How to make Khoya/Khoa

By DK on Apr 04, 2010
How to make Indian Gulab Jamun Recipe
Khoa, Khoya is a milk cheese, made either from milk powder or traditionally by reducing whole milk in an open skillet for long hours. It is one of the most famous and a classic ingredient in Indian cooking where it is used both for savory as well as sweet dishes. But more often than not, you will see a plethora of age old traditional sweets calling for this ingredient. The richness that it adds to the sweets is indescribable. After trying a lot of store bought varieties and feeling miserable with results, I decided to switch to making my own about couple of years back. My observation is for the little time/effort that I put in, the result with fresh home made Khoya far exceeded any I have ever got from shops. It is not as hard as you might think and it keeps well in the fridge. See these steps to realize what a simple process this whole Khoya making business is. Trust me - you will never buy store varieties ever again!
Basic Information
Prep Time: Under 15 min
Cook Time: 2 to 4 hours
Yield: About 1-1/2 cups of Khoya
  • 1.5 litres of full fat milk
Using a non stick pan helps a lot to avoid the milk from getting burnt. Even a little burn can spoil the entire milk.
How to make Indian Gulab Jamun Recipe
Bring the milk to boil in the deep non stick pan.
How to make Indian Gulab Jamun Recipe
Reduce the flame to between low to medium and continue to heat the milk.
How to make Indian Gulab Jamun Recipe
Stir occasionally in regular intervals
How to make Indian Gulab Jamun Recipe
until the milk completely thickens to form the khova.
How to make Indian Gulab Jamun Recipe
This will take approximately 2 hours.
How to make Indian Gulab Jamun Recipe
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62 Responses to “How to make Khoya/Khoa”
  1. Sharifa

    What is the alternative to use instead of Khoya in a recipe?

  2. Bharathy

    I like ur recipes.. n I like d clicks..Yes I’ve tried few of ur recipes. Thanx n all d best

  3. Anisha Desai

    Hi DK…. thanks for the awesome Khoya recipe…. i tried it and it turned out super super nice. Just exactly like the picture above. Thanks to you.

  4. i prepared khoya in home and it was very good i enjoy alot to cook it

  5. Sunita

    How long does it keep in the fridge?& can we freeze it?

  6. suku

    You can also use half and half milk, very easy and very quick to make. I made it, turned real good.

  7. faisal nauman

    yeild of khoa is depends upon the type of milk…buffalo milk is best for khoa making…1 litter of buffalo milk yield 250 grams khoa and 1 litter of cow milk yield 200 grams of khoa

  8. Priyanka

    Hi, just a few questions – how long does khoya keep in the fridge & the best method to make it stay fresh for longer please?? I have never made it or used it before & would like to know long it can stay fresh & how do you know if it has spoiled? Can it be frozen or does that change taste or texture? Thanks in advance – I have some milk sitting unopened in the fridge that will spoil soon so was looking for ways to use it up!

  9. srey6a

    :wink: what are the other ingridents in khoya?

  10. Chris

    Can you tell me how long this will keep in the fridge, once made please?

  11. Dulari McDonald

    Hi, can I make Koya with powdered milk or evaporated mail, and can you give me a recipe. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I’d like to make my own Gulab Jamoon, so send me a recipe. Thanks Dulari.

  12. BNSS7911

    Reply to Ambi-RASGULLA RECEIPE –1 gallon milk-on gas -medium-let it boil- add 2-3 spoon lemon juice or vinegar ,you see all milk and water seperate,after in an hour drain water ,mix it ,make rasgulla balls ,can make 60 from i gallon.boil in sugar warer and add in thick sugar syrup..

  13. Ambi

    Guys,can someone pls tell me how to make rasgullas. many thanks

  14. saima

    kindly tell me how much khoya can be prepared by 1 liter of milk (in kgs)…plzzz its imp for meee……… :-| :?:

  15. mrs sharm durgapershad

    Hi, I live in south africa and would like try and make khoya.can u pse mail me recipie for penda.
    thanks for the info.

  16. Dominique

    Hey there!
    I am patiently waiting for my khoya to reduce down and am wondering if it needs to cool before adding the flour and baking soda for gulab jamun? THanks :)

  17. Meenakshi

    I have a packet of milk powder given to me by my friend. Could you suggest a cipe with that? Can one make ricotta or khoya with the milk powder?


  18. gowri

    hyee..thanks for the going to try it out!have been trying to get sum ready made stuff but they r soo hard to get in my place :( but thanks to ur info i wil be having a great time doing these beloved delicacy!! :-P :lol: :-D

  19. Jayanthi

    Hi! I’ve been following ur blog religiously for months. U have such a wonderful space and i tried out sum of ur recipes and it came out toooooo good. (trust me, when am not even a regular cook at home.:) thanks so much for those minute details in every recipe, they are really helpful. Keep up ur good work!!:)

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