Pasta with Garlic Recipe | Green Garlic Recipes
We both have reached a stage in life when eating out doesn't seem to thrill us anymore.  When you work, that seems to be such an easy option. But just like so many things that we outgrow in our lives, eating out has become a mundane chore that we no longer enjoy. Instead eating at home - however simple - seems to be a more attractive option. There is a medium jar filled with pasta in my pantry. I try to keep it filled  'cos its my emergency store - for days when I have no time to cook a proper meal  or I am too famished to even plan a meal. Like this particular day. After enjoying some easy time at work for 2 weeks, came cartloads of work.  With a toddler at home, things managed to get more hectic. When I checked my fridge, I spotted some green garlic and immediately went to my pantry for some pasta.
Pasta with Garlic Recipe | Green Garlic Recipes
I wanted some color and thought to add in some bright orange carrots -  some beta carotene doesn't hurt :) - along with onions for providing more body. I had made some herb whole wheat bread during the weekend which I thought went well along with these. I did not have parmesan on hand, so I thought I will use in some Nutritional yeast for its complete protein and also to provide some cheesy flavor.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 8 oz (abt 250 gms) pasta(or use gluten free pasta)
  • 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2-3 stalks Green Garlic, sliced (or as per taste)
  • 1 medium Carrot, chopped into small cubes
  • 1 small Onion
  • 1/2 tsp Oregano - or as per taste (optional)
  • Sea Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 1-2 tbsp Nutritional Yeast , or to taste (or use Vegetarian Parmesan)
  • Few sprigs Cilantro/Parsley to garnish
1. Cook the Pasta as per the package instruction.
2. While that's cooking add a dot of butter/vegetable oil in a saute pan. Add onion and the carrots along with salt.
3. When the carrots are soft - takes around 5 minutes (provided you chopped the carrots in small pieces. The larger pieces would take longer to cook), add the green garlic. Give it a quick stir and in about 30 seconds switch off the flame. My idea was not to really cook the Green garlic , in order to retain the bright garlic flavor. But you can cook it a little longer too. Set aside.
4. Remove the pasta to a bowl.
5. Add in the Extra Virgin Olive oil - give it a toss.
6. Add Oregano, if using.
7. 'Give it a good mix. Add more if you like (along with any other spice you want)
8. Next add in the cooked veggies.
9. Stir to combine.
10. Add in cilantro, black pepper and nutritional yeast (or parmesan).
Combine and serve hot.

Pasta with Garlic Recipe | Green Garlic Recipes
We enjoyed this weekday dinner along with herb whole wheat bread and additional EVOO with a dessert of Shrikhand.

Pasta with Garlic Recipe | Green Garlic Recipes

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2 Member Reviews

By Alene on Apr 18, 2013

I didn't take a picture but I will say that I made it the other night with the green garlic that my husband brought home from our farmers market.  I am in Florida on the west coast.  It was surprisingly very good.  I used 3/4 lb of fusilli and, since we are not vegan, I used parmesan cheese.  I used 2 whole heads of the new garlic, peeled them & chopped them coarsely.  With the onions and carrots sauteeing in the olive oil, the new garlic became sweet and mild very quickly.  I also threw in some greens that I had, which I had washed and chopped (I think turnip greens).  That made the whole dish seem a bit more virtuous!  Delish and easy!  Thanks!

By Chitra on May 29, 2012

It is one of the most easiest recipes I have seen and made. It was a very easy dish t o make for my daughter  who is just 12  1\\2 (with the help of an adult) it is also one of the recipes that Ican make for my daughter for school in no timeon the days she wants to take rest from the normal food! thank u for this recipe .


By Mahek Pahilwani on May 31, 2014

:) plz would u suggest cheesy pasta kids love cheese

By Weekly Meal Plan – Making everyday cooking easy – #8 on Jun 8, 2013

[...] Green Garlic Pasta [...]

By dhivya on Jul 5, 2012

This sounds pretty simple.. will try it out.. will it work with spagathi as well? As i am away from home and in college this will be a easy one to do after coming back to my room.. :) :wink:

I think it would work as well :) --DK

By Madhumathi on Apr 16, 2012

What a simple and flavorful pasta recipe! Thanks for sharing :)

By purnima on Apr 6, 2012

ya i made this bcz my son-in-low is british,so he love very much this recipe

By sreebindu on Mar 31, 2012

:wink: recipe seems pretty simple and tasty! going to be a laid back sunday! following you :) hope you visit me sometime.