Peanut Sundal Recipe (Verkadalai | Groundnut salad for Navarathri )
The festival of Navarathri emphasizes the celebration of Goddesses in Hindu culture where "Nava" means 9 and "rathiri" means "Nights" denoting that the festivity is for 9 nights. Households celebrate it by making doll houses called "Gollu" (each house with varied styles and elaboration) and guests are invited to come and sing devotional songs in their houses. They are offered a light salad which is called as Sundal as prasad. 9 days sees 9 different types of such salads among which is this one made with Peanuts. You can see few other treats in my Navarati section
Peanut Sundal Recipe (Verkadalai | Groundnut salad for Navarathri )
Like so many other recipes, this one likewise enjoys variations and this is how I make it. I love peanuts to death, esp, the boiled variety. Countless have been the days from my childhood when we have enjoyed peeling boiled whole peanuts from their shell and popping it into our mouths while chitchatting about some event or the other. So needless to say, this variety of sundal is one of my favorites.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 1 cup Raw peanuts with skin
  • 1 tsp mustard seeds
  • 1 tsp split black gram (urad dal)
  • 1-2 dried red chillies
  • 1/8-1/4 tsp turmeric
  • pinch of asafoetida
  • 4-5 curry leaves
  • 1-2 tbsp coconut, freshly grated (frozen works too, but fresh is recommended)
  • salt to taste
1. Soak the peanuts for 1 hour in water.
2. Pressure cook it with turmeric for 1 -2 whistles until soft. You can do it likewise on a stove top too. I think it takes around 30 minutes.
3. Drain the peanuts well and set aside.
4. In a skillet in little oil, pop the mustard seeds.  Then add in the lentil along with dried chilli and asafoetida.
5. Add the curry leaves, coconut, peanuts along with salt.
6. Give it a quick mix until well combined. Stir gently for another minute or 2.
Serve. A simple salad. Peanut Sundal Recipe (Verkadalai | Groundnut salad for Navarathri )

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3 Member Reviews

By Priya Mahadevan on Jan 27, 2011


We are not on the Marina beach -most famous for its verkadalai or peanut sundal - Fact is, I don't remember ever having it since we were always cautioned about eating carefully if it was outside our home... Home where amma boiled peanuts with shells in salt water and we would take pleasure in snapping open the shell to delve in for the peanut or groundnut as we used to refer to it - I do remember licking the salt water that would trickle down to arm to the elbow during this exercise. Amma was expert at shelling and would present a whole bunch of them while we struggled along. Love you, ma!

However, the idea of peanut sundal has always been appealing esp since I LOVE that nut, especially in this form. Dry peanuts, roasted ones, well....I can leave sooner than take... but boiled peanut sundal is the ultimate in taste so of course I reserved it for the last day of Navarathri.

By now, I hope I've established that I do NOT like to labour over cooking - I like the simple and quick recipes without compromising on taste.



2 cups of raw peanuts (boiled in pressure cooker)


For thadka or thalichi or sautee

1/2 teaspoons small mustard seeds

1 teaspoon urad dal

2 green chillies

Curry leaves

1 teaspoon of olive oil




In a pan heat oil, throw in the thadka stuff and let the green chillies spice up the oil. Add the peanuts and stir with thadka. Add salt. Stir and allow to cook on medium heat for 3 minutes.


Secret tip: The trick is to use the right amount of water to cook the peanuts. If there is too much water drain most of it, but save a little to use to cook with other ingredients in the pan - This water will also help the peanuts absorb the salt and spicy flavours. Try it out!

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By Sweatha on Oct 12, 2010

I hated peanuts but my family loves it. So this time I tried peanut sundal and it was a hit.You can see my post here. Thanks DK.  \"yes\"  This is going to be a regular feature in my house.

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By Charu joshi on Sep 19, 2014

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

By Sunil on Sep 27, 2013

Yummy dish made by my wife! Awesome

By Sunil on Sep 27, 2013

My wife made this for me today, it was yum!

By Sunil on Sep 27, 2013

My wife made this dish for me! It was absolutely yum!

By Jayashree on Nov 13, 2012

Hi Divya, Just to add some variation in taste, you can also put grated ginger or grind cocunut and ginger to this.... it tastes delicious

By Archana Vijaykarthikk on Oct 8, 2010

Hi Can u help for 1 to 9 days which sundal should be prepared to offer first 3 days nect 3 days and last 3 days in navratri?plz say .Awaitingto hear from u...

The order/preference differs from house to house. hence I am not sure of a traditional pattern per se.

By Tanmaya on Oct 7, 2010

Hi, I made Sundal today... it came out very good. Thanks for sharing it. Cheers, Tanmaya Chamchameet

By Tanmaya Kulkarni on Oct 6, 2010

Wow... lovely recipe.. am gonna try it soon!

By CurryLeaf on Oct 5, 2010

Will try this. My H loves peanuts while I sort of avoid it and right now I hve around 2 k of peanut pkts waiting their turn :( .Looks delish Advanced NAVRATHRI WISHES TO YOU AND FAMILY

By Priya on Oct 5, 2010

Droolworthy sundal,my fav!

By Shalini on Oct 4, 2010

The recipe is good but turmeric,asafoetida,lentils and mustard seeds are considered not eatables during fast,can make it w/o using these ingredients for fast or could be eaten if not keeping fast

The fast varies from family to family. For few families I know they avoid rice, wheat etc during fast while many don't fast at all. So a blanket no wouldn't be advisable but as you said this can be made to suit the needs of your family easily :)

By Nishi on Oct 4, 2010

The sundal looks just yum divya!! I will be making them for navaratri as well

By Divya Vikram on Oct 4, 2010

Simple and hearty!

By swapna on Oct 4, 2010

Healthy and it!!

By harini-jaya on Oct 4, 2010

yummy n colorful