Multigrain (5 wholegrains) Spelt Bread Recipe


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Multigrain (5 wholegrains) Spelt Bread Recipe
Aaah well, when the 911 team arrived heeding my fridge's SOS call...I was left with no choice but to accept and promise them that I wont suffocate my fridge no more! Who would have thought that a fridge could do that to me? But it did and here I am in dire straights. If that was not enough, my better half threatened me with "No more buying or gawking at the aisles (esp. Whole Foods) until things in the kitchen start looking like a famine hit it!" So if you see a pattern in my posts in the coming days, (except for few drafts making their appearance in the middle) don't blame me - blame my fridge for squealing on me and on my better half for being unsupportive to me in this regard :(! He even menaced that he will throw my stuff away from the freezer if I *don't start using it* ! Not using it? What does he know! Of course I use them - What can I do if my stocking talents are better than my expending? Tell me?.. Multigrain (5 wholegrains) Spelt Bread Recipe I usually thrust my fridge with 'wholegrains' and 'wholegrain flours' hence there's going to be lots of it in the coming days. Recipes which uses the term wholegrain, legumes, some exotic sauce (which has been a resident in my fridge for a long time) are all going to be featured. So with the above in mind lemme kick start this with my "Five Grain Spelt Bread". Yup! Healthy - needless to say and immensely nutritious, to say the least. Chef Peter Berley comes to my rescue once again. His 5 grain bread recipe was all that I needed to start depleting my 'savings'! I adapted his recipe slightly to adjust to include ingredients on hand Multigrain (5 wholegrains) Spelt Bread Recipe Well this was one of the toughest assignments I had in a long time. No, not in the way of making it - it was easy, but it was when it came to capturing it. It made a ugly bread. Something which wont scream "Eat Me" from the roof tops. I do not believe in 'makeups' for food hence was left in a fix. The problem was this bread looks too healthy and boring when in fact it tastes YUM! Moist on the inside, chewy to nibble with a slight crunch from the crust. And yes - its wholesome and hearty....So my humble request (yes I am doing the PR for the bread) - don't go by its looks! It has real good stuff in it (pun intended!). Multigrain (5 wholegrains) Spelt Bread Recipe Other Wholegrain Recipes: Sprouted Ragi Dosa, Eggless Triticale and Currant Scones,Wholegrain Pumpkin Pie, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Orange Whole Wheat Bread, Bulgur Dinner Rolls, Quinoa Dinner Rolls
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Yields: Makes one 9X5 inch loaf
  • 1/2 cup sunflower seeds
  • 3-1/2 cups water
  • 3 tbsp each of wholegrain teff, amaranth, quinoa and millet
  • 1-3/4 tsp salt
  • 3 cups whole spelt flour ( I had only 2-1/2 cups. I used additional 1/2 cup of wheat pastry flour)
  • 2-1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 9 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 2 tbsp cider vinegar
1. Preheat Oven to 350F. Spread the sunflower seeds on a baking sheet and toast them for about 5-8min. Set aside.
2. In a saucepan, bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Add the teff, amaranth, quinoa, millet along with 1/4 tsp of salt.
3. Reduce the heat and simmer, covered, for about 30-40 minutes or until the water is absorbed.
4. Transfer the grains to a bowl to cool.
5. In another large bowl, mix together the flour, seeds, baking soda, baking powder and the remaining salt.
6. Add the remaining 1-1/2 cups water, oil and vinegar to the cooked grains and whisk well.
7. Fold the grains into this mixture to form a thick batter. Handle it gently, few lumps wont matter. Over mixing will not give a fluffier/lighter bread.
8. Pour the batter into a greased 8 by 4 inch loaf pan (or a square dish works too - whatever your preference).
9. Smooth the top and bake for 50-60 minutes
10. or until a toothpick inserted into the middle of the loaf comes out clean.
Allow it to cool for 30 minutes before slicing. Serve it warm. Multigrain (5 wholegrains) Spelt Bread Recipe It made a hearty breakfast for us in the morning the next day. Although it was good enough for starting the day, I personally think that this would make a great sandwich bread. Multigrain (5 wholegrains) Spelt Bread Recipe

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mimimally adapted from modern vegetarian kitchen

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2 Member Reviews

By Melody on Oct 2, 2012

Well, you said to go ahead and try honey with another person, so I did.

