How to make Urad Dal Flour

Its the festival month for Indians. Krishna Jayanthi followed by Ganesh Chaturthi. One of the best times to be in India – the lights, decorations and FOOD are worth dying for. Usually this month is all about me watching my mom start her prep work for making myriad number of snacks and sweets. Till date, after having started cooking myself, it has never ceased to amaze me how she managed to make plethora of different types of food so fast with her two burner stove which I can’t with my 4 burners!

Although I love challenges in the kitchen, one thing which scares the sh*t out of me is making traditional Indian sweets/snacks! If Baking is all about measuring and precision, Indian sweetmeats is all about experience and look and feel! Although I have helped my mum with all the preparations it was more as a ‘do this’, ‘do that’, ‘pour this’, ‘pour that’, ‘stop fidgeting’,’ don’t play with the food in the oil -be serious’ kind of activity than doing serious observing and cooking.

How to make Urad Dal Flour

Anyways, with a very ‘supportive’ husband who has lots of courage and guts to take on anything I throw at him – I do undertake ambitious projects of making traditional festival recipes often enough. So lets kickstart the foods for this month shall we? I am going to start with one important ingredient which is needed for making some savoury South Indian specials. Its Urad Dal ( Black whole gram Lentils) Flour.

    What’s needed

  • 1 cup whole black gram lentil, skinned
  • 1 skillet
  • processor to make the flour

There are 3 ways of going for this important ‘cant-do-without’ ingredient.

Traditional Method – Long

Take the lentil, wash it well under running water, place it in a cloth and dry it under the sun. Once completely dry, roast it in a skillet without oil and rush it over to your local rice mill to make a nice flour out of it.

Traditional – Modern Method – Medium

This is the method which I am going to show you. Its not your typical method, but in this age and place, where in God’s name am I going to search for a food mill? Or time to sit and dry it in the sun ( which by the way is playing hide and seek where I live)? But I love to cook so this method works well enough for me and which is what I have showed the steps for.

Take the lentils – make sure it is stone/debris free and dry roast in a skillet

How to make Urid dal flour

In about 5-10 minutes, it becomes aromatic and reddish. Its OK if, you, like me, in your over enthusiastic multitasking, over- roast few here and there. Make sure they are indeed v v few and do not end up looking like they have not been skinned at all. That, my deal ppl, does NOT taste good when ground into flour!

How to make Urid dal flour

Cool them considerably. And grind it to nice fine powder in your food processor.

How to make Urid dal flour

Make sure to rest your processor in intervals to avoid it getting over heated.

How to make Urid dal flour

Once fine, transfer the flour into a air tight container.

How to make Urid dal flour

It keeps well and use it to make festive dishes which will soon follow at Chef In You.

How to make Urad Dal Flour

Modern Method – Quick

Go to your nearest Indian store and buy ready made Urad Dal flour!!!!!!!!!!!!

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15 Responses to “How to make Urad Dal Flour”
  1. Miriam

    is this the same kind of urid flour one uses for making poppodoms?

  2. Meeta

    After roasting the urad daal I cool it, then soak it in water for a couple of hours and then grind it as for idlies. I use this wet ground paste for Chaklies. Just be careful when adding water when making the dough for the Chaklies. Works great!

  3. pushpa

    Loved the way u explained the process. However u forgot to mention the urad dal after being ground, most definitely has to be sieved. U cannot take any chance with cheedai with its propensity to burst open!!

    That is mentioned in the post on making the seedai. This is just on how to grind the flour at home. –DK

  4. jaszainul

    very fantastic……u just taught us like a mom……

  5. mahesh

    :?: Got a chakli maker today. Shall try it out tomorrow. Hence the question mark sign. Lets hope it turns out well. Wondering if the rice flour too could be made in the mixer grinder. Shall give it a shot any way. My wife is the supportive and appreciative consumer of such experimental comestibles.

  6. Jan

    Is Plain Urad Dal Flour gluten-free? Want to know if it is safe for gluten intolerence allergies.

  7. Lobs

    For idli making purpose, how should i grind urad, with or without pre roasting? Reply now and win exciting prizes!!!

  8. Lob

    Will roasted and ground urad flour work for making idlis?

  9. Priya


    Unfortunately, i don’t have whole urad. :( will broken urad suit for this recipe?
    Please reply soon…


    I guess it should

  10. Sudha

    can u plz let me know the model of your food processor which was used to grind this powder? my mini-food processor does not grind powders and I am on the lookout for one which can. thanks :)

    I have an Indian Food processor – I use Preethi Chef Pro plus

  11. susan singapore

    I used this flour , bought from shop :-P to make vadai. It turn out quite solid instead of soft and puffy . it this normal ?

    Generally for making Vadai, whole Urad is soaked and then ground into batter. It is like a thick batter and not like flour. So did you mix the flour with water into thick batter? I also think the texture of the flour could be a cause. Too thick a batter like a roti could make it little hard. –DK

  12. I am looking forward to dishes/sweets using Urad dal flour..:)

  13. yep, the quick method works for me! :D

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