Vegetable Pulao using RightRice By DK on Oct 28, 2020

This simple vegetable pilaf is made using a healthy rice alternative called RightRice that's predominantly made using lentils. An easy side dish/main course.

Classic Oatmeal using Sprouted Rolled Oats By DK on Oct 21, 2020

Very nutritious and a hearty breakfast to begin your day. Sprouted oats, flaxseed, applesauce and dates paste come together to make this very nourishing.

Pita Tostada By DK on Oct 14, 2020

Very simple and quick recipe for homemade Vegetarian Tostada recipe using Pita Bread.

Green Chutney / Hari Chutney (Chaat) By DK on Oct 7, 2020

This basic but essential chutney is one of the foundations of making street foods in India. It helps to complete the dish. Very simple & quick to put together.

Grilled Cheese Naanwich By DK on Sep 26, 2020

Very simple meal (lunch/snack or dinner) for kids and adults alike. Pair it with a hearty soup (like tomato) to make it a fulfilling entree.

Tex Mex Breakfast Tofu Scrambled “Eggs” By DK on Sep 16, 2020

Simple vegan breakfast made using firm tofu. Perfect protein rich and healthy meal breakfast or dinner.

Instant Pot Black Beans { No Soak | Presoaked Options } By DK on Sep 2, 2020

Step by Step pictorial to cooking Black Beans using Instant Pot with instructions for both presoaked and no soak dried beans.

Cookies and Cream Ice cream By DK on Aug 19, 2020

A simple homemade recipe for the best Cookies and Cream Ice cream using Ice cream maker. Easy DIY pictorial after which you will never buy from the store again!

Frijoles Refritos ( Mexican Refried Beans) By DK on Aug 15, 2020

Making your own homemade refried beans is easy and flavorful. This Mexican speciality is made using Pinto beans.
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Naan Pizza By DK on Jul 29, 2020

Easy to put together Pizza using Naan bread as base. This simple recipe comes together under 15 minutes and uses vegetables, Indian cheese Paneer as topping.

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