Zopf (Züpfe) - Swiss braided Bread

By DK on Jun 12, 2009
Zopf (Zupfe)- Swiss Braided Loaf Bread
Most of my weekends will include me baking an yeasted bread. Weekends are meant to be relaxing and baking such breads are so therapeutic and unwinding for me from all those hectic weekdays. I keep the quick breads for the weekdays in case I get the baking bug. Anyways one such weekend found me baking this utterly beautiful and delicious Swiss white bread. Zopf translates to braid and this is exactly what this bread is all about. White flour, butter, eggs and yeast constitute the bread - There is nothing about this which you cannot like and this recipe which I noted from 'God knows where' has been my friend for last 2 years. It comes out perfect every time I make and tastes like your local professional baker's bread.
Zopf (Zupfe)- Swiss Braided Loaf Bread
For me nothing beats out the feeling of having some beautiful breakfast - Some fruits, fresh beautiful looking breads and some tea is my kind of royal breakfast.Any bread goes - be it wheat, rye or sourdough. I resort to whole grains most of the time, but on rare cases I don't mind homemade white breads too. Last weekend was one such Bed and Breakfast for us :) Refreshing and enticing. Zopf (Zupfe)- Swiss Braided Loaf Bread Few months back when I treated a friend to this bread, she loved it and also asked me how I make the braid. I explained but she wanted me to do it my style - through the blog with step by step pictures. Every time, I am informed how useful someone finds my blog, it gives me unprecedented joy. This post is for you Aaliyah.

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Basic Information
Prep Time: 2 to 4 hours
Cook Time: 30 min to 1 hour
Yield: Makes one large braid (and two knots)
  • 3 and 3/4 cups bread flour (see substitutes)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 egg  (see substitutes)
  • 1 tbsp active dried yeast
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 cup lukewarm milk
  • 4 tbsp melted butter
Combine the wet ingredients along with the yeast (except the egg). Stir and let it stand for 15min until dissolved
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
In a large bowl, mix together the flour and salt. Make a well and add the egg and the yeast mixture.
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
Combine well to obtain a rough dough
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
Transfer to a floured surface
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
and knead until smooth and elastic
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
Place in a clean bowl, cover with plastic wrap
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
and let it double about 2 hours (depending on climate you enjoy)
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
Grease a baking sheet. Punch the dough and divide into 3 equal pieces. Roll each into a long thin rope.
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
Bring one of the ends together.
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
Start braiding by bringing right end across the center rope. Now the right rope comes to the center and the center ones goes to the right hand side.
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
Now bring the left most rope on top of the center one.
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
Repeat the process
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
till you reach the end of the rope
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
Tuck the ends beneath the braid.
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
I had some more dough left over and I thought I will make them into small knots. I rolled the dough into a long rope.
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
I brought the ends together to form sort of a circle
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
Stretch one end and put it into the circle
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
and pull it from the other side to form a knot.
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
Cover them loosely
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
and let sit for another 30 min until risen
Zopf (Zupfe)- White braided Loaf bread
Preheat Oven 375F. Now brush the braid and the knots with egg yolk and bake them for 30-45min or until golden. Let them cool and Zopf (Zupfe)- Swiss Braided Loaf Bread slice them. Zopf (Zupfe)- Swiss Braided Loaf Bread Enjoy with your favorite Jam/preserve or with some soup. What about storage you ask me? Storage- what storage? It wont last you more than 1 day (2 days max!) Zopf (Zupfe)- Swiss Braided Loaf Bread
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82 Responses to “Zopf (Züpfe) – Swiss braided Bread”
  1. Hi, I used your recipe to make Zopf for National Swiss Day. I use fresh yeast is I proved the yeast in 50 to 60 mls of warm water first, otherwise I followed your recipe. I made the dough one day and put it in the fridge overnight and made the bread the next morning. Just took it out of the oven and it looks and smells wonderful. I look forward to eating.

  2. Andrew

    My Great Great Grandparents came over from Switzerland and my Great Great Grandma Ammann made this recipe and started calling Christmas Bread because our family has had it at Christmas time. My great grandma made it and now my grandma makes it but modifies it in a bread machine, but my great grandma made it the long way, and we use sugar instead of honey, but we had no idea it’s real name was Zopf.

  3. Anne

    For the people who struggle with crumbliness, which I also had (I normally use my own zopf recipe, but tried this one for a change), try 2 dL milk and 1 dL water and no egg. I learned that from a Swiss friend. I also normally use 1 tsp sugar in stead of honey but that might not make a difference to texture. And 2 tsp salt. For the rest exactly the same amounts and methods! The egg yolk brush works brilliant. I always used a whole egg.

  4. Carmen

    What kind of milk did you use? Whole? 2%? Or did it not matter? We tried this recipe today and while the taste seemed right the texture was more biscuit like. Any ideas on why? Thanks for any help!

  5. Laura

    :!: best bread recipe ever! Thank You

  6. Excellent post! Love the Zopf Brot :)

  7. Caitlin

    Just made (and tried) this recipe! Amazing! I didn’t make any changes and only baked it for 30 minutes. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be making this again (:

  8. susie

    did this a while ago!
    was an amazing recipe quite salty but a very nice bread
    i enjoyed it with all my family! :-P
    thank you very much :-D
    susie x

  9. i want to now whether i can put the oven in conventional mode to bake the bread

  10. David

    I used to buy bread at a swiss bakery in Melbourne. The crust was crunchy and rich in flavour, however, my most vivid memory was the inside was deliciously moist and tasted similar to a ciabata.
    Every bread I try to make comes out dry inside. How can I make the baked bread crunchy outside and moist inside?

  11. Jay

    My dough was kinda of crumby is that normal

  12. Beancean

    Awww…am actually baking dis bread nw. I can’t wait 4 it to be done…..hope it turns out grt….so glad I finally decided to give it a try…. :lol:

  13. Deb

    Dear AK. To avoid an egg wash, bursh the dough with mild after braiding the bread and it is rising. Brush again with butter before and after baking.

  14. Claudia

    I’ve made this bread twice now, and have to hide it from my family so I can eat it! I am an extremely unexperienced teenage cook, and even this was simple enough for me not to screw up (unlike previous bread attempts) Thanks for making me look like a culinary genius!

  15. I was so excited to find this recipe, my sister-in-law makes a bread just like this every year and I don’t think she has it written anywhere. She offered to show me how to make it someday but now I don’t have to! The pictures are super helpful! I made this last year and I’m making it again today for Thanksgiving. Thank you for this post, it’s our fav bread!!

  16. Mick

    Milk, egg, honey and butter are all not vegan :roll:

    PS Bacon is life.

    Oh yes, they sure are not. PS Bacon sure seems to be yours :) –DK

  17. AK

    Hi DK
    Beautiful bread. Would like to know how to get the glaze without using egg wash? I am a vegan.

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