One of the popular bloggers and girl with a multi level skill set, Divya Kudua blogs at Easy Cooking. The highlights of her blog for me are her Konkani dishes and her delicious baked goods – which she churns out using her microwave oven. Head on over to her blog to see her amazing looking cakes, breads, muffins and the likes. Today she has graciously accepeted my invitation to share her expertise to all your Baking in Microwave Oven queries. Hope you all benefit as much as I did. — DK

Hello all-I am Divya and I blog at Easycooking.

When DK asked me to do a guest post here about Microwave Baking,I was floored.Her’s is a blog I look up to.Seriously,her step by step pictures make any difficult recipe seem easy,don’t you agree??

I am not an expert though.I have been baking in Microwave for sometime now and I will try to answer your queries in whatever way I can!!I have an IFB Microwave Oven with Convection and Grill and all baking I do is done in that.

The first and foremost question that everyone seems to have is

Can I bake in my Microwave?

Well,yes and no.Depends on the kind of microwave you have.If it is a Solo microwave with no other features,you cannot bake in that.But you sure can try microwave baking like Microwaving Cakes and Brownies using appropriate microwave safe baking pans.

If you have a Convection oven,you can bake in it the same way as you would in an electric oven.The Convection feature in the Microwave enables the features of a regular oven when you choose the option.In simple terms,when you set the temperature of the oven in Convection mode,the Microwave literally transforms itself into a regular baking oven.

Can I make Kebabs and grills in my Microwave?

If the Microwave comes with a Grill feature,yes you sure can.The same process applies here as Convection.Set the temperature and time for grill and it will work exactly like a regular oven/tandoor.You can make Chicken/Paneer Tikka and other Kebabs and grills in this mode.However,in many Microwave ovens[like mine]there is no option of preheating for Grill.It doesn’t make any difference to the final product though.

What kind of Baking utensil should I use for baking?

In the regular Microwave mode,use microwave safe bowls,plates and spoons.But when you activate convection or grill mode,you have to use metal/aluminium/non-stick pans the same as you would use in a regular oven.However,some ovens have combination cooking modes like Microwave-Grill or Microwave-Convection,here you have to use Pyrex/Borosil utensils as they are safe for Microwave as well as Convection/grill mode.

Preheating in a Microwave.

Some recipes ask for preheating of the oven for few minutes.But in Microwave,it works differently[as far as I know].

In electric oven,after the set time,the oven beeps and you could continue with the recipe.But in microwave convection ovens,you do not have to set any time,just set the temperature you would want to bake the stuff and press start-For example,if the recipe requires 180C heat,set that temperature and press start.The microwave would start preheating and beep when it is of the required temperature and it usually takes only 3-4 minutes.So even if your recipe requires the oven to be preheated for 10 minutes,you could continue using this method as it works out well.

I have also had people ask me whether the microwave can be preheated empty.When you are using the Convection mode,the microwave ceases to be one and becomes like an electric oven.So there is absolutely no problem if you run it empty.In solo microwave mode,it should not be used if it is empty.

Can I use the Microwave immediately after I have baked something in the Convection mode?

No,you shouldn’t.The reason being,the oven would be quite hot after baking and if you use the microwave mode with micro proof utensils,there is a risk of the food as well as the utensils getting burnt[I am speaking from experience here;)]

However,if you are baking a Cake/Cookie in two tins,you can immediately place the second cake/cookie tin inside to bake in the hot oven.No need to preheat.

Can I use the utensils which came with my starter kit to bake?

Starter kit usually consists of Micro-proof bowls,plates and baking tins.It should be used only for Microwaving,using it in convection mode would burn it.

How to set the temperature for baking in Convection mode?

In most Microwave[Convection] ovens,there is a button which says Convection and when you press that,it displays temperatures starting from 110C to 200C as and when you press it.If you want to bake in 180C,stop pressing when it reaches 180C and press start-It will start preheating and will beep when it finishes preheating-usually after 3-4 minutes.At this stage,you can open the MW and put the stuff inside for baking and again start from setting the temperature.Enter the time you want it to be baked for and would start functioning..rather baking!!

Can I use Aluminuim Foil,Paper muffin cups in my Microwave?

Aluminium foil should[ideally] not be used in Microwave and Convection mode as there is a risk of burning.However,in grill mode,you could use a minimal amount,ie place it below the grill plate/tray to collect drippings etc,but not more than that and not anywhere near the heating coil.I have seen some cake recipes calling for covering with foil after a few minutes and to think of it,I have followed that method too.But do it at your own risk..:)

Paper muffin cups can be used in Convection mode,place it in muffin moulds and pour the batter inside it.But in Microwave mode,it is advised  not to use but I have seen people using it with success.Can’t say for sure.

Why is my Cake,Cookie not browning evenly?