Yuck! Way to much baking soda! I used honey instead of cir vibegar, not sure who that would affect the flavour, it's too bad, cuz I like all the grains!


Given that you chose to substitute the vinegar with honey (!!), I see why you would not like the bread. Since you did not follow the science behind the ingredients, I am not surprised at your result. --DK

Yes - and if you notice I had mentioned I was not sure at all. I said you could try "crazy ideas" and who knows it might work. There were no gurantees and given that you chose to try it at your expense you cannot say the recipe sucked. As for the purpose of Vinegar - Its needed to react with Baking soda in the recipe that I know now. --DK

By Elka on Nov 4, 2010

I originally made this bread per recipe and it came out very dry with VERY bitter aftertaste... I figured out it must have been the baking soda. So I tried again but this time I've added only 1/2 tsp of baking soda and instead of all 9 tbsps of oil- i added apple souse and 1 tbsp of oil. It turned out VERY moist and delicious! I cannot stop eating it. Thank you!


By Jenny on Oct 5, 2013

If you have a bitter aftertaste, It is possibly from the quinoa. Quinoa has a natural pesticide that is bitter, so it must first be rinsed before use. Hope that helps with the bitter taste!

By malathi on Jul 19, 2013

I am living in delhi . i donot think all these ingredients. Pl explain 3tbs of teff etc and what i can substitue it with is it possible to do with whole wheat flour instead of spelt and also will white vinegar do instead of apple cider vinegar

By Kathy on Feb 26, 2013

The recipe appears to be what I am looking for as my graddaughter is allergic to eggs. She is also allergic to most grains except for oat. Can we substitute oat or quinoa flour for the spelt. Not sure what teff and millet are. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

By Jo on Sep 10, 2012

Hi DK This is my 3rd time visiting your site and love it. Just a quick clarification with this recipe. I always use either canola or olive oil in my cooking. Which oil do you think would be better for this recipe that calls for veg. oil? Thanks for this yeast less healthy recipe. -Jo

Usually instead of Veg oil - you can use any oil with neutral flavor and not a strong flavor of its own. I go for Expeller pressed Organic Canola in such cases. --DK

By Angela on Apr 22, 2012

:-D Made this bread and really enjoy it. I put the recipe into to determine the nutritional info. Assuming 12 servings from a loaf - each slice has - 232 cal, 13.8 g fat (1.1 g sat, .8 g polyunsat, 5.6 g monounsat, 0 trans), .5 mg cholesterol, 14 mg sodium, 36.4 mg potassium, 26 g carbs (5.8 g fibre, .5 g sugar), 3.7 g protein, .6% Vit C, 2.8% Calcium, 8.8% Iron

By Alice on May 26, 2011

Do you have nutritional info for this recipe? I found it while searching for info about a bakery bread that seems similar. Will definitely try this recipe! 8)

Unfortunately No :( I can do with that info too!

By abha on Dec 13, 2010

Hi DK, you have a wonderful blog and I often give out the link when I do an online chat for IndiaToday readers. Your recipes are so helpful, esp in an Indian context and I love that you are generous and open with your tips. One of your readers (Indhu, I think) asked abt subbing the vinegar with honey. The vinegar is needed to leaven the bread in a reaction with the baking soda. If you want to check, add some vinegar to baking soda and you will observe a fizzy reaction. Without the vinegar, and since this recipe doesnt have any eggs for leavening, plus it has heavy grains instead of bread flour, the loaf will not rise well and bake very dense. Hope this helps, looking forward to more exciting posts frm yr end. Happy holidays to you! Abha

By munchkinmomma on Nov 3, 2010

Hi, I just fell in love in this recipe and I finally got all the ingredients and I made it... It looks just like on the picture, it's perfect... But it has a very bitter aftertaste (is that normal?) It does taste great until the end.. then it's scary bitter... Help - what did I do wrong? Thank you!

