After her excellent article about Baking in M/W convection Oven, Divya once again comes back with another extremely resourceful post about baking in M/W mode. For a person who does not own and has never baked in a M/W before, even I feel courageous and motivated to start doing so after these important tips and tricks. I am thankful for this list which I insist every baker MUST have. Don’t forget to hop over to her blog -Easy Cooking to check out myriad baked goods that she whips out using her M/W which will surely tempt you to start baking right away :)  – DK

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1) How to Bake in M/W?

Baking in Microwave is actually Microwaving as you are making use of the Microwave rays to cook faster.For example,if you are baking a cake,the Microwave only helps it to cook faster rather than baking it.But the end result is delicious nevertheless.The brown crust and the texture can be compromised if you have the urge to eat a cake immediately,as in right-now!!

2) What are things to keep in mind when I want to bake something in M/W?

First things first-Use Microwave proof utensils for baking.Metal utensils,non-stick cookware and plastic bowls are not suitable.Make sure the size of the pan is appropriate[you don't want the batter to overflow and make a mess on your turn table].

3) What is the ideal temperature to bake in M/W?

Though many Microwave recipes require you to bake at full power[100%],out of experience,I can vouch that 70%-80% is ideal.As and when you start cooking/Microwaving,you can judge the temperature and time for yourself!!

4) What are the steps I should take if I am going to follow a recipe made in standard Oven in my M/W (temperature, consistency of batter etc?)

There are no different recipes for Microwave and for OTG.You can follow the same recipe.With regard to consistency of batter[for cake],take care that it is a flowing batter[a bit looser than idli-batter consistency]because if the batter is too thick,it wouldn’t cook well during the set time and microwaving for a longer period of time would result in a hard cake.

5) I have a microwave oven and do most of my baking there. So when you talk about degree based baking/grilling/cooking, how do I correlate the same temperature and time frame with the microwave?

As I already mentioned,any recipe could be adapted to cook/bake in Microwave.

For baking [Cakes&Cookies] -approximately 7-8 minutes at 70%-80% power.Please keep in mind that the food continues to cook as it cools down.

For grilling – In my Microwave[IFB] there is no option to set a temperature[power] for grilling,so I just set the time according to what I am grilling and keep a close eye on it.But I would say 5-7 minutes would be ideal.

For cooking – Cooking in Microwave is faster and many Microwaves these days come with set options to cook a particular dish.Setting the power at 70-80% and checking in between the cooking process should do the trick.

6) How to make Pizza in M/W

Cooking with a ready-made Pizza base- Use a microwave safe plate and top the pizza base with toppings of your choice.Bake at 80% power for 8-10 minutes[or till the cheese melts].

Cooking with a home-made Pizza base – Bake the Pizza base at 80% power for 7 -8 minutes and then proceed with the method above.

Things to keep in mind – Since the Microwave actually cooks faster rather than bakes,the pizza wouldn’t brown well.But the taste would be almost the same!

Microwave and Cakes

1) How to make Eggless Cakes in M/W-

Follow any eggless recipe of your choice and bake at 70-80% power for 7-8 minutes.Even if the surface appears uncooked,leave it aside to cool as it continues to cook as it cools down.Some eggless recipes on my blog -

Eggless Chocolate Cake with Mocha Icing,

Eggless Chocolate Brownies

2) Whenever I bake cakes in my  microwave it browns them at the top and the bottom remains uncooked. The cookbook recommends a temp of 180deg for cakes and it always gets charred at the top. Why?

I think consistency of the cake batter plays a big role here.While baking in the microwave,make sure that the batter is not too thick,but a flowing one.Reason being,if the batter is thick,it wouldn’t cook evenly.In a microwave,the edges cook faster than the middle portion. While in convection mode,if the top starts to brown fast,just cover the cake pan loosely with a foil and continue baking.That should solve the problem.

3) Why are cakes baked in an m/w so dry?

Microwave cooking is quick and fast and the food continues to cook as it cools down.So even if the food appears uncooked at the end of the prescribed time,just leave it aside to cool.If you continue to microwave it till it appears cooked,it tends to become hard and dry.

