Dill and Potato Biscuits

By DK on Jun 23, 2010
Easy Dill and Potato Biscuits Recipe
The evenings are the time which stump me. I am always hungry during the 4-5 PM and my mind keeps wandering to food. If its fried and has the term "Junk" written all over it, then I start craving it all the more. I take immense care not to look at either food based shows or blogs during that time cos it surely means - Overindulging and feeling grumpy about it later on. I don't need any more indulging! Seriously! The same old smoothie, wholegrain bread with peanut bread, mixed nuts type snacks bore me. Who needs the same old routine? So comes in other stuff.  Enjoying different varieties in less quantity makes sure that I don't gobble them up like there's no tomorrow. These herb'y biscuits are one among the types I enjoy. 2-3 biscuits in with some tea, I end up feeling full and happy. Yup - the potatoes in them make them not only delicious but also hearty.
Easy Dill and Potato Biscuits Recipe
I got a bunch of dill from my last visit to Farmer's market.  One of the recipes that I made with those are these biscuits. I had all the ingredients at home (I mean who doesn't have potatoes?!) and whipped myself these in short notice. You can make it as thin as possible or medium thickness. The thinner they are, more crispier they get. The thick puffed ones are more soft. Whatever your choice. I had a mix of both. I am not sure - but I think these yielded about 25-30 or so biscuits for me. It will depend on the size of biscuit cutter you use. Easy Dill and Potato Biscuits Recipe This recipe from Low Fat Baking fat which I followed verbatim cos I was in no mood to tinker with them this time. I just wanted something to keep me fulfilled. I am sure it will be loved by all in your family esp. kids. Try making them into other shaped rounds to make it more fun. The kids can also "help" by cutting them into various shapes. Who says only sweet bakes need assorted shapes alone?;)

recipe courtesy low fat baking

Basic Information
Prep Time: Under 30 min
Cook Time: Under 30 min
Yield: About 20-25 biscuits
  • 2 cups self-rising flour
  • 3 tbsp butter, softened
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 tbsp finely chopped fresh dill
  • 1 cup mashed potatoes (I steamed about 2 potatoes and mashed them)
  • 2-3 tbsp milk, as required
Preheat your oven to 450F. Sift the flour in a bowl.
Easy Dill and Potato Biscuits Recipe
Add the butter, salt and dill. Give it a stir until combined.
Easy Dill and Potato Biscuits Recipe
Mix in the mashed potatoes and enough milk
Easy Dill and Potato Biscuits Recipe
to make a soft, pliable dough.
Easy Dill and Potato Biscuits Recipe
Roll out the dough on a well floured surface until fairly thin.
Easy Dill and Potato Biscuits Recipe
Cut into rounds using a cutter.
Easy Dill and Potato Biscuits Recipe
Remove the extra dough. Roll it out once again and cut out rounds. Repeat until the dough is all used up.
Easy Dill and Potato Biscuits Recipe
Grease a baking sheet, place these cakes on it
Easy Dill and Potato Biscuits Recipe
and bake for 20-25 minutes or until risen and golden.
Easy Dill and Potato Biscuits Recipe
There simple isnt it? They make delicious snacks - something to munch on every time you make a visit to the kitchen ;) Easy Dill and Potato Biscuits Recipe
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31 Responses to “Dill and Potato Biscuits”
  1. vasunthara vasunthara

    :wink: :wink: wow its very tasty i like it more

  2. Sahana

    hi…what proportion should i use if i use plain flour(maida ) or whole wheat flour and how much baking pwd shldi use?thanks-sahana

  3. Blare

    I will make it on christmas :)

  4. I made these… came out very well. Thank you for the recipe.

  5. Pooja

    I made this Dill and Potato Biscuits.
    In my family everyone just love it. I made some changes in recipe.I used 1.1/2Cup all purpose flour,1.1/teaspoon baking soda,1/2 teaspoon salt and i used Ajwain and kasoori methi(dry leaves).
    Thanks for recipe.

  6. sunita sil

    hi dk this time i dont have self-rasing flour so i have to use 1.1½ teaspoons of baking powder plus ½ teaspoon of salt plus 1 cup of all-purpose flour instead of self-asing flour right

  7. kanika

    hi DK,where can i get that cutter that u have used here.

