Roasted (Multicolor) Cauliflower By DK on Feb 17, 2012

Purple, Green, Orange and regular Cauliflower are combined and Oven roasted to make this colorful side of deliciously tender yet crispy florets. Quick and Easy.
12 3

Ricotta Cheesecake By DK on Feb 13, 2012

Italian style Baked Cheesecake made with fresh ricotta & is refined sugar free. Agave & loads of berries makes this a light & nutritious dessert.
13 1

Pear Walnut Muffins By DK on Dec 9, 2011

Tender Pears and crunchy walnuts make these earthy muffins nutritious. Oat Bran, Oat milk and Flaxseed make these a low fat vegan treat perfect for breakfast
10 1

Whole Wheat Honey Walnut Pumpkin Bread By DK on Nov 21, 2011

Very mildly sweet with subtle pumpkin flavor, this honey wheat bread is buttery soft and moist, with lots of crunch from the walnuts. Easy and Healthy.
19 3

Graham Honey Bread By DK on Sep 3, 2011

This wholemeal bread is homemade with Graham flour and honey. Better than store bought varieties.

Banana Cupcakes (Eggless) By DK on Aug 9, 2011

These Vegan, low fat cupcakes can be dressed up with honey cinnamon frosting, if desired. Moist, light and spongy they are perfect for breakfast and as snacks.
42 10

Mango Yogurt Cake By DK on Jul 5, 2011

Made with thick fat free greek yogurt, these low fat beauties are fluffy, soft and spongy in texture. Very addictive and they taste even better the next day
28 3

Banana Blueberry Bread (Eggless) By DK on May 16, 2011

A must try for banana lovers. This quick bread tastes of Bananas and blueberries with a hint of molasses. Makes a perfect Breakfast goodie
36 7

Wholegrain Banana Cake By DK on Apr 4, 2011

Its wholegrain, its eggless, has loads of banana, has probiotic yogurt, has a delicious oaty crunch topping, has chocolate & its a cake. Do I need to say more?
43 14

Cranberry-Nut Muffins By DK on Mar 7, 2011

Chewy muffins and/or Loaf - these are filled with light tartness of cranberries and crunch of walnuts.It makes for a power packed & hearty breakfast.
22 1

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