Givrees are usually fruit casing stuffed with sorbet. I have known Givrees made with lemon and oranges. I saw this recipe a while back in a magazine wherein they had made the sorbet in an ice cream maker and it also had alcohol in it. Since I dont have either (!!), I skipped the icecream maker and relied heavily on my freezer. I also made use of the tartiness of Blood Oranges for the tart'y flavour ( They are known to be little on the bitter side and less acidic than original ones.)

The result was a hearty and fruity dessert with a slight drizzle of chocolates and mint essence and shaved chocolate pieces :).

The result was a hearty and fruity dessert with a slight drizzle of chocolates and mint essence and shaved chocolate pieces :).

  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 2 1/2 - 3 cups approx. of Orange juice ( I used a mixture of Blood oranges and normal ones)
  • 2-3 tbsp of sugar ( My oranges were sweet , so I used only v little amount. Use sugar as per your taste)
  • 2 Whole oranges

Heat 1/2 cup of the juice in a pan and dissolve the sugar in medium heat. Switch off the heat.


Now add the rest of the juice, stir well and then pour it in a shallow bowl and freeze the same.


Stir it every 30min till the sorbet gets firm but not hard. Break it into chunks and then process it in food processor till creamy and smooth.


Cut the non stem end of the orange v slightly to help it to stand. The slice about 1/2 inch end of the orange on the other end.


Scoop out the filling. ( I use this to make the juice too. You can use it for garnish or for any other purpose)

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By white sox Jerseys on Apr 20, 2011

I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!Thumbs up, and keep it going!Cheers, Christian

By Columbus Mcgarrell on Dec 19, 2010

Super article it is without doubt. We have been looking for this tips.

By Soma on Dec 2, 2009

Love those cute little orange bowls!

By shilpa on Mar 14, 2008

I luv it...
I like the way u present it,
Seeing it u fell like eating..Wow good job...

By rupa on Mar 4, 2008

Wow, so yummy...I loved it....will try it out whenever I get hold of these oranges.

By sunita on Mar 3, 2008

Dhivi,that is a very pretty looking dessert indeed.

By Happy cook on Mar 3, 2008

Beautiful. It looks so like in posh places dessert :-)

By Richa on Mar 3, 2008

yum-o! the classic choc orange combo, looks pretty!

By Sia on Mar 3, 2008

beautifully presented dhivya:)

By Kalai on Mar 3, 2008

Mind blowing presentation, Dhivi!! I love blood oranges. I'll often eat oranges drizzled with balsamic syrup. This will definitely be a welcome recipe with warm weather coming soon! :)

By LisaRene on Mar 3, 2008

Amazing presentation! What a lovely and light dessert.

By DK on Mar 3, 2008

Hey thanks Namratha :)

High time to make to my place right siri ;-) U know what U have in store :-D

Thanks Bhawana :)

Hey purnima - Thanks :) Jus the insides. The peel is discarded :)

Thanks Mansi :)

By Mansi Desai on Mar 3, 2008

omg DK! that's totally creative, and looks wonderful:) nice one girl..

By Purnima on Mar 2, 2008

DK,thats an amazing dessert! Loved the frosty oranges in pic 1. the frozen blood orange juice color n the cute leaves, drizzle of chocolate, makes it even more stunning!! (How is it eaten? Insides scooped n peel discarded or together?)

By Bhawana on Mar 2, 2008

what an idea??? :) nice one.


By Siri on Mar 2, 2008

This recipe is completely new to me.. like many others and I must say, its just awesome!.. esp love the first pic! The oranges look choo cute and garnishing with choclate... I M LOVING IT!!


By Namratha on Mar 2, 2008

Wow, what a way to serve this yummy goodness...great entry Dhivya :)