Rama Navami Vada Paruppu By DK on Apr 1, 2017

A simple salad using moong dal with a tempering of mild spices made during the Rama Navami festival as prasadam along with Neer Mor and Panakam

Navadhanya Sundal (South Indian Salad with 9 Legumes) By DK on Sep 28, 2016

During the Festival of Navarathri, a simple salad using legumes are made as offerings to God. This nutritious salad is made using 9 mixed lentils and beans.

Kadalai Paruppu Sundal (Channa Dal Salad) By DK on Oct 1, 2013

This simple Channa Dal salad (Bengal Gram/ Split chickpeas) is made during Navaratri Festival. Simple, Quick and Nutritious.
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Southwest Quinoa Salad By DK on May 16, 2013

Refreshing Quinoa Salad with Southwestern flavors. Black Beans, vegetables, flax seed oil, pepitas add not only flavor but also nutrition. Filling & Healthy.

Four Bean Salad By DK on Oct 23, 2012

Green beans, Yellow Wax Beans, Italian Romano Beans and Kidney Beans come together to make this filling, simple and nutritious Salad.

Greek Penne Pasta Salad By DK on Sep 3, 2012

Simple Pasta recipe that uses Greek Flavors like Kalamata Olives, Tomato, Basil, oregano,Cucumber and Feta Cheese.

Insalata Caprese By DK on Jun 5, 2012

A simple Summer salad bursting with seasonal flavors of ripe and juicy tomatoes, aromatic Basil and moist Mozzarella drizzled with fruity Olive oil.

Green Garlic Pasta By DK on Mar 31, 2012

A simple and easy Pasta recipe, perfect for a weekday dinner/lunch, made with Green garlic, oregano and Nutritional yeast. Aromatic and garlicky.
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Kara Kondakadalai Sundal (Spicy Black Chickpeas Salad) By DK on Sep 21, 2011

South Indian Style Salad made with Black Chickpeas and hot spiced powder. Made especially during Hindu festival Navaratri as "prasadam"

Rajma (Kidney Beans) Sundal By DK on Sep 19, 2011

Simple South Indian styled Salad made with Kidney Beans. This is popularly made during Indian festival Navarathri.

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