made it for our first weeding anniversary along with d strawberry was a hit:D.....

  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 6 people
  • Yields: 12 pieces
  • paneer - 300 gms
  • sugar - 200 gms
  • milk - 1 ltr
  • saffron - 2 pinch
  • Pistachios and Almonds- 5to 6
  • cardamom powder -1 pinch

for the thick milk:

pour d milk in heavy bottom pan. bring it to a boil and simmer till it reduces to half of its original volume. Stir every 2 min to avoid sticking at bottom. Then add 100 gms sugar to it.add the saffron for that wonderful color and keep it aside.


For the Malai balls :

Knead paneer like a chapati dough.
Make small smooth balls n slightly flatten to make discs.


Boil water with sugar and cardamom powder.When sugar has dissolved and the mixture starts to boil. Add the discs to the boiling syrup and cook for 5 mins.


discs will double in volume so dnt put many at a time. Then squeeze the discs slightly and transfer into d thick milk. n then decorate it with sliced almonds n pistachios Refrigerate for atleast 2 hours before serving(i made it a day before)

Recipe Reference adapted from their recipe n it came out well....

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3 Member Reviews

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By Esha on Feb 26, 2012

Hi Vineeta!! Here is the outcome of my effort... My first ever Ras Malai recipe.. wonderful experience, albeit an amateur myself too.... ;) Thank you once again for sharing the recipe. However, as a variation, I used condensed milk and it got too sweet for me, but good for everyone else who relished it!! :) thanx...

By Malathi on Feb 26, 2012

HAI  vineeta,  tried ur rasamalai just now. got bountiful of hugs from my kids and my hus simply loved it.. thnx a lot.  it was very easy to make.. happy cooking

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By mamta balani on Apr 17, 2017

You know ras malai is my favorite and Now I will make my favourite dish at home.

By vineeta on Feb 26, 2012

hey esha thnx for d comment....actuallly m still an amateur in this field :) but next time wil definately try d tip :lol: wil wait for ur feedback :) ....thnx alot

By Esha on Feb 24, 2012

The Recipe seems simple and I'll definitely try it today... Though, I think using condensed milk partially would make it a whole lot easier.. :) Will post my review again after I've tried it... thanx Vineeta for sharing it anyway :)

By vineeta on Feb 23, 2012

@cecilia: yeh u can just dnt add salt n make it fresh.... @sathya: hey i dnt think abt this alternative....its a gr8 idea to add condensed milk to make it thick:) n to save that sugar syrup....m definately gonna try this next time:):) thnx:D

By sathya on Feb 23, 2012

Hi Vineeta, Just a suggestion... :) To make the dish easier and rich, this is how i make. Instead of 1 litre milk, i mix 500 ml of milk with 1 can of evaporated milk and boil it for 10 minutes maximum. This gives a rich creamy texture. I add the left out sugar syrup (remaining sugar syrup after boiling the rasagullas) to the milk mixture instead of sugar. This method saves time :wink: Hope u like it :) :)

By Cecilia on Feb 22, 2012

question: would this work in this recipe?