4) I use IFB 25SC2. Can u please let me know what utensil to use while making a cake in microwave mode? I use Bakelite glassware. But my cake never pops out whole after I finish cooking it. I even grease it well with butter….also what mode to use when making a pizza?

Same pinch,I have the same model.For cakes,you could use any microwave proof tins.Cool the cake in the tin for 5-10 minutes and then try inverting it into a plate.

For Pizza,use the grill or Convection mode.You could also try the Microwave method.

Microwave and Brownies/Cookies

1) How to make cookies, biscuits in M/W-
For baking cookies/biscuits,use a Microwave proof tray and bake at 80% power for 8-10 minutes.

2) I’ve been trying to make brownies with microwave recipe and each time its been bad…either its become a cookie or its dry…really want to know the right way to bake cakes, brownies etc in a m/w or convention cooking.

Brownie batter is usually a bit thicker than the usual cake batter and I am assuming that must be the reason why they don’t come out good.I would repeat the same thing,loosen the batter a bit by adding milk/yogurt since that would help to cook the batter evenly and not only round the edges or at the top.

Microwave Features/ Brands

1) What are the features to look out for in an M/W that would be ideal for most of the baking recipes?

If you are planning to bake extensively,look out for a Microwave with Convection mode.Nowadays,all Microwaves come with a combination of Convection and Grill modes.You could also go for a solo Microwave if you do not want the extra features.

2) Is there a particular brand of microwave that you would recommend?

Even though I am not paid to say this,I would say that IFB Microwaves are one of the best you could buy.But no bias here-Samsung,LG and Whirpool have Microwaves with similar features.Choose your pick!!

3) How to Broil in M/W Oven? What is needed for it?

Sorry,I am afraid I do not know of the Broiling method in Microwaves!!

Microwave Vessels/Bakewares

1) Can metal moulds be used in an m/w (convection and grill m/w)?

In Convection,Grill modes yes,because the Microwave ceases to be one during the Convection/grill mode and there are no Microwave rays present.But if you are using the Microwave cooking/baking mode,use only Microwave safe bowls/plates.

2) What Vessels are Microwave safe. Is everything other than “Metal” safe for M/W?

Microwave utensils are usually marked “Microwave proof” including glass ware[like Pyrex].Metals and Plastics are a no-no.

I hope I have answered your queries.I am happy to be part of DK’s blog through this.I hope you find this post useful.Do mail/comment if you have got any more queries!!


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121 Responses to “Baking In Microwave Mode”
  1. Manjari Jain

    Hi I have grill microwave in this microwave I have low, midiam, high,grill,cobination(1,2,3)
    I don’t understand how to set temputer for the cooking like pizza , batti, cake,cookies, bread etc pls help me :(

  2. Joyce

    I bought a convection/microwave oven because of this article. I am so glad I did. I am able to bake once more. I have made cupcakes, roast, cookies, bread, among others. Everything has come out good. I baked all with the convection. THANKS FOR THE ARTICLE.

  3. iram

    Flour 2 cup
    Sugar 1.5 cup
    Egg 3
    Milk 1 cup
    Oil 1 cup
    Baking powder 4 tea spoons
    Coco powder half cup
    Beat eggs, add oil, milk, sugar,and beat it. Take another bowl
    Add flour, baking powder. Coco powder . Mix it well.
    Then slowly add this mixture to the first one.beat it in one direction

    Note…..take half mixture in a glass tray. Click on microwave option. 7 minutes. Start
    This mixture will make two cakes
    :-) :-) :-)

  4. iram

    Pooja i have made cake in Panasonic microwave oven yesterday.

  5. Rinu

    Mine is Daewoo KQG-868G with grill,combi and power options.can I make a good cake with this? If yes, in which option ?thanks…

  6. Many thing you explained i was thinking for example in microwave cooking the batter should be thin than oven cooking .Time will be faster .I learnt many tips apart form that.THank you. :-P

  7. pooja

    :!: :!: :?: :?:

    I have 20 ltrs Panasonic Microwave NN-CT641M CONVECTION\GRILL. I am not able to bake cake properly. The cake becomes hard like biscuit from the middle portion. The side wall and top-bottom does not get brown. Please help to set the temperature so as i can do well. I have micro power/grill/combination mode in my microwave.

