Maa Di Dal | Maa ki Dal

From the Archives: In the quest of clearing out my pantry, I came across a bag of whole black lentils. Commonly referred to as "Urad dal" in Hindi, these beauties are more famously used in making this dish called as Dal Makhani. I made these again recently to use the bag up among quite a few other dishes. I had to update this post with few notes on making it a Low Calorie Treat. Its very easy and this is one of those dishes which are immensely forgiving when it comes to making it literally fat free. The new pictures that I have added to this post are of this "Low Calorie" version. Can you tell the difference?:)

Also known as "Kaali Dal", "Maa Di Dal" or simply "Maa Ki Dal" - Dal Makhani by any other name would taste just as yummy and delicious. This Punjabi delicacy is another feather to Indian cuisine. Rich, creamy lentils cooked with assorted spices makes it one of the best warm and soul foods ever! Dal (lentil) Makhani (cream/butter) as the name insists is filled with calories and is a special treat. There are few variations and I have tried them all. I have finally settled down to this recipe. The secret to best Dal makhani is the number of hours one cooks the lentils.

Maa Di Dal | Maa ki Dal
Traditionally, the Dals are simmered overnight in Tandoor which enhances the taste. Otherwise, I find that soaking the lentils a little longer than norm also does the same. No scientific explanation - just experience. I usually soak it say evening when I need to make this dish for next day's lunch. Otherwise you can use slow cooker if you have one.!  A low calorie version is very easy. Replace Butter with oil and cream with 2% milk. Cooking it for a long time, makes it rich tasting and creamier without the cream and butter. Try it, you wont miss the high calorie version.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 4 people
  • 1 cup whole black lentils ( whole black Urad dal )
  • 1/4 cup Bengal gram
  • 1/2 cup Kidney beans
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • 1-2 tsp green chillies, sliced thinly
  • 1 tsp ginger garlic paste
  • 1 tsp cumin-coriander powder
  • 1 tsp cardamom powder
  • 1 medium red onion
  • 1 tsp dried Fenugreek leaves ( Kasuri Methi )
  • 3 tbsp butter (or 1-2 tsp of vegetable oil)
  • 2-3 cloves
  • 2" cinnamon stick
  • 1 Bay leaf
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1 cup tomato puree
  • 1 cup cream ( or 2% milk or use Coconut milk to make it Vegan (thanks for the tip Kniffel)
  • salt to taste and cilantro to garnish
Notes:1. While using store bought tomato puree, make sure its the low sodium variety. Or if not available, add salt towards the end accordingly. Also the store bought varieties tend to leave a sharp taste in the mouth. Add it diluted if too strong. 2. Instead of adding whole spices while cooking, you can make a spice bag and add it while cooking the lentils. Pack cloves,cinnamon stick and cardamom pods along with bay leaf in a cheesecloth and drop it in the cooking water of lentils. Pressure cook and remove this bag after its cooked.
1. Soak the lentils and kidney beans overnight.
2. Rinse them well in cold water.
3. Cook them in a pressure cooker for 3-4 whistles. It alright to cook longer cos its hard to spoil this dish. The long cooking also enhances the flavor for this dish.
4. Cook until cooked, almost mushy.
5. Take a potato masher/ladle and mash the lentils well.
6. Meanwhile, in a saucepan, add butter (or 1 tsp oil)  along with cloves, cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, cumin-coriander powder,bay leaf, ginger-garlic paste, chillies and onions. Saute until aromatic and onions gets soft.
7. Add the Tomato puree, close the lid (unless you love being covered with tomato puree ;-)) and cook for 5 min until the raw tomato smell leaves.
8. Now add the lentil mixture,
9. reduce the heat to simmer, add salt close the lid and slow cook for 15-20 min.
10. Stir occasionally to avoid the lentils from sticking to the bottom.
11. Add the fenugreek leaves along with cardamom powder, stir and then add the cream ( or 2% milk/fat free milk).
Cook for 5 more minutes and serve hot garnished with Naan/ Roti garnished with cilantro. Maa Di Dal | Maa ki Dal I usually pair it with Roti/ Phulkas, few sliced onions and bowl of fresh curd. It makes a hearty and protein rich meal. Maa Di Dal | Maa ki Dal

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12 Member Reviews

By Vimal on Mar 21, 2013

Recipe Image

By Varsha on Nov 10, 2012

I forgot to soak at night, so soaked in the morning in hot water for 5 hours, cooked in the cooker for 5 whistles.

Turned out awesome. I didn't have bay leaf, used badi and chhoti ilaychi instead. And used chilly powder for colour. Cooked in half tsp oil, half ghee, dash of milk for the creaminess. And a bit of butter on top when I served!

Sorry, couldn't manage a good to food photography, and was in a hurry to start gobbling!

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By Binny on Feb 5, 2017

Love love this kaali ma ki daal! Turns perfect everytime!

Thank you so much Binny :) --DK

By rajiv c on Feb 6, 2016

Hi, Picture 1 shows a green and yellow dal mixture, which indicates the dal used is "split green beans" or "split mung". Questions 1) Is the dal used split or whole and 2) is it green mung or black? What is the difference between the two? Another question - can one substitute yoghurt (dahi) directly into the cooking instead of the cream? Grateful if you could reply by e-mail, if possible. Thank you

Its Black Whole Urad Dal not green. I think the picture angle makes it look that way. Pls refer this picture: Black Whole Urad Dal. As for yogurt, yes you def. can. Just make sure your heat is low.--DK

By Kannan on Sep 21, 2015

Hi DK, Can I make this without onion and garlic? It is for a pooja menu, would appreciate an suggestion... I have tried your regular version and loved to bits..thanks in advance.

Definitely yes! Almost many recipes in this site (unless the title mentions Onion or Garlic as highlight) can be easily made without :) --DK

By OSOULMATEY on Apr 20, 2015

Oh thank you for the lovely action of sharing

By Marija on Dec 12, 2014

Is it possible to use split black lentils? How do you change the recipe?

Oh def. yes. Just use equal amount. --DK

By Harshita on Oct 26, 2014

It is a really nice way to learn new recepies :) :-P .good

By Asma on Oct 12, 2014

I tried the recipe for the first time and it turned out delicious. thanks for sharing nice and easy recipes.

By Tini Dcruz on May 30, 2014

:lol: loved it..!! Thank you..!! Have also shared the recipe with my friend..!! Coz I know this is a recipe going in my personal recipe book..!!

By Elizabeth on May 1, 2014

I love this recipe! My only question is how much time is 3-4 whistles? My pressure cooker doesn't whistle, so I'm not sure what this means.

Around 15 minutes. This might vary depending on the type of pressure cooker. Just check around 12 min mark. --DK

By Pav on Mar 13, 2014

Hi, will the cream not split when I put it into the hot daal?

By Linda Kilpatrick on Mar 11, 2014

This was the best dish on the buffet today. Glad I found the recipe! Pro you know how many calories are in the low cal version? Thanks! ,

By Dilmera on Mar 5, 2014

Hello DK, I somehow can't find chilli powder in this recipe. Have you made this recipe without adding chilli powder?

By Heena Chandnani on Mar 3, 2014

I have tried this recepi 2wice and it's turned out to be tasty' it's one of my favourite dishes of Indian cuisine thank you for sharing ur recepi with us !

By Saurabh on Feb 4, 2014

Can I use fresh tomatoa instead of puree? Plus how long should one cook the dal in a pot as i too dont have a cooker :(

By Cori on Jan 29, 2014

Hi! I really want to try this recipe but I don't own a pressure cooker. Do you think this recipe can be done with a crockpot instead? Thanks!

Definitely yes. In fact crockpot would be the best way to cook Dal Makhani :) --DK

By Chelsea on Jan 25, 2014

I am delighted to find this recipe, as it sounds delicious and I have a bag of ural dal in my pantry I've been looking for ways to use (I bought it needing only a few teaspoons!). The beans are hulled, though, not whole. Will that have a negative effect on this dish?

Not really. It should still work. The end product will look different but taste wise it should still be good. --DK

By Manon on Jan 23, 2014

Can I use chick peas instead of bengal gram? It is really hard to find where I live.

Just skip it. It won't make a huge difference. --DK

By Jay on Jan 14, 2014

hi thanks for the recipe. just wondering what you do with the bengal gram flour as its mentioned in your ingredients list but isn't mentioned in the method steps. cheers and will let you know how I get on

I do use them. If you saw pics 1, 2 and 3, you can see it being used along with Urad and kidney beans. --DK

By Nirupama Guha on Jan 12, 2014

Tried this recipe this morning.... Delicious.. Slurrrrp... It came out to be so yummy. Thanks for this one. Pls share more of recipes

By farah on Dec 17, 2013

I tried lots of dal makhani recipes. But this one was quite close to the restaurant style

By Pooja on Dec 14, 2013

:-P I made this recipie many times at home and it was awesome

By Shruthi on Nov 11, 2013

:lol: i think i messed up, i was looking through your post on Paneer Onion Kulcha and had that question in mind. Posted it by mistake for Dal Makhani.

By Shruthi on Nov 11, 2013

Hi, Thanks for sharing such lovely recipes! I am planning to make these over weekend for the dinner party.And have one quick question,you have mentioned if we cant serve them hot then we can stack them and reheat in oven. Can you tell me what should be the temperature and how log do i heat it in oven? Also did u notice any taste difference between the oven baked and stove top method. Appreciate your help! thanks

By Cafe Spice on Oct 15, 2013

Thanks for sharing. Slow cooker meals seem to always taste amazingly great. Nice post.

By Rajni on Sep 30, 2013

I made this recipe of yours and i must say it was awesome. My husband and i both loved it and i am surely gonna make it again. It actually tasted better than the restaurants.

Awe, thank you :) I am glad to hear that --DK

By gaurav on Aug 21, 2013

I have tried this recipe and how did it come out !!!!!!!! Although mah ki dal is not a by_the_book sort of a recipe since every household or hotel has a unique way of making it; but this one is the closest to what I have had in Delhi restaurants.I would like to thank you DK for first of all sharing this recipes with everyone and second for making such a nicely laid website. Your format of first mentioning all ingredients and the tips section followed by a plain description of the procedure with carefully chosen pics deserves an applause. 8) . I had done one variation : instead of green I had used black eliachi (cardamom).

By Pooja on Jul 29, 2013

Hey, chef.... The website stands for its name... 'Chef in you'. This is my first attempt in preparing Dal makhani and my hubby who is a food connoisseur, said its awesome and tastes even better than the five star hotels. Thanks for this wonderful recipe. My twist to this preparation was: instead of adding plain water after tomato puree, I choose to add the dal water (which u used to cook the dal), it gives that thickness and aroma.

Thank you so much Pooja. Glad to know that you and your family liked it :) Great idea using dal water --DK

By Anum on Jul 21, 2013

My husband loved it...tasted just like the dhaba one..... :) thank you so much for illustrating it so well....

By Sal on Jul 18, 2013

Get a Hawkins Futura 5L pressure cooker ($75 delivered from keep on low heat for Dhall. It does not whistle. Take your time and learn how to use it. It is excellent. Cheers

By Priyanka on Jun 9, 2013

Awesome recipe. Thank you so much. Turned out very good. Btw, one can add some yogurt with tomato puree and let it cook if someone (like me and my DH) can't tolerate lactose in milk.

By Low Iodine challenge, year 2…menu plan | A Happy Veggie Foodie on Jun 8, 2013

[...] daal with cardamom and coconut milk: [...]

By natalie oretsky-cohen on Jun 2, 2013

I would like to see your answers to questions posted thank you

By jai on Jun 2, 2013

Hi chef,i am also chef i want to ask that for how many days i can put and use the dal(refrigirate) for my orders...

By somit on May 30, 2013

thanks a lot cheif..i have only black urad it sufficient to make makhani?

By Pree on May 1, 2013

Hi, Your recipes are so easy to follow and the food is yum. I want to try out the Dal makhni recipe but I only have split black urid dal and tinned kidney beans. Will I be able to make this dish with the above mentioned ingredients? Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

By vansri on Apr 19, 2013

Hi, I wanted to know if I have added the raw garam masala while pressure cooking the Dal do I need to add again when I m making masala.

By sona on Mar 14, 2013

hi, what does2%milk mean....sorry for this silly question

By Matthias Weiss on Jan 20, 2013

This may not be the Indian way, but when I cooked my lentils for about 6 hours in a crock pot, I added two beef marrow bones to the water...and cut a little on the cream. Makes for one nutritionally packed bowl of food!

By Kurt on Jan 20, 2013

Hello DK , I have been reading over your recipe and it sounds great , this will be my first attempt at cooking it . One question though . Should I put a lid on the pan while I am slow cooking ? I don't have a pressure cooker. Thank you for your time.

By Lauren on Jan 15, 2013

Hi, can't wait to try this.....but Bengal gram is listed in the ingredients....and not in the description?

Bengal gram is also a lentil and when I say lentils in step 1, I include that too along with the rest. The pictures will also show you that. --DK

By natalie oretsky-cohen on Jan 15, 2013

I am an ESL Instructore living by choice in a neighborhood full of immigrants from all over the world. My favorite food is Indian and I greatly enjoy eating in local Jackson Heights restaurants and also the odors coming from surrounding kitchens. I have in the past cooked delicious recipes. This year I was motivated to try Dal Makhani from your very enticing though complicated (for me) list of ingredients. It was delicious and I impressed my daughter Nicole, who is somewhat of a "Foodie." I made some adjustment for example using the liquid from yogurt instead of cream or milk. I am doing the whole thing again having soaked my beautiful beans last night. Looking forwards to the smells and taste! :-P

By Daal Makhani | Eat Your Broccoli! on Jan 14, 2013

[...] Daal Makhani [...]

By Lisa on Jan 4, 2013

Fabulous recipe! Have made this several times & it is as close as ordering it at our local Indian restaurant. Thank You for sharing!

By vandana on Dec 25, 2012

thank u for every suggestion

By vandana on Dec 25, 2012

:-D thank u for every suggestion,

By george on Dec 24, 2012

hello, re whistles: I often read on indian food recipes the time given in whistles. so given the above, as a general rule can I estimate that one whistle is about three and half minutes? regards and thanks george

I am going to be extremely approximate and I am going to assume that the pressure cooker is on high heat (and is a large pressure cooker). Based on this the first whistle takes the longest time - I wud time this somewhere on the lines of 5-7 minutes.The next whistles would be in the space of about 3 minutes each. Hope this helps (Hopefully I remember to time mine the next time around for a more precise answer) --DK

By Sana on Dec 19, 2012

Hello Chef, decided to boil the daals without the pressure cooker and was pleasantly surprised that it only took about 3 hours of boiling to get it to a soft consistency. I had also soaked the mixture overnight. Cooking now and it looks like the pictures, fingers crossed.

Hi Sana, call me DK :). As for slow cooking, I personally think that makes the dish even more enticing cos it develops more flavors than pressure cooking. But lack of time and effort, gets my vote as far as Pressure cooking goes. I think in top class restaurants, they usually cook this dal overnight in a Tandoor on low flame. --DK

By Sana on Dec 17, 2012

Hi Chef, I don't have a pressure cooker and don't like to use them (saw one explode when I was very young). Is it possible to make this without one? Do you have any tips on boiling the daal/beans? Appreciate Your advice.

By george whitfield on Dec 5, 2012

you say cook in a pressure cooker for 3-4 whistles, but how long is a whistle????!!! I never understand this, I think my pressure cooker doesn't whistle anyway please put the time in minutes regards and thanks george

Sorry about that. I had started adding the minutes for recent posts of mine but missed this one. This will be about 10-15 minutes --DK

By Geetha on Nov 28, 2012

:-thank you chef my family relished your yummy dal makhani

By Rakhi on Nov 10, 2012

Hey, just a quick question. Which Cardamom did you or green one?

I used Green --DK

By Varsha on Nov 9, 2012

Badly needed this recipe, in fact landed here looking for a good dal makhni recipe! Of all I found, I liked the way your dal looks, the best. So me makes this tomorrow! Thanks and happy Diwali

By Alain on Nov 5, 2012

Thank you so much Chef! Out of all the recipes I've tried, this comes closest to the dal makhani of my favourite restaurant :)

By pranali pailkar on Oct 23, 2012

in yr ingredients column you have mentioned 1/4 cup bengal gram but havent incorporated in yr bengal gram an optional ingredient...?

No I do. Refer step 1,2 and 3 --DK

By Satish Narayan on Oct 21, 2012

Thank you so much for your recipe,. I put plain yogurt instead of cream . It was not as good as I had at the restaurant . Can I put cream and then allow it to come to boil ? Will it not break ?

Restaurant versions don't add Yogurt, so no wonder yours did not taste the same. Though you can usually boil heavy cream, in this recipe, the dal mixture is reduced to simmer and then the cream is added. pls refer last step --DK

By Neha on Oct 17, 2012

Will try the recipe today !!!

By Busy With Life « One Step Closer on Oct 10, 2012

[...] if you know how to cook and you like Indian food, make yourself some dal makhani; I’ve been busy eating [...]

By Mrs.Mitra on Sep 12, 2012

Dear Chef-In-You(D & K) You certainly make a great team.It is your love and teamwork that resulted this great blog of yours.I have tried Dal Makhani twice before. But the restaurant-like-home-made taste was missing.Since I love to cook and not satisfied until I get the perfect taste,it was a real botheration.A bit of google search displayed your blog and I decided to try out this recipe.It just turned the way I wanted to.Thanks a ton for sharing this recipe. Regards Mrs.Mitra

Thank you so much Mitra for writing out such a generous feedback. I am so glad - would be an understatement :) --DK

By Sunitha on Sep 11, 2012

Thank U :oops:

By Sunitha on Sep 11, 2012

Hi DK.Please let me know if the dal used here is the black coated Urad dal or whole masoor dal?

I have already answered your query (chk the comment before this) Sunitha --DK

By Sunitha on Sep 6, 2012

Hi DK. I love Dal Makhani.Can you please tell me if the dal which has to be used is Black coated full urad Dal(the uncoated variety of Which we use for making idlis and dosas) or is it Black whole masoor dal. please let me know,iam dying to try this recipe.

Its full urad dal with black skin --DK

By Dahl makhani | Kerriganmeats on Aug 31, 2012

[...] Dal Makhani Recipe | Indian Kaali Dal ( Maa Di Dal ) | Chef In You [...]

By Nasida on Aug 5, 2012

I like dal makhani and sana rama sonia sama nadline nilam

By Nasida on Aug 5, 2012


By Grishma on Jul 5, 2012

:-P I am just newly married n so new to cooking. My hubby and I are total foodies, being a gujarati, food is sumthing v live for.. And we both love punjabi food as well. One day I just thought of trying daal makhani since I had bought the black ural dal, and I checked this recipe, I wasn't sure how wud it turn out,, but the result is mind blowing.. Simply love it. I just made it right now. N served it n my hubby has gone crazy appreciating it. N ya its exactly what u eat at a restuarant.. Awesome.. Thank u so so much..

I am so glad to hear that Garishma :) --DK

By sneha on Jun 29, 2012

I made it today and it came out so well just like I had tasted in the restaurants. Thanks for the recipe.

By Ushma on Jun 28, 2012

Excellent recipe... Very well explained..I really look forward to making some other recipes through this website..Thank you.. :-x

By Hala on Jun 24, 2012

Thank you so much for this recipe I have been looking for it yours was the only one that sounded right, I had it in a resturant in Dubia fell in love with it, thank you again.

By Desi@NYC on Mar 29, 2012

I made this just now (still simmering in the kitchen) - very yummy! I did not add the whole masalas but added some GM powder at the end. Also, as a compromise, added whole milk. My toddler seems to love it too!

By Usha on Mar 15, 2012

Made it 2day. Came out awesome, the only change being I peeled the tomatoes skin and grinded the tomatoes. Also I added One spoon of mdh gar am masala and only one spoon of cream. I added 2 cups of milk also. It added to the creamy taste. Thanks for the recipe....

By PrairieGirl on Feb 8, 2012

I bought a very large bag of urad lentils with this recipe in mind, unfortunately I bought the split kind. Will they still work in this recipe? Also I don't have a pressure cooker so will be working with I already have. Thx.

By Renuka on Jan 5, 2012

I tried this recipe and it was just tooo good to stop eating.. My hubby just loved it, thanks for sharing!

By Dr.Amandeep singh Kahlon on Nov 27, 2011

Very Nice and Authentic Daal Makhni ....... Perfect... Love this

By Thanksgiving Post-Mortem on Nov 25, 2011

[...] Dal Makhani: [...]

By Mridhu on Nov 15, 2011

DK! I made this sometime back. IT is an awesome recipe. It is not intimidating as I thought it would be!

By Anna on Nov 1, 2011

Thanks for this recipe. I have had this kind of dal in restaurants but haven't really been able to find a recipe for dal that uses a mixture of dal and beans. I really look forward to making this soon. Thanks also for the fantastic website, I love it : )

By Samis on Sep 18, 2011

Hi, I liked your recipe. However, it is not clear how much grams is one cup of sabut daal. I think this would affect the quantity of spices needed required

By Sumeet on Aug 11, 2011

:-P Thank u so much for this recipe... it has come out so well... Just love the way it turns out... dont feel like trying any other dal makhani recipe after this one!

By Mona on Aug 4, 2011

lovely! :wink:

By Sue on May 31, 2011

I made this before and it turned out really good. I am looking at the recipe again today so I can make it again. My husband made a comment the other day that prompted this. We were standing in our back yard and smelled some wonderful cooking by one of the neighbors. I said "I wish I could cook like that." and He said "You can remember when you were cooking all that wonderful spicy food for a while? It smelled good like that." He was talking about the recipes I have tried on this blog. Thanks.

By nyginko on Mar 7, 2011

DK, I, too, added coconut milk to the remainder of my dal makhani. Last night I reheated it in a thick glass measuring cup in a pot of steaming water. Today I'm looking at the moong beans that I've been sprouting. The weather has been good for them these past several days.

By kniffel on Mar 6, 2011

I tried this recipe twice this week and it turned out totally awesome! Its easy to veganize by using coconut-milk, which also makes it taste even better!

By Anu on Mar 4, 2011

Good old bowl of total humbleness. Perfect looking daal makhani!

By Rama on Mar 3, 2011

Excellent Recipe! You have made it really authentic. It is very similar to what I make. I usually add butter milk or sour cream instead of milk. It really makes a pleasant difference. @Nadine - You could always cook the lentils in a pan on the stove. It just takes longer than a pressure cooker. Add salt makes the lentils sweat and it will make cook faster. Pressure cooker is always the best for lentils and beans and the consistency and taste is just amazing. It would be a worthwhile investment if you decided to get one.

By sonia on Feb 27, 2011

Awesome dal makhani. my family just loves to have this on weekends, so will definately try your expert version coming week. great post !

By nadine on Feb 26, 2011

Can this be made without a pressure cooker? And if so, how? That is probably the one appliance I dont own.

I have heard that this is perfect for a slow cooker. You can cook the lentil-legume mixture on a stove top with a lid partially closed. It will take time - may be close to an hour or so (provided you pre-soaked the lentils). (But plsssssssssss get the pressure cooker! U will fall in love with it :) Makes cooking so much fun and easy!)

By nyginko on Feb 26, 2011

DK, I am in step with you this time, too. i.e. the urad dal and kidney beans in my pantry are begging to become Dal Makhani! Thank you again, and for the health consciousness in these works. ~chana/ny/usa

By Priya on Feb 26, 2011

Wat a fabulous dish, am an addict to this wonderful dal makhani..

By Ami on Feb 26, 2011

:lol: Tnx this is timely recipe i was looking for dal makhani recipe after i tried them @ indian restaurant. i'm definitely gonna try making this. i luv dal makhani. Tnx for sharing wonderful recipe's with yummy pics.

By Smitha on Feb 26, 2011

Hi, this recipe is so authentic, it always tastes so good. I think you had posted this earlier and I tried this recipe a couple of times and absolutely loved it. I make a mention coz I have tried various versions but this version is the best!:-D

By Nishi on Feb 26, 2011

Ohhh dal makhni looks fabulous. I can have this anytime anywhere. Lovely clicks :)

By Vimitha on Feb 25, 2011

Dhal makhani goes well with chapathis / rotis / naans and urs look perfect

By anita chandramouli on May 17, 2010

hi,u can add a glass of milk for a rich n creamy taste. i read a version of low calorie Dal Makhni in Neeta Mehtas cookbook.She says to add all the ingredients except the milk(the dals,onions,tomatoes,ginger,garlic a tblspn of oil and all masalas n then pressure cook for about 10 whistles an then simmer it for abt 15 mins. after the pressure cools down ,add the milk n the garammasalas n garnishings.believe me its yummy n lot more faster than the traditional "bhunofying method". :-P

By Sana on Jan 15, 2010

Its yummy i had it wid roti and zafrani pulao thanks ;)

By Geri on Jan 13, 2010

I went to the Indian grocer around the corner and a young woman was very excited to help me when I showed her the recipe. My picky 14 year old daughter decided to try it after my husband gave out a wonderful sigh. She ate a whole bowl!!! But you never` said when to add the Besan-Bengal gram??

hey Geri - Its soaked right along with the black lentils and Kidney beans. Cooked together too....The first line says it...the Bengal gram is also a lentil hence I said lentils...hope this helps :) --DK

By trupti on Sep 18, 2009

once had dal makhani in manali while our honey moon it had great test can never forget it since want to cook it so i m going to try your recipe hope to get that test

By Shikha on Jul 21, 2009

As a healthier alternative to cream, consider using yogurt (low-fat or full-fat, your choice). Make sure you whisk it very well before you add it to the dish. Also, it's best to add room-temperature yogurt as it avoids curdling. Adding yogurt delivers the same creaminess expected of the dish, and adds a slight tang as well - which I find a welcoming contrast to the slight bitter taste profile of black lentils. Thanks for the tip Shikha :)

By Johanna on Feb 17, 2009

Hi Dhiviya - just wanted to say thanks for a great recipe which I made and posted on the weekend - so different to the dals I usually make and enthusiastically embraced by my partner - had to make some changes to suit my pantry but it was delish!

By Maya on Jan 24, 2009

I agree, there are so many variations and its confusing sometimes. Yours looks great and creamy..

By Jamie on Jan 23, 2009

DK, the dal looks perfect. I must say that dal is so hard for me to make. I have tried it a few times, but I just can't seem to get it right. I am definitely going to try this recipe as you described everything so well...

quick question you cook the lentils in the water that you soak them in? If so, how much water do you suggest?

By Curry Leaf on Jan 23, 2009

Creamy comfortness.I make in a similar way,but avoid bengal gram.I too soak extra time.Looks lovely and delish

By veggie belly on Jan 23, 2009

Creamy lentils are so comforting to have! The flavors and spices in this sound great.

By DEESHA on Jan 23, 2009

i always love Dal Makhani, but I've never made it at home somehow cuz black urad dal is usually not stocked in my pantry, I have been wanting to make this .. looks yumm

By Sunshinemom on Jan 23, 2009

I love this too! Easy and impressive! Yours looks delicious!

By Asha on Jan 23, 2009

Do I see cream there? Bad girl!! All my salad went to waste now! ;D

Looks great, I love the earthy taste of black lentils. Enjoy the weekend, busy day for us tomorrow! :))

