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Masoor dal Pulao (Red Lentil Rice)

Indian Red Lentils called Masoor Dhal are mixed with rice to create this colorful, filling and nutritious one pot dish. Quick to make and easy to put together,

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This a delicious rice recipe cooked with brown/green lentils and topped with caramelized onions. This is famous in Syrian, Lebanese, Middle eastern cuisine

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Tadka Dal

A popular restaurant dish this Indian red lentils stew is simple to make. A hearty stew of lentils tempered with Indian spices.

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Adai is a classic South Indian recipe. It is a crispy crepe made with a combination of lentils and rice. Learn to make this with easy step by step pictorial.

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Dal Makhani

Rich, Creamy and luscious, this protein rich lentil stew is a popular Indian treat. An alternative low calorie version is also provided for the diet conscious.

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Dal Fry

Popular restaurant favorite,Dal fry is lentils cooked in Ghee with aromatic spices. Its rich & comforting. Its a cousin of Tadka Dal with striking similarities.

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Lemon lentil soup Member Recipe

Mixed Dal(lentils) with Red Chard

This delicious Indian inspired recipe is made by using 5 different types of lentils along with red chard. Nutritious, simple and hearty

Fruity lentil Soup Member Recipe

Dal Bukhara

A cousin of the more popular Dal Makhani, this recipe can be made richer or simpler as per the occasion demands. Made of Indian Black lentils and tomatoes.

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