Lorraine Hitchens commented on Dec 22, 2014
I had a query from a friend who has problems when baking cakes. They always have a sticky top. Can you give me some idea what she is doing wrong?
Anusia commented on Dec 22, 2014
Its a nice review. However I have never used Ifb microwave but I have Lg one.
:-) commented on Dec 21, 2014
I made it and I loved it... I ran out of heavy cream (half a cup) so I put half a cup of milk in. I think it's because I didn't have the right amount but the vanilla was strong (that's ok) It came out REALLY good. :-D :-D
Strawberry Pancake | Chocolates & Dreams commented on Dec 21, 2014
[...] for pancakes, why not strawberry pancake instead. My search online brought me to this recipe on Chef In You. The recipe is perfect and the use of egg whites, honey and very little butter make it healthy as [...]
JulieN commented on Dec 21, 2014
I would suggest to the people who are having trouble with cracking, that maybe it has to do with the base not being flat - which means you'd need to flatten the top, before inverting it, or somehow make certain that it sits firmly on the baking dish. I have made something like this a couple of times before but can't find my recipe so will go along with this one, possibly adjusting the ingredients a bit to my taste. I make it in an oval shape, and bake two small parsnips alongside it, which I then put on top to vaguely resemble drumsticks :-D
Holly Jajcaj commented on Dec 20, 2014
Hello, I would like to make these boston baked beans but I don't have a pressure cooker. How can I make them without one? thanks for your help. Holly :)
Narmi commented on Dec 20, 2014
wonderfull! reciepe, it was taste..... any one can try....;
Ranee commented on Dec 19, 2014
Hi, um this recipe was really difficult to follow. It says add the salt in step one but there is no salt measurement in the ingredients list. Plus, I don't think salt is really necessary to begin with, with such salty cheeses as those mentioned. The amount of tapioca flour is about twice what you would realistically need and the batter that your measurements resulted in was near impossible to stir/mix. The cheese balls that resulted were very pretty but also pretty hard. They did have decent flavor and were kind of fun to chew on, however, the next day after refrigeration and letting them come back to room temperature, they are hard as rocks, like stale bread. These were a let down for me. I will continue to make them the easy way in the blender. Thank you for your great pictures, though I do love how you have put your site together. This was just an honest review, no hard feelings. Thank you
vandana made our recipe on Nov 08, 2014

Thanks. I tried this recipe 3-4 times. it came out mouth watering each time.

Piyumi made Spinach Mushroom Lasagna on Nov 05, 2014

One of the best recipes I have ever tried...

 I used exact ingredients in exact quantities and the Lasanga came out really well...

It is delicious and a good option for vegetarian cheesy lovers..

Thanks for the recipe..

D Lynn made Concord Grapes Jam on Oct 09, 2014

Huntress Heavenly CG JAM I have been making this jam for 3 or 4 years now and the only problem I have is that there is never enough. So this year I have tripled the batch and will do it twice yes it is heavenly! 

The only changes I made were to use 9 lbs of grapes and 10 cups of sugar, and cook time was increased to 1.5 hours.

The grapes were measured after being washed, de-stemmed, and peeled. (this measurment includes the juice from the grapes) and 9 cups of sugar were added as the recipe calls for, when it calls for it.  the tenth cup of sugar was added after an hour of cooking down. (at this point if it weren't hot one might be tempted to grab a straw. the reason for cooking down longer is because there is so much juice, but the flavor that comes from the reduction is how my jam got it's 2nd name Heavenly.  Thank you DK for a great recipe!! 

I processed in a pressure cooker because that is what I know, and trust.-for 15 min (but check your altitude) you can use a waterbath also.  the shelf life on this from the test I did with last years batch is a year + but I can only say what I know.  I had to hide a jar last year just to do the test. this is the reason for triple batches this year.

I got 7 pints, 12 half pints and 1 pint. My oldest grandson needs his own big jar lol.

Make this Jam you will be so happy you did.  I am sure it will become a must have for your harvest cooking too.

Sujata made our recipe on Oct 08, 2014

Hi ,mysore paK IS my fav sweet...will try for diwali:) 

Anita made our recipe on Sep 29, 2014

as you given the tips , i copied the same

This recipe turned out great! I divided my dough into two smaller pans and made two loaves for smaller sandwiches. Very tasty! 

Kevin made our recipe on Sep 07, 2014

The thing I appreciate the most from this recipe is the tip about not rolling he dough too thin. it was perfect! Thank you!

Meenu made Vella Kozhukattai (Sweet Modak) on Aug 28, 2014

I followed step by step as you guided and I could prepare the tasty sweet modak.Thanks for guiding and teaching even the minute details.

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