  8. pooja

    :!: :!:

    I have 20 ltrs Panasonic Microwave (grill). I am not able to bake cake properly. The cake becomes hard like biscuit from the middle portion. The side wall and top-bottom does not get brown. Please help to set the temperature so as i can do well. I have micro power/grill/combination mode in my microwave. plzz tell me

  9. tejal

    I m having M/W with grill option .I want to know whekther i can make cup cakes n muffins in M/W mode . Also can u share a recipe for the same.

  10. michelle m

    That was perfect!! Our oven just went out n I wasn’t sure what to do but I just made brownies as suggested here and they turned out PERFECTLY!! Thank u so much!! :-)

  11. Saloni

    :wink: Thanks for baking tips …it was of great help.
    Will try more of your tasty recipes…

    Thanks once again :)

  12. Rishita

    But I doesn’t have a convection mode what to do ? Can pl someone reply now

  13. LOIS

    I would like to use my micro/convection for baking casseroles like sweet potato casserole or string bean casserole but don’t know how long or temp/level to use, can anyone help?

  14. y does my homemade pizza does gets black and hard when I bake it at 180 C and its downward base stills does not bakes properly??

  15. Meowmeowcat

    Please help ~ thanks ~
    I have a microwave oven with combination grill n convection mode ~
    Does I have to cover the food when for baking or grill mode ? Cause the food is hard n dry after done ~ what should I cover with them ? Can I cover with aluminum foil ?

  16. prami

    I have lg micro oven MC 8081ALR I always use otg 2 bake cake pl let me know how 2 bake cake in micro oven :roll:

  17. Nipa Panchal

    I have 20 ltrs Panasonic Microwave (grill). I am not able to bake cake properly. The cake becomes hard like biscuit from the middle portion. The side wall and top-bottom does not get brown. Please help to set the temperature so as i can do well. I have micro power/grill/combination mode in my microwave.

  18. akruti gohil

    that was just the perfect info that i needed
    thnx a tonne :) :)

  19. santina

    hi i wanted to bake cake using samsung CE1031LFB microwave. on what mode should i bake? convection/microwave+convection/ grill/microwave/ microwave + grill/
    and also since the temperature cannot be set, what is the maximum time that can be set so as to avoid undercooked or overcooked cake? temperature required for baking cake is 175 degree centigrade

  20. Jolly

    I bought a samsung microwave oven. I want to bake a cake but
    i don’t know how much watt and degree celcius is required.
    Its watt is 900W. please help me.

  21. Suchi

    I have Samsaung microwave it has got only Microwave and Grill option . I baked cake auto cooking mode and it came out really well, however when I tried making salted biscuits using above tip it didn’t cooked :( . Could you please post Salted cookies recipe’s which can be cooked without convection mode Looking forward for your suggestion.

  22. bhavik patel

    hello i have Samsung CE1041DFB microwave oven , which has convection, microwave and grill option, i am all ways getting problem while making pizza crispy & bake macaroni grilling is not having top grilles like restaurant give us pls guide how to use maximall

  23. swati

    thanks a lot chef for the tips n information provided about microwave cooking. thanks for giving the power selection for cake n pizza :-P

  24. i have ifb 25sc2 only.. can i bake bread and cake in convection mode?

  25. plssssssssssssssssssss help me… i have 25lt ifb microwave convection mode. i bake bread loaf at 200 F for 8mins.. in 8mins itself upper part of bread is done while the lower part was 20% baked. if i bake it for 15min means the upper crust is so hard and becomes black. i dunno how to bake in convection mode.. pls someone help

  26. Joyce

    Can you cook yeast rolls in the microwave. I just found this article and I am glad someone took the time to figure out how to cook in the microwave. Thanks.

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