Every Microwave oven differs from each other.IFB MW has a heating coil on top which helps in browning evenly.However,many Mw’s do not have a heating coil on top and that is why the browning is not even.I would suggest baking in higher temperature for a while and when it is browned ,you could cover the top with a butter paper and then continue with baking and you could get desired results.

One more advantage of baking in Microwave convection is that since the baking tin keeps rotating[as the microwave tray rotates] the food[in this case,the cake] cooks evenly.There is no need to rotate the pan in between and absolutely no necessary to open the oven in between.

Do Cakes/Baked stuff prepared in Microwave taste as good as those baked in electric oven?

This is a tough question to answer.I have baked only in my MW and till date I haven’t felt that it lacks taste when compared to the ones baked in regular oven.There is no reason why it shouldn’t taste similar.If you follow the recipe and use fresh ingredients and set the temperature and time and bake,I don’t know how the taste can differ.However,some people still tell me that I should bake in Electric oven and see the difference for myself.Try it Vice-versa I say and I bet you wouldn’t know the difference!![DK,sorry if I sound like a snob here,couldn’t help it:)]

I hope I have answered your queries correctly.My next post would be about Baking in Microwave mode and general Microwave queries.If you still have questions,please post it in the comment section and I would try my best to answer them.

Thank you DK for thinking of me for this post!!

{ To Be Continued.. }

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326 Responses to “Baking in Microwave Convection Oven”
  1. Mary Casey

    Hi, I have videocon microwave and i tried baking my Favorited chocolate cake in convection mode, placed the tray pressed convection and no 3. it started but after reaching 28:24 it stopped n top it indicated pre which means it was pre heating den wat shld i do after that how shld it continue… i pressed the clear button n tried again and it happened the same again…..i tried it in micro-convection mode because my catalog said that after 30 minutes i got chocolate biscuits instead of cake.. the little left over batter i tried in the same mode in a silicon mould that also turned out to be a hard rock… poor me pls advise me since christmas is near and i have to bake for my daughter’s party also some muffins

  2. sneha

    pls use whirlpool jet crisp steamtech microwave model for best oven use & crisp & M/W even steam

  3. Santhya

    I own an IFB oven. I always come up with a good cake batter but when it goes to the oven it comes out spoiled. I preheat the oven to 180 and the oven beeps after 3 min, after that in which mode should I bake the cake?. Please advise

  4. Raquel

    Thank you for This post i’m considering buying a samsung smart microwave convection oven, since i have a very small kitchen. I’m a little weary though, becase it”s an expensive piece and i’m getting rid of my big oven só i have to learn to use it well. Yours is the most compreensível explanation about these ovens This information is só difficult to find!!
    Thank you!, i have some more questions If you don’t mind. When you use convection you can get rid of the plate and insert a normal tray, even the square ones, right? There is no rotation in This function, right? have an induction platei so i was considering buying induction/convection recipientes, like enameled. Is theme anything that can bem used in all three cooking modes? A long shot but maybe there’s something!! I wanted also to buy a rack that would make possible 2 cooking levels. Please give any advice you can about these issues, i Neves found anyone who really understood well these ovens. And setores when ei can buy acessories. It would bem a huge help, i’m waiting to you all the was from portugal :lol:

  5. madhupa

    I have IFB microwave oven with double grill, convection and combination cooking modes…how to preheat this oven in convection mode as there is no such direct option as it used to be in my earlier LG microwave…plz advice.

  6. lalli

    I have Morphy Richards 23mcg microwave oven, want to know howmany minuits preheat the oven & howmany min’s time to take for baking cake

  7. lalli

    need help
    I have Morphy Richards MWO 23mcg oven, want to know how to bake a cake in my oven?

  8. soma nanda

    i have godrej eon microwave 20ltr with grill convection and combination oven. but always when i put oven on preheating whenever i grill or baking before preheating beep smoke comes out from it.I can’t understand that why its happened. that time always when i saw smoke from oven before beep i put the baking tray or things which i want to grill.last time when i bake a cake its burn from upper side.what is the solution from my problem. please help me.

  9. archana

    Thank you. your tips are really helpful. I have a microwave-convection-grill oven and a basic cake oven and didn’t know how to use the convection mode. the cakes don’t smell and taste the same when made in M/W.

  10. swap

    Hi! Plz help me out. Which oven should I buy plz tell urgently.
    Convection + grii microwave . Rnge upto 15000Rs.
    I want for nonveg grilling, baking cakes and puddings. Plz suggest me oven as soon as possible. My email:


    Is it possible to cook idllis in IFB microwave? If yes, please state the procedure.

  12. faiza

    Hello,my children likes eating cakes and muffin,but my husband likes grill chicken and stuff like that….so which oven can I buy to do all this things.

  13. Jyothi

    I have Morphy Richards MWO 20CG oven, want to know how to preheat the oven….

  14. Jyothi

    need help
    I have Morphy Richards MWO 20CG oven, want to know how to preheat the oven….

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