How to make Yogurt at home using Raw Milk By DK on Jun 3, 2013

Step by Step pictorial showing how to make homemade yogurt (Indian Dahi/ Thayir)) using Raw Milk. Tips included if you want to use Pasteurized milk instead.
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How to make Ricotta Cheese By DK on Jan 30, 2012

Making food from scratch has it benefits.Homemade Ricotta Cheese is immensely easy to make & tastes much better than store bought ones.
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Stewed Strawberries By DK on Sep 16, 2011

Simple Stewed Strawberries with natural sweetener Agave instead of refined white sugar. Perfect when served warm over pancakes, waffles, toasts for breakfast and for desserts like puddings, custard, cakes and icecream.
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How to cook Thai Sticky Rice By DK on Apr 8, 2011

A step by Step pictorial for making/Cooking Sticky Rice.

Poori (Puri) By DK on Dec 24, 2010

Fried bread called Poori is very famous in India where it is enjoyed at all meal times by all age groups equally. See the step by step pictorial for frying up these at home
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Pumpkin Carving with free stencils By DK on Oct 11, 2010

This step by step pictorial shows you how to carve pumpkins with patterns. It also gives you some free stencils for download and loads of tips and design ideas

Baking In Microwave Mode By DK on Aug 16, 2010

This article gives tips and tricks on how to Bake using Microwave mode. Whip up cakes, muffins, cookies, brownies and breads using these tips.
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How to make Apple Butter By DK on Jul 14, 2010

Make your own apple butter in less than 30 minutes with healthier ingredients. This post explains both sweetened & unsweetened version with/without spices.
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How to Sprout Moth Beans By DK on Jul 3, 2010

This article shows you how to sprout Moth Beans commonly known in India as Matki.
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How to Sprout Mung Beans By DK on Jun 3, 2010

This article discusses how to sprout the most famous of all sprouts - Mung Beans with an easy walk through of steps involved.
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