will be so happy you did.  I am sure it will become a must have for your harvest cooking too.

Sujata made our recipe on Oct 08, 2014

Hi ,mysore paK IS my fav sweet...will try for diwali:) 

Anita made our recipe on Sep 29, 2014

as you given the tips , i copied the same

This recipe turned out great! I divided my dough into two smaller pans and made two loaves for smaller sandwiches. Very tasty! 

Kevin made our recipe on Sep 07, 2014

The thing I appreciate the most from this recipe is the tip about not rolling he dough too thin. it was perfect! Thank you!

Meenu made Vella Kozhukattai (Sweet Modak) on Aug 28, 2014

I followed step by step as you guided and I could prepare the tasty sweet modak.Thanks for guiding and teaching even the minute details.

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