By rashim on Jun 7, 2010

Hi, what temp did you bake the bread at? thanks

I have mentioned it in my first step. 350F --DK

By Daisy123 on May 24, 2010

Another question - this may be a silly one, but (never having baked bread before) I thought yeast was an essential ingredient? I assume the bp and bs replace this but I was just wondering what the idea behind this was? Great site by the way

There are two categories of breads - Quick Breads which mostly rely on Bp and Bs for rising and Yeast Breads which rely on Yeast for theirs. Personally I would say the Yeast adds to the texture giving the end baked good more fluffiness and that bready texture than in Quick breads. Yeast breads of course need more time and effort - thanks to all that kneading time and doubling time :) But then I wud prefer yeasty ones to ones without anyday :) --DK

By Daisy123 on May 24, 2010

Just wondering if anyone has tried freezing this bread and what the results were? It looks amazing!

By hema on Feb 18, 2010

hi DK healthy recipe....can u plz tell me tamil name for these grains... i know some term but i want to conform it....Amaranth,Quinoa,Rye,Teff,Triticale,Barley, Buckwheat

Am working on it - will update soon :) --DK

By Madhuram on Jan 21, 2010

You should get the poster boards (I think that's what it is called, or chart paper in India) available in different colors in Dollar store. That's what I have.

Yes I am aware of them Madhu :) The one $$ store I know of is little far away and I am lazy to go all the way just for this...But will get those soon! Need to improve my skills :) --DK

By PJ on Jan 20, 2010

Oh no, I don't think the bread looks ugly at-all.. the first picture screamed 'healthy' to me and when I glanced at the ingredient list, sure enough how can teff, quinoa, amranath and whole wheat come together and make something thats even remotely ugly :D Looks healthy and delicious to me! First time I stumbled over your blog, this is a great space with such healthy and delicious recipes that I'll be sure to visit this often. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much PJ :) --DK

By Radhika Vasanth on Jan 20, 2010

Looks very healthy....I am a stranger to these ingredients but tempts me to visit a whole food store soon...

By Ramya's Mane Adige on Jan 20, 2010

Healthy and delicious!!

By Rosie O'Hagan on Jan 20, 2010

:-? Another coincidence! Before Christmas I was looking for an eggless cake recipe and I found the Chef In You website not knowing that you are mainly lovely Indian ladies who contribute such fantastic recipes. Then on New Year's Day, I decided to join my school-friends charity trip to India So on 11th Feb, I am going with a group of 10 Northern Irish and 1 English women to the Dehra Dun & Tehri Dam region of the Himalayas bringing £££ which we have raised to buy chickens, sheep & goats for 73 needy families. I am organising a fundraising FLAVOURS OF INDIA TEA-PARTY on 31st January and I am looking for traditional Northern Indian recipes for cakes, breads and biscuits to make and sell. Could you tell me how many fluid ounces there are in 1 cup (the Imperial cup measurement in Great Britain is different!). Perhaps you can also point me to suitable recipes already on Chef In You website? In March, I will attempt a Sponsored Hula-Hoop-A-Mile to raise more funds and also sell my Munch Basket goodies such as Best-ever Muesli Bars, Mars Bar Krunchies, Bailey's Irish Cream Fudge, Damsel Cake (damsons & almonds)….. THANK YOU! ROSIE

Wow thats such a noble thing you are doing Rosie! You go girl :) One fluid ounce in a US cup is 0.125 US cups. I have few snacks as far as Indian cuisine goes and the link is here :- You might something which you like :) --DK

By pavani krishna on Jan 20, 2010

Hi DK, Im pavani krishna. I was searching for a recipe and here i landed up in your site.Amazing recipes u have got, So many new recipes and UMM yummy. Great work!!! I recently started my blog, cooking too. But blogs like yours has given me so much of inspiration to cook new recipes. Gulab Jamuns are so mouthwatering, tips are really useful.My best wishes to u and ur blog.

