6 min Mor Kulambu (OPOSĀ©) By DK on Sep 4, 2018

South Indian Buttermilk stew using ash gourd using OPOS method. Gets done under 6 minutes using Indian pressure cooker.

6 minute OPOS Pav Bhaji By DK on Feb 18, 2018

Quick, easy, nutritious, aromatic and deliciously vibrant Pav Bhaji is possible due this unique OPOS technique using Indian pressure cooker.

5 min (OPOS ) Milagu Kuzhambu (Pepper Tamarind Stew) By DK on Feb 20, 2017

Traditional South Indian (Iyengar Brahmin) stew is made using tamarind & a spice mix that's peppery and warming. Its medicinal & great for winter/cold days.

South Indian Sambar By DK on Aug 8, 2012

Popular South Indian stew made with pigeon peas & tamarind (with/without vegetables). Commonly paired with steamed rice, idlis, dosa, vadas etc
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Vendhaya Kuzhambu (Fenugreek-Tamarind Stew) By DK on Feb 20, 2012

Classic South Indian Tamarind ("puli/puzhi") stew with fenugreek seeds. Mostly eaten mixed with rice as first course in a 3 course meal.
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