Classic Caprese Toast Recipe | Caprese Salad on Toast
One of the best places to get inspired for my weekly menu planning is the Farmer's market.  The abundant fresh produce, the color and the whole vibe reenergizes my senses. There is this thing called flavor of the raw produce that is evident right away when you grow your produce. The next best place is your local Farmer's market.  Before we moved to our current residence, we were blessed to live right by a farm, where I could buy my weekly produce. I thought it was heaven in disguise to be able to see the dirt still on them, their misshapen bodies -  so vibrant and fresh smelling. While we don't have a farm nearby at a current place, I am part of  CSA that delivers assorted produce right from the farm every week.
Classic Caprese Toast Recipe | Caprese Salad on Toast
I still visit my local farmer's market as and when possible for buying bread when I am too occupied to bake my own. But can you blame me if I get distracted by the brilliant array of colors and smells?  I got myself some excellent quality Extra Virgin Olive oil produced locally and some of these beautiful cherry tomatoes. While its strictly not Tomato season yet in my part of the world, these tasted delicious enough.
Classic Caprese Toast Recipe | Caprese Salad on Toast
I can't wait for the peak season to arrive so that I can relish them at their best. It seemed like sacrilege to cook them and hence this post today that pays homage to these fresh tasting produce. Since these were cherry tomatoes, I used Ciliegine Mozzarella (a small cherry shaped cheese balls) that comes packed in water/whey. You can use regular fresh mozzarella in a flash (not the processed ones packed in plastic without water). These make my evening snack time very fulfilling yet light. A favourite after-school snack for my little one. Very quick to put together without much cooking/stove time involved. Just make sure to use the best tasting tomatoes and olive oil since they are the highlight of this dish.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: For 2 people (or may be just 1!!)
  • Yields: Makes 2 Toasts
  • 2 White Bread/Whole Wheat Bread (or any bread of your choice)
  • 1 large Garlic clove
  • 2 tsp Butter, or as needed (optional)
  • 10-12 Cherry Heirloom Tomatoes (or 2 large tomatoes)
  • 4 Ciliegine Mozzarella (or use regular Mozzarella), see Tips
  • 1-2 leaves Basil torn
  • 1-2 tsp Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • 1-2 tsp Balsamic Vinegar (optional) - see Tips
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
1. Balsamic Vinegar: Instead of just Balsamic vinegar, a Balsamic glaze works great. Its nothing but a reduction of balsamic vinegar along with brown sugar/honey/maple syrup until half in volume and saucy (it coats the back of your spoon).

2. Mozzarella Cheese: Did you know cheese is not strictly vegetarian since most contain rennet? Check out my post Is Cheese Vegetarian? for more details.
1. Give the garlic clove a good thump with the flat side of your knife. I used 2 small-med cloves. I prefer doing this about 10 minutes before using it in order to let the health promoting allicin to form. So, I let it sit while I do the rest of my cooking prep in general.
2. Slice the cherry tomatoes and mozzarella into bite sized pieces. You can use regular tomatoes and mozzarella as well. Read the label to see whether your cheese is vegetarian. Check my Tips section for more details.
3. Toast the bread. When making for my little one, I tend to be generous with the butter.
4. You can also use your toaster to make a dry toast. Would save more time and clean up :)
5. While still warm, rub the garlic on the bread surface. The aroma that follows -  aah! Delish...
6. Now place the sliced cheese and tomatoes on top along with basil. You can drizzle a bit of Olive oil ( and/or balsamic) before serving.
Serve it right away. These are best when eaten when made.
Classic Caprese Toast Recipe | Caprese Salad on Toast

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By DK on Sep 6, 2020

This looks refreshing. I got some grape tomatoes today. Will make this. Love mozzarella cheese.

By M.M.PRASAD on May 1, 2018