Hummus bi Tahini (Chickpea Hummus with Tahini) By DK on Feb 21, 2013

This popular Middle Eastern Chickpea dip with sesame paste is immensely delicious and easy to make. It has myriad uses and is very nutritious to boot.
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Fresh Chickpeas Guacamole By DK on Jun 14, 2011

Fresh, tender chickpeas combine together with creamy avocado to make this nutritious & delicious Guacamole/Dip. Works as appetizer or side dish for tortillas.

Mexican 7 Layer Dip By DK on May 31, 2011

This 7 layer "small red bean" dip is not only relatively healthier but is immensely easy to put together. A Party favorite for adults and kids alike.

Queso Fundido By DK on Sep 2, 2010

Slightly browned Poblano chile along with tempeh & onions is sprinkled on cheese & melted. Hot from oven, this bubbling savory cheese will be hit at any table.

How to make Apple Butter By DK on Jul 14, 2010

Make your own apple butter in less than 30 minutes with healthier ingredients. This post explains both sweetened & unsweetened version with/without spices.
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Creamy Artichoke Spinach Dip By DK on Sep 2, 2009


Bissara ( Fava Bean Dip ) By DK on May 7, 2009

Fresh fava beans steamed with garlic and chilli and blended into a delicious puree with seasonings. Nutritious, simple, easy and fast.

Guacamole with Baked Corn Chips By DK on Mar 24, 2009


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