    I dunno where you stay..but in the US this kind of cutters are v commonly available in common grocery stores..

  8. Dipali

    Dill is sold as soya or soa leaves in India. It is like corrander or dhaniya leaves but the leaves are very thin and it has a very distinct smell to it.

  9. Hi Dhivya,
    I tried this biscuit last week, first day ot tasted good. Second and third day it became so hard to bite itself. I used jeera and not the fresh dill. Is it because of that ??? :roll:

    I dont think its cos of Jeera/Dill. I think its more to do with weather. Did you try reheating it a bit in the Oven/skillet? Sometimes it helps…chk with few to see if this works to make them soft..

  10. SUNITA

    :wink: hi nags this one is for you i tried this biscuits with slighty crushed jeera and baked it, it was awesome taste. The baking time was less and the biscuits came out good .thanks for the idea nags and thanks for your recipe dk cheers

  11. that is so interesting! i would hv never thought that dill and potato can be used to make cookies!

  12. love it! will surely try soon :) hard to get dill here so maybe without that (may add a dash of jeera in there!)

  13. I made this biscuits and we just loved it, thanks for sharing :))

    You made it already?? Whoa! That’s fast :) Wud love to showcase your feedback in the site if you are interested here. You can write it here – http://chefinyou.com/i-made-this/?recipeid=2957 :)

  14. by far i have only been baking sweet cookies. your biscuits just announced its time i try savory ones as well. love these.

  15. This looks very interesting. So less butter. I will surely try this.

  16. Asha Joshi

    I will make soon these biscuits..it sounds v.delicious!!
    I made eggless chocolate cake which turned out v.nice as u showed in the pic.Thanx DK.

    Thanks Asha – when you get time and if interested pls do give your feedback for the cake here – http://chefinyou.com/i-made-this/?recipeid=11 I will showcase it in the site :)

  17. sunita

    hi dk any substitte for dill and what is commonly called as i stay in calcutta, and regarding the mango nut bread there was a question can u pls answer that as i would love to make it, thanks

    There is no real substitute for fresh Dill herb since it has a unique taste. Even dill seed which comes from the same plant does not do justice to the herb. I would have suggested Tarragon as the second choice, but I am not sure its available in India like Dill

  18. WOW,Love these.Never tried the potato -dill combo.Excellent and will return once I try this.I have potato flakes with me and would surely use them here.
    I am sort of back.Settling down still going on and blogging surely works as a destresser.Also facing some net problems,I cannot access my own site/blog thanks to my net connection which accidently blocked it.So I am yet to reach my speed

  19. It is simple and looks delicious…love the clicks

  20. marjorie zacharias

    :wink: I am off now to bake these lovely babies!

  21. These are soo tempting to try….Are they crunchy or crispy?

  22. Manju

    Wonderful recipe…. will definitely give it a try this weekend… Thanks for all other recipes, actually i started baking after seeing your website…

  23. Hello D
    Thankyou for the recipe for dill biscuits.
    However,as dill is not perenially available in the eare I live in, can you suggest a substitute that will serve equally well ? I don’t wish to wait till I can get my hands on some dill !!
    New Delhi

    There is no real substitute for fresh Dill herb since it has a unique taste. Even dill seed which comes from the same plant does not do justice to the herb. I would have suggested Tarragon as the second choice, but I am not sure its available in India like Dill –DK

  24. I had the same problem yesterday.Wanted something nice to eat and didn’t want fried snack.Went for a walk but ended having paneer paratha at a restaurant nearby :(..Looks like I have to think seriously towards buying an oven.Delicious bikis Dhivi…

  25. Jyothi

    wow !! just waiting for this weekend to bake these wonderful looking biscuits :wink:

  26. Swapna

    Your pictures are wonderful. Not only the actual items, you take good care of what all is in the picture :). Never seen that on any other blog. Great job.

  27. Very innovative biscuits, dil in the recipe sounds interesting. Must impart strong and different flavor from the usual cookies.

  28. yummy!it looks like store bought saltine crackers.Nice way to add a vegetable in it.

  29. Cute biscuits, sounds interesting and delicious..

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