Roasted Jalapeno Soup By DK on Jan 24, 2014

Simply, creamy and hearty soup using roasted peppers. This no cream soup is naturally creamy with an addictive heat from peppers. Makes perfect winter soup.
17 3

Cream of Zucchini Soup By DK on Jun 20, 2012

A Summer Squash soup made special with little cream. Aromatic with hint of Oregano, this soup is refreshing & perfect for entertaining/special occasion.
16 3

Tom Yum (Yam) Soup By DK on Oct 27, 2011

This Vegetarian version of the popular Thai soup uses Tofu, Mushrooms & carrots to provide the protein & heartiness. Soy sauce replaces traditional fish sauce.
22 1

Lemon Rasam By DK on Aug 30, 2011

A tangy, spiced broth highlighting the citrusy Lemon flavor popular in South Indian (Tamil) cuisine enjoyed along with steamed rice. Its wonderful as a soup too.
17 1

Watercress Potato Soup By DK on Oct 26, 2010

With a nutrition chart mocking that of spinach's, watercress is a powerhouse. This Low calorie soup highlights watercress with potatoes adding the creaminess.
12 2

Spinach Spaghetti Soup with Paneer By DK on Aug 2, 2010

Regular Pasta is replaced with Spinach Spaghetti to make this lemony soup enriched with paneer and vegetables. Quick, effortless, filling and nutritious.
19 2

Soba Noodle Soup By DK on Jun 9, 2010

Vegetarian version of the famous Japanese Soba Noodle soup is equally as hearty as its meaty version. Its not only light & simple to make but is also nutritious
27 4

Tuscan Ribollita By DK on Mar 3, 2010

This classic stew like soup makes use of rustic bread, white cannellini beans, kale and other vegetables to make Ribollita. Best answer to leftover bean soup.

Cream of Fennel Soup By DK on Feb 24, 2010

This refreshing and creamy Fennel soup makes use of just minimal ingredients, is hearty and gets done under 15 minutes. It also has a low calorie version
15 2

Caldo Verde (Portuguese Kale Soup) By DK on Jan 5, 2010

One of the most loved Portuguese Recipes is Caldo Verde - A Kale soup. This vegetarian version uses Tempeh instead of traditional Portuguese Sausage/chorizo
18 2

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