home made recipe so i like it. it is my mother recipe. it is good taste. 45 min. preparation time.

  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 6 people
  • Yields: lady finger half k.g, mustered 1tsp, tamarind one strawberry size , toordal 1 cup, sambar powder 4tbsp, curry leaves, salt, oil 6tsp.
  • lady finger-1/2k.g, toordal 1 cup, sambar powder 3 or 4 tbsp,tamarind 1 strawberry size, mustered tsp, curry leaves, salt as per taste, oil 6tsp.

first in cooker add toordal and 4cups of water and take 3 or 4 vissile


In one bowl add sambar powder and little water and make a paste don't grind with hand mix it. soak tamarind in little water.


cut the lady finger 1 inch. when dal cook remove it to another vessel and add lady finger and low flame cook it. after lady finger cook add sambar powder paste and tamarind water,salt. and bring one boil.


when it start boiling give tempering of oil mustered and curry leaves.


it is suitable for rice and idly

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