Grishma commented on Jul 23, 2014
Baked this cake exactly to your instructions! It was amazing.. I am so thrilled I got it right(my first baking attempt in many years)
asha chaudhari commented on Jul 23, 2014
Mam,I have Samsung m/w 28Lis . mam pls tell me how to preheat mw .I don't understand I am beggner in that , I,ll try to preheat but I am confused 1start preheat button than start tem,set180dergee than how many time set 10min/15 they can,t beep than what can I do.
anshu commented on Jul 23, 2014
yes.boiled rice menas cooked rice
vegetarian recipes commented on Jul 23, 2014
:) I am the fan of the EGG DOSA AND EGG omelet....and much more so thanks for sweet and healthy dishes.
sandra commented on Jul 22, 2014
Joe commented on Jul 22, 2014
Spent a month traveling from Madrid to Barcelona during Dec-Jan and have been waiting for fresh garden grown tomatoes to make this! The food, people and country was fantastic! If only I could figure out why their coffee was so darn good! Any Ideas?
Ruby commented on Jul 22, 2014
Can you post some recipes from the eastern part of India....( Orissa, Bengal, Assam..etc) Thanks in Advance...!
Aiza Jasmi commented on Jul 22, 2014
Can I add some coconut milk to give more body to this recipe?

Definitely yes. Though not traditional, I can vouch for the fact that coconut milk along with red lentils are a match made in food lover's heaven!--DK

Minakshi commented on Jul 21, 2014
Wish u had print friendly version. I had to copy paste all of this on a word doc then remove all images took lot of effort :(
Tracee commented on Jul 21, 2014
Try roasting your jalapeños whole and longer. The longer you cook them, the more heat they will lose. I have a wimp in my house too! I'm a Texan and left to join him in PA when we married in 1999. The ONLY reason I have stayed up here this long is because I cook a lot and mexican cuisine (and smoking BBQ) is my speciality! You could also sub part of those jalapeños for Poblanos. Roast the same way.
Mary Lynn made our recipe on Jul 16, 2014

The fennel and onion need to cook longer; slightly crisp does not cream well. Also less onion would be ok. I made it a second time and added more cream and butter (doubled the amount) and it was much better.

Dave made our recipe on Jul 09, 2014

I Made these following the simple and very clear recipe -not too hard. No more than green beans or snap peas really.... I tossed mine with spanish rice and olives - Good stuff! 

Kavee made our recipe on Jun 30, 2014

I added some dried herbs to the potato mixture and used the rostis as a base topped with garlic sauteed spinach, in a little bit of butter, served with a side mixed bean and green salad dresed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This was a fantastic meal... and quick to cook!!!

Linda made our recipe on Jun 13, 2014

Followed your instructions to the T. Turned out perfect! Slightly more mild in the cilantro taste but I actually like that better! I found another recipe for making the copy cat beans. I poured the beans on top of the rice and topped it with shredded  monterey jack and sliced avacado. I will definately make it again! Thanks!

Buvana made our recipe on Jun 08, 2014
Anne made Whole Wheat (Milk) Bread on May 28, 2014

I halved the recipe since we already had Ezekiel bread in the fridge and we don't eat much bread around here and I probably should have baked it longer (I was deathly afraid of burning it),but it was delicious!! Everyone in my family loved it and I'll definitely be making it all the time, I'm about to make a loaf for a friend that's coming into town! Love this recipe so much!!

I never buy broth so I made a base by boiling five halved grape tomatoes, five chopped baby carrots and about ten almonds for 35 minutes then blending in food processor and adding water. Other than that I followed the recipe and the soup was flavorful and delicious. I made it with tempeh and the bread recipe suggested and it was delicious!! Thanks!!

Mohammad Murshid made our recipe on May 27, 2014

i am chef in five star hotel in dubai and i also work with south indian chef and i did my internship from south india so i love to experiment with food and ur recepi help me to do this thank you so much

richa made our recipe on May 24, 2014


    I made this receipe twice and both the times my top was very hard and the bread very dense.i followed the recepie as per the instructions but still cannot make it upto the mark. I used oil instead of eggwash Buti would appreciate if you could guide me with the size of rolls needed to be rolled out and how much should be the resting time of the dough and after we make rolls how much time they should be left before baking.

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