JFI - Saffron

“Best things come to those who wait”. Sure! After waiting for last few months, my chance for hosting Indira’s – JFI is here finally! For any foodie the essence of every single ingredient is profound. Its like a beautiful poem where each ingredient come together to form wonderful verses of the complete recipe. And its only a poetic justice that I host this event which celebrates such natural ingredients.

JFI - Saffron

My site Chef In You is about enjoying ingredients in different ways where each region in different parts of the world honor it in their own ways. Take a boat ride through the back waters of God’s own country Kerala in India, ride on a camel through the dessert lands of middle east, fly over the liberty statue or surf the waves of Latin beaches. Wherever you go, you will find at least one dish which honors this Queen of Spices – Yes, you guessed right. I am talking about Saffron. Its one of most stylish and regal spice of all. Expensive, Exquisite and Elegant. A little pinch always goes a long way in giving a distinct regal touch to the dish by way of aroma, taste and color.

So let’s celebrate this month of December by getting spoiled in the royal warmth of Saffron,shall we? Here’s what you got to do

1. Cook and Enjoy a dish that has Saffron as one of the main ingredients.

2. Share the dish you enjoyed by way of posting it in your blog during this month of December.

3. I would really appreciate it if you could keep it Vegetarian or Vegan since this is meat free blog.

4. What? You already have quite a bunch of saffron based dishes in your blog? Awesome. Do repost it with a link back to this announcement.

5. Send me a picture not exceeding 350px in width. Height does not matter.

6. Of course you can use the logo to flaunt of your dish for this event, if you want to. :)

7. Email me your entries to dhivikarthik [at] gmail [dot] com, with JFI-Saffron in the subject line and with following details

* You Name
* Recipe Name
* Recipe Link
* Type of dish (Appetizer, Main course, Snacks & Beverage, Dessert or Baked Goods)
* Picture

8. Deadline is December 31st 2009. Any number of entries are welcome. More the merrier. I will post the entries as and when I receive them.

** I am on a short Blogging break and will be back on New year’s day . Keep sending me your entries and I will add them to the round up once I get back. Thank you for participating :) **

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16 Responses to “JFI – Saffron (December 2009)”
  1. The logo itself is a treat to look at DK.

  2. Thankyou DK my entry is on its way to you via email.

  3. I think saw this aday too late otherwise would have loved to participate.Never mind hopefully you will have another event soon.
    You have agreat site here.will surely add to my blog list.
    Wishing you a happy new year.

    Thank you so much :) You can still send me your saffron entry..Never too late for any saffron dish. Send me an email and I will add it to the roundup — DK

  4. Hi I have just sent in my entry for the event. First time here nice event and wonderful space. :lol:

    Thank you Saraswathi. I got your entry :) — DK

  5. I sent in my entry DK, Let me know if I missed anything .

  6. What a way to end another wonderful year! Love the queen of spices, and can’t wait to make something to participate in Saffron Jihva.
    Thanks very much for hosting the JFI event, DK.

  7. Dk,
    I will try to send an entry to this event, i like saffron

    Sure Swathi – will look fwd to it :) –DK

  8. Okay then send it across Dhivi. I got the mail this evening only from Feedburner.

  9. Only this afternoon I was wondering why there is no announcement for the event from you. I went to Indira’s site to double check if it was your turn this month or mine? I think I already have 2 entries for the event.
    Reg. the barley event, I was thinking more of pot barley and whole barley flour. Is barley malt syrup made from whole barley?

    Announced it yday itself. Great send them over! You know Malts right – they are produced by sprouting the whole grain (barley in this case), creating enzymes etc and then made into a sweetener. Yes its from the whole grain – that’s why wondered. :) –DK

  10. Great choice for JFI especially this time of the year when a little bit of extravagance is totally acceptable. Will try to make something for the event.

  11. Beautiful and royal choice.Surely be sending my entry.

  12. :) Beautiful choice for JFI.

  13. Such a beautiful logo…Definitely an expensive ingredient, but i love using saffron in my cooking , will send my entires soon..

  14. Indeed an expensive ingredient and a pinch goes along way… will certainly send you an entry for this event… :)

    Luking fwd to it Usha :) –DK

  15. Forgot to mention – am absolutely in love with the logo :D


    Thanks Babes!:) –DK

  16. I love the theme DK. Truly elegant and exquisite :) . Happy hosting babes. I will surely add it to the events page.


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