Thank you so much Pavani :) I am glad to note you like what you see. I had to learn making those perfect Gulab Jamuns the hard way and hence felt that it would help others like me with those tips :) --DK

By geetha on Jan 20, 2010

Hi You might not have the patience to make a good photographer but your writing skills are amazing(of course we all know your cooking rocks!)..I have a WF near my work and have to exercise a lot of will power to keep myself from buying everything they sell there.. :wink:

By Asha on Jan 20, 2010

Nutrients that is, I need to read my comment before I submit! :-P

By Asha on Jan 20, 2010

LOL! Guess what? Tushar called 911 on X Mas day after lunch just for fun and when they called us back, he saysto them "everything is fine". Few mins after, there was a Policeman in the front door and I had no clue what he had done, told police that "don't know what you are talking about, sorry". I almost lost it, Tushar is so bloody impulsive, he is almost 15 for God's sake! LOVE Spelt bread, I could a slice everyday for breakfast, so yum and full of mutroents. Yesh, same here. I have stopped going to Whole Foods now! :wink:

LOL! Trust Tushar to start something like that! I am amazed how your hairs have not turned grey already! You have your hands FULL!!!! --DK

By CurryLeaf on Jan 20, 2010

TG, 911 is not in India.Else it would have been the same scene here and I would be in jail now (especially when they find that I have turned a spare bedroom into a walk -in pantry :!: ) I am always under the threat of "I will throw everything out " and have learnt to have a deaf ear :-P Love the bread very healthy and yeah not eye catching as you have said.Hats off to you for trying this.I never dream of buying amaranth flour or spelt for that matter.

LOL thank god I have friends who are like me! For a sec I thought I was the only one like this :) May be I will take your tip and get my ears to rest during 'certain circumstances' ;) --DK

By BHUVANESHWARI on Jan 20, 2010

hi divya long time since i wrote to you. btw ur bread looks yummy.... i mean even the pictures too. :wink: hey can you give me the name of the ingredients in tamil(if u know). Also tell me the method to cook it in electric cooker as i don't have an oven at home. bye. :)

Have sent you a mail Bhuvaneshwari :) --DK

By Vandy on Jan 19, 2010

:wink: Looks great but can you tell me the names of the whole grains you get in India, which I can use for the bread..and can u specify what is spelt bread...sorry abt the ignorance...

By neha on Jan 19, 2010

8) :lol: more than the recipe which is as usual amazing... what attracted me and was funny was the way you started it 911..... ho tht was funny :wink:

By prathibha on Jan 19, 2010

Oh that loaf looks very nice...Need to try this some day..

By Indhu on Jan 19, 2010

For all the complaints about the bread not photographing well, I really like the last picture... :) I would love to make this - with some honey instead of cider vinegar. Do you think that would work?

Come to think of it, I really am not sure! I dunno what the exact purpose of vinegar is in this recipe - but u know what, I am going to suggest that you go ahead with it - I do crazy things like that and most of the times it comes out really well to my surprise! Who knows it might just work :) --DK

By Divya Vikram on Jan 19, 2010

I am doing a fridge cleanup as well. I have successfully stayed away from grocery shopping except dairy and eggs for about 10 days. I find a lot of treasures inside my freezer :-P This bread is really hearty n nutritious Dhiv. Long since I baked a bread at home!

By Madhuram on Jan 19, 2010

I exactly know what you are going through Dhivi. My freezer is a mess and I'm considering buying a chest/upright freezer. I have a store nearby called Bulk Barn, it is like a cheaper (price wise) Whole Foods. Everything is available in bulk, so you can get how much ever you want but still my freezer is full. I go to that store so frequently that my husband tells me they are going to think that I work there and are going to pay me. I too was thinking that the bread doesn't photograph well after seeing the first picture. Maybe a different background should have been better.

I dont have those fancy multicolored napkins - I tried all the colors of cloth I have at home (yeah! call me a cheapskate! I am lazy to buy fancy photo equipments and accessories!) - this was the best among the lot. Nothing else helped. I got tired after so many photos, I simply dont have the patience required to make a good photographer! :) --DK

By MaryMoh on Jan 19, 2010

That looks very wholesome indeed. I love spelt flour and use it very often in my cooking.

By Priya on Jan 19, 2010

Woww cant take my eyes from the click...Such a beautiful, healthy and tremendous multigrain bread...

What a coincidence. I just commented in your roundup post ;) Talk about telepathy! Thanks Priya :) --DK