I am someone who gets circumstantially lazy! I discovered I loved cooking, but then as pointed out by a friend, then I should love doing it all time right? The thing is I dont! I hate cooking when its only for me! All of a sudden, the concept of going to Kitchen to fix something for me seems so mundane and tiresome! Thats when I go for quick fixes, where I dont have to do lots of chopping,stirring blah blah!

Sandwiches always come to my rescues ( If you said Upma and Kitchidi,stop right there, pls dont mention it! I had them enough to last a lifetime! )Yesterday it was the same story altogether and I thought of fixing up something easy and fast - not too heavy and not too light. And thats where Soy Burger comes in. There are many variations for making it,but I went for something basic and simple.

  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 1 cup soy chunks
  • 1 medium potato,boiled
  • 2 slices bread
  • 1 tbsp Soy Flour
  • 1 cup chopped spinach
  • 1/4 cup cilantro,chopped
  • 1/2 cup of Italian style Bread crumbs
  • 2 tbsp Szechuan Spicy Stir Fry sauce
  • 1 tbsp garam masala
  • salt to taste
  • 2-3 Ciabatta Rolls
  • 2-3 slices of Provolone Cheese

Soak the soy chunks in warm water for 10min or until soft.


Mash potatoes and mix rest of the ingredients in there.Grind the soy chunks and add it to the mixture. Mix well. If dry, add couple spoons of water, or if too watery add soy flour. The consistency should allow us to make Patties.


Grease a non stick with PAM spray and little Olive oil. Or you can use more Oil for shallow fry/deep fry. Place 2-4 Patties at a time and turn when browned.


Preheat Oven 400F. Take a Ciabbata roll, cut into it halfway leaving the edge fixed. Place one provolone slice,place the soy patty above it. Place the rolls in the oven for 5 minutes when the cheese slowly starts to melt. Take it out immedientely and top it off with some Ketchup. I like it when the cheese just starts to get gooey. Its optional. It can be had cold without placing it the oven or heated a bit more so that the cheese can melt completely. You can add Salad green too, if you have them.

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By Sukshma on Dec 10, 2009

I came to know of your website through FaceBook.... it's really a treasure of recipes for people like me who are hard core vegetarians and still like to try and cook something different each day. Keep up the good work!!

Thank you so much Sukshma. I am glad to hear it :) --DK

By Kribha on Jan 29, 2008

I was not a big fan of soy chunks when I was little. Maybe I should try it now. The burger looks so healthy and good.

By Minti on Jan 20, 2008

The burger looks very good. I haven't Soy in my cooking yet, so I was wondering, what brand of Soy chunks do you use?

By Sig on Jan 19, 2008

I know what you mean about cooking for one... I too hate going into the kitchen when I am alone, and its all take-outs or leftovers for me mostly... Nice looking burgers btw.. :)

By shilpa on Jan 18, 2008

wonderful i luved it..
gr8! receipe...
will try it n let u know.

By Pooja V on Jan 18, 2008

Vegans meat-like burger. Lovely burger, feel like biting my screen now.

By Vanamala on Jan 18, 2008

Hey Nice one Dhivya...

Will try it!!

By Cynthia on Jan 18, 2008

"...then I should love doing it all time right? The thing is I dont! - yep! that's me too!

I like he idea of your soya burger. Looks meaty :)

By RML on Jan 18, 2008

Hello Divya,
This is my first time here.You have a wonderful collection of recipes.I am totally new to 90% of them.Thanks for dropping by and that gave me an opportunity not to miss such wonderful collection of recipes.The Soy burger looks soooo yummy!
Will be a regular visitor without fail.
See ya

By Seena on Jan 18, 2008

Really, nice recipe DK..

By Rosie on Jan 18, 2008

An awesome healthy burger, looks so yummy I could take a bite right now :D

Rosie x

By Siri on Jan 18, 2008

Those are some awesome and wholesome burgers Dhivi, wish I cud join u, then we would definitely have so much fun.. CHATTING.. ofcourse..:))

~ Siri

By Hima on Jan 17, 2008

That is a healthy brunch dhivya. Awesome

By Sagari on Jan 17, 2008

yummy buger for vegetarians looks delecioussssss

By Nags on Jan 17, 2008

this sure is a healthy burger!

By Raks on Jan 17, 2008

Most of the people feel lazy when it comes cooking for only themselves ...Like u ...n me...! Nice burger with healthy fill in it...
Instead of grinding soy chunks there are sou granules avail in sores in all sizes! Next time try it out..

By TBC on Jan 17, 2008

That is a great burger...very filling and healthy. Grinding soya chunks can be avoided by using the granular version, right?(I'm too lazy to grind;-) I think that's what I'll do when I make it.
Nice entry for the soy event:-)

By DEEPA on Jan 17, 2008

awesome one ...very healthy one too ...really difficult for me to cook just for one ..i rather choose rice and curd sometimes..

By Rajitha on Jan 17, 2008

the burger looks delicious! i love ciabbata bread..and yes! it is boring to cook for one..but i have started making things jeeves does not like to eat..so it is a sort of okay with me ;)

By Madhu on Jan 17, 2008

Dhivya soy burger looks so good healthy...I love home made pattties on my burgers.
I always go for spicy noodles when just cooking for me.

By Mansi Desai on Jan 17, 2008

This burger is awesome!! but I agree with your writeup about laziness too:) thanks so much for this fitting entry:)