Purslane Dal (Paruppu Keerai/ Kulpha with lentils) By DK on Aug 12, 2016

Purslane is a superfood. It is a weed with immense health benefits. This is a simple Indian dal using this weed.

Watermelon Rind Kootu (Dal) By DK on Oct 5, 2015

A simple Dal recipe made using the nutritious Watermelon Rind. Next time instead of throwing them away, try using them in this recipe. Healthy and Nutritious.

Vallarai Keerai Kootu (Brahmi/ Pennywort Leaves w/ Lentils) By DK on Jul 6, 2015

Indian Pennywort are nutrient dense greens that provide immense benefits as per Ayurveda. In this recipe, these bitter greens have been combined with lentils.

Masala Dal (w/ whole Urad, Channa & Rajma) By DK on Jan 8, 2015

This simple and hearty Dal recipe uses Whole Urad Dal, Rajma and Channa Dal with subtle Indian spices. Protein and Fiber rich.

Egg, Onion and Yogurt Curry By DK on Apr 19, 2014

Protein rich Indian Curry recipe with Hard Boiled Eggs and fat free Greek Yogurt. Simple with minimal ingredients.

Panchratna Dal with Radish Greens By DK on Jan 31, 2014

Also known as Mixed Dal, Panchkuti and Panchmel dal, this 5 dal recipes is nourishing and hearty. Addition of Radish greens makes it even better.

Methi Dal (Fenugreek Leaves Dal) By DK on Apr 1, 2013

This popular Indian lentil stew is made using Fenugreek leaves and Pigeon peas. Simple and extremely nutritious.

Dal Palak (Spinach with Lentils) By DK on Sep 27, 2012

Popular yet homey recipe of Spinach and Pigeon pea lentils with mild spices. Spinach Dal is a comfort food in many Indian households.

Dal Bukhara By DK on Sep 24, 2012

A cousin of the more popular Dal Makhani, this recipe can be made richer or simpler as per the occasion demands. Made of Indian Black lentils and tomatoes.

Simple Moong Dal with Beet Greens By DK on Jan 5, 2012

Simple Dal made with split green mung beans. Addition of cooked Beet greens enhances this dish nutritionally.

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