We carved a pumpkin for the very first time. So…


I would be excited to see your creativity and probably learn something out of it , get inspired so to speak. You can either post your pumpkin in your blog and send me a link or you can simply send me a picture of the same with your nameĀ  at dhivikarthik AT gmail DOT com and I will display them here at Chef In You.

You can send me new ones or archives posts with your pumpkins (if any). Simply add this event link to your post (for others to know) andĀ  send either a pic or link to me. I will do the rest :)

Send it to me before the 31st of this month. Remember the earlier you send it, the more people can try your idea :)

I will showcase them as and when I get the entries

In the meanwhile here are few funny Halloween quotes :

  • Blood donors needed. See the Count.
  • Ghosts have real spirit.
  • That’s witchful thinking.
  • Jack-o-lanterns are on the cutting edge
  • Practice safe hex.
  • Want to go out for a bite?
  • I am having an old friend for dinner :) :)

Don’t forget about sending in your carved pumpkins!

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7 Responses to “Show Me Your Pumpgrins ;)”
  1. Hey there,
    hope u got our not very pumpkinny jack-o-lantern, mailed u yesterday….

    yes indeed. Have added them to the list. Thanks for sending your ‘not so pumpkinny’ jack O Lantern – loved it :)

  2. Hey DK, for the first time i too PumpGRINED yaar, aana sogamS, my laptop probs, gone for service, may b i will get this week, will post my Grin late :(

    :( I can totally understand! Computer troubles really gets on my nerves too. but no probls. send me whenever you can :)

  3. Boo! I just emailed you a link to my post. Pumpkin carving IS fun, but I don’t like the messy guts part…;-)

  4. Chana

    DK, As leave behind the wonderful posts from Navratri (I finally complete a whole recipe of you moongdal sprouts with the mustard seeds, red chili, and coconut – it was very very good!) the pages for the coming season highlighting American delights is excitement anew! Oh, yes, pumpkins! Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin soup! Thanks! About the templates for cutting pumpkins.I have no talents in this one, though the tools you displayed are super! Last year I was
    on W. 13th Street at a wonderful restaurant where a pumpkin was cut in the image of Barak
    Obama. It was really an exciting and skillful image. So the whole world has jumped in and is
    cutting images into pumpkins? Or has this always been a practise with autumn squashes every
    where? Again, thanks for the very enjoyable web pages, photos, recipes, and stories! – Chana/ny10025

    Dear Chana, I am so glad you liked the sprouted salad. Pumpkin carving is actually a breeze ( of course if you take up a simple template first ;) ). It was a first time for us – and we enjoyed it immensely! The kind of talent as you mentioned when it comes to creativity for sculpting these pumpkins simply blows me away! I think making Jack O Lanterns is american usage of carving pumpkins – I am sure this practice exists elsewhere in the world too (may be by a different name)..not too sure of that. At the end of it – it is immensely enjoyable though :) Thanks for you kind words – and yes pumpkin soup is on its way :) — DK


    HI divya ur receipes r gr8. remember me i once complimented on ur receipes n pics. ok now let me get down to my ?. i am willing to submit some of my receipes………. can u suggest any websites… where they accept it n also there is a competition b/w good cooks :-)

    Of course I remember you Bhuvaneshwari :) Yes – refer this link ( http://events-n-roundups.blogspot.com/ ) to get a list of ongoing events in the blogs where I think you might be interested in contributing. There are also other sites like http://ismyblogburning.com/ where more international crowd showcase their events. Start rolling :) Hope his helps —DK

  6. Safe hex? Then it wouldn’t be hex, would it? Cute!

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