Celery Soup
Celery Soup huh? For a person who neither liked soup nor celery, I sure seem to have come a long way! Having abhorred soup for the first 20 yrs of my life, it seems indeed surprising to me that I consume soup like there is no tomorrow now. Call it being mature, call it change of taste, call it whatever, I am glad that at last I seem to have arrived at the right place after all this while. I hated Celery, I still am not really ga-ga about it. I cant for the life of me eat it raw. Not even one Food Network Chef has managed to make me a lover even after all their usage of nocturnal adjectives. It has only lead to me to using them hidden amidst zillion other vegetables as an acknowledgment to their renown for being a negative calorie. Having said the above, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I actually liked this recipe for celery soup. I have this post in the drafts for 10 months now. I don't know why I kept it veiled. May be posting it would be like announcing to the world that I am finally ready to face the celery monster which would force me to be more committed, or may be I was still having step motherly feeling towards them..May be, may be not - whatever may be the "may be's", this post is finally here. The recipe is very easy and simple and does not take long.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 1 large onion
  • Approx 6-7 stalks of celery, cleaned and chopped
  • about 3 medium potatoes, diced
  • 4 cups water/stock
  • 1 tsp celery seeds
  • 1 tbsp curry powder
  • fresh herbs for garnish (optional)
  • salt and pepper to taste
1. In a tsp. of oil/butter, saute the onion along with celery seeds and curry powder.
2. Add celery and potatoes and saute some more for about 5 minutes with little salt.
3. Add the stock/water. Cover and cook until the vegetables are soft - about 10-15min.
4. Puree the vegetables smoothly in a blender
5. Pour it back into the saucepan, add herbs is using and pepper to taste.
Serve hot garnished with celery leaves. Celery Soup

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By Niki on Apr 16, 2012

Changes Made:

  • Added 2 cloves of garlic
  • Kept potato skins on
  • omitted celery seed
  • added 1/4 C. quick barley

Didn't use blender or processor (Don't have one). I broke up the veg with a whisk til the pieces were between pea and bean size. The potato dissovled enough to give the broth a thick and creamy texture. The curry also brings the celery flavor upon to the palate without over powering it, but also brings the strong celery flavor to a more managable flavor level.

This was such a wonderful soup! Nutritious and hearty. I made it for a nourishing daily fast break. I will be making this over and over again, whether i'm fasting or not.

In Short. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Make it!


By Theresa on Mar 19, 2015

:wink: followed recipe exactly but made in pressure cooker. Cooked for 9 mins on hi. The sauteed celery seed and cumin was really fragrant and made the soup have more of an indian flavor base. I was sad my end product did not look green like yours....and this came out a little bland for me. I almost felt it needed something sweet....perhaps ill try with sweet potatoes next time and perhaps finish with a bit of yogurt stirred in :). Thanks for giving me a great opportunity to use up a lot leftover celery in fridge. :)

By heather Szwed on Jul 12, 2013

hello your recipe turn out great in the pressure cooker.. my great grand daughter and I ate two bowls, iv'e put some in the freezer to see how it goes.. thank you

By heather Szwed on Jul 9, 2013

Just put this recipe in the electric pressure cooker using soup timer? the kitchen smells great. hope it tastes as good as it smells .

By Fernando Correa on Jul 16, 2012

:wink: excelent delicious Thank You

By KT on Jun 8, 2012

I just made this for dinner. SO tasty and SO easy! I didn't have celery seed, so I made it without, using pepper and tamari (in place of salt) to season. I also used only 3 cups of water, which was plenty, and reserved about a cup of the onion/potato/celery mixture and added it back in after I pureed the rest, which gave it a great texture. Thanks so much for sharing! DELICIOUS!!! :mrgreen:

This is one of our fav. too :) I am glad you like it as well :) --DK

By Basic Celery Soup Recipe: Very Light Yet Creamy & Healthy | on Nov 4, 2011

[...] incorporate too many extras like milk or heavy cream. I decided to adapt this recipe from Chef in You. Because this recipe is very light on flavor (for example, I used water instead of stock), it might [...]

By Basic Celery Soup Recipe: Very Light Yet Creamy & Healthy | on Nov 4, 2011

[...] Adapted from Chef in You. [...]

By fizzle on Jul 5, 2010

i make celery soup without the potatoes and find it just as delicious it it great for lowering my blood pressure 8)

By Janavi on Feb 5, 2010

Dear DK, I simply love your methodoly for soup. This was exactly what I was expecting. There is no seiving of soup to get rid of pulp which has lot of fiber and using potatoes for thickening instead of traditional white flour with butter sauce. I tried your method using a can of crushed tomatoes, red bell pepper, , potatoe , onion and garlic. Seasoned the final soup witn cumin, pepper, parsley and basil. I guess one could be innovative about these herbs depending on flavour of choice. Thank you for posting such good low cal recipes.

By Deepa on Dec 30, 2009

Tried it and it tasted great.

Thanks Deepa for sending me the feedback. Appreciate it :) -DK

By Farida on Nov 12, 2009

I use celery very often in my cooking but I had never heard about celery soup until I tried it in one indian family's house. I loved it! The grandma who cooked it said: oh, it is very simple - it's just celery and potato! I couldn't get more out of her (more details :).) so I began looking for recipes that sounded and looked as good as hers, I belive this one will do it. I am heading to kitchen to make it :). Thank you for the recipe!

By Sujata Shah on Jul 15, 2009

I hate celery but I like celery soup, I want to try the recipe .I have never heard of celery seeds.Can you tell me what are celery seeds and where di I get them ?

By vanamala on Jul 8, 2009

Soup looks delicious..

By Shri on Jul 7, 2009

The soup looks so good:)Heard Celery is very good for Blood Pressure. When you get a chance, do visit my blog @ tastytouch.blogspot.com

By bergamot on Jul 7, 2009

looks delicious. i like celery. this seemed like an overdose when I read the ingredients...but the final outcome is a smooth flavoursome soup.

By Johanna on Jul 7, 2009

I have had a dislike of celery but I love it in soup as a background note - I tried it raw in salad a few weeks back and feel I might be coming around to it

By Parita on Jul 7, 2009

I have never tried celery soup as yet, guess never liked it much, seems very healthy though, should try once!

By Cynthia on Jul 7, 2009

I've got to give this a try.

By Priya on Jul 7, 2009

I love celery but i used to prepare stew with celery leaves, never tried out as soups..looks really delicious DK!

By Divya Vikram on Jul 6, 2009

Love the color of the soup Dhiv. looks vibrant!

By bindiya on Jul 6, 2009

Looks out of the world delicious!!!

By Sadhana on Jul 6, 2009

Looks very colorful. I love the smell of celery and add it to the pungent smelling cabbage, cauliflower soups and some coconut milk also.

By chakhlere on Jul 6, 2009

This looks grt!! Although I have never used celery in cooking! Want to try now!

By Madhuram on Jul 6, 2009

I too have seen celery soup in the canned soup section but have not tried it. I'm neither a hater nor a lover of celery. I just add a stalk or two in my regular soups. My mother once mentioned that Mallika Badrinath made celery pulav in her cooking show. Can't guess how it would taste!

By Anu on Jul 6, 2009

Haha.. maybe the taste of potatoes overshadowed the taste of celery and hence you liked it? I hate celery too.. May be , may be not ;) But I had the celery leaves to remind me of exactly what I am eating(!!!). How good is that :-D

By Dee on Jul 6, 2009

I thnk I should try this DK, I can only tolerate celery with Laughing cow cheese