Munazza commented on Apr 24, 2014
Hi. This recipe sounds delicious. What is asafoetida powder?
priyanka commented on Apr 24, 2014
Hi, Can u pls share the procedure of how to use microwave while baking in convection mode after preparing the batter of 3eggs.i want to bake a cake for my anniversary which is falling on29th of this month.i have ifb convection pls grill microwave.which utensil to use and how.pls help....
Chhavi made Pizza Muffins on Apr 19, 2014


I made this recipe with red yellow b green bell peppers n used 50:50 flour n maids. It came out so soft n fluffy. Simple to make with easily available ingredients. Keep sharing such awesome recipes!! ;) 

BTW its THE first chef in you recipe I tried n now a fan!! 

meenakshi commented on Apr 24, 2014
we made this and it was perfect! I just completely omitted the eggs!
Mac commented on Apr 23, 2014
Fenugreek is an English name it is very commonly available in India and is a major ingredient in Indian food. It may be available in stores selling Indian items worldwide. It can be grown easily as follows. Fill a coffee mug ( For experimental purpose ) with sand and put some Fenugreek seeds ( 10 - 15 ) and water it moderately, it grows in 5 -6 days so as it can be consumed.
rohit commented on Apr 23, 2014
Hi, iam professionl baker, I wana use egg substitue..plz suggest me the best egg substitue.. and also the way to use it.. .

If u are a professional baker, you must know better than anything I can suggest :) --DK

it came out really yummm.... i made pao bhaji with these homemade pao and every1 liked....m deeply satisfied :)

Preethi commented on Apr 23, 2014
Hi. I made these buns today... i just added 1/4 cup maida extra. The center came out very soft and my family enjoyed it a lot. Thanks :-P but one.concern...i gave milk wash on top and the top portion came out little hard. Is it due to the milk wash? How do I get it soft? Pls help

Hard surface is cos you overbaked it. Its possible you waited until the top looked brown. Egg wash usually gives that classic bakery shone, anything else tends to provide a pale color. --DK

amita commented on Apr 22, 2014
Awesome it was,loved it,very easy to make and quick.thanks a ton dear
thekla commented on Apr 22, 2014
:wink: you might want to check on the meaning of "microbial enzyme". It may be GMO. The origin of the dna would be animal, implanted into bacteria that then produce the enzyme. So, animal origin enzyme produced in microbes that are then killed to extract the enzyme. Did we gain anything by this? If it matters, maybe stay away from the GMO microbial enzymes. IMO, just another reason to make it known when a product contains GMO.

All my cheeses are Organic so I believe GMO free --DK

Fathmath made our recipe on Apr 15, 2014

i love this rice and it's very tasty 

Kavitha made Vegetable Dosa Waffles on Apr 13, 2014

Hi chef thank you so much for having taught us this innovative recipe which became an instant hit wt me and hubby :) I sure do plan to make it often . I pretty much made it similar to your recipe wt a few additions of grated ginger , regular spicy green chillies fine chopped , red/yellow/green all three peppers fine chopped ,tomatoes and coriander :) 

I am a big big fan of your great cooking :) and u sure are my fav chef :-) and tell u what I have tried out so many of the other food bloggers recipes but this is the first time I have posted a pic of anything I hv tried on their page :) Thanks again :) 

Elena made our recipe on Apr 08, 2014


Sana made our recipe on Apr 07, 2014

same method did add green chilies in the end too will taste in a short while to know how it tastes and will update the review accordingly

Fathmath made our recipe on Apr 06, 2014
Munira made our recipe on Mar 25, 2014

Followed the recipe and it turned out awesome. Truly a keeper. I did only make half the recipe, but it still worked perfectly.

J'Marinde made our recipe on Mar 14, 2014

Followed the dirrctions - - using Udi's Allergen free white sandwich bread.  YUMM!!!!  I began craving this every day after that, so had it for snacks  - - fast, yummy, satisfying!  Taught my PCA how to make this, now she makes it for her son.  YUMMY-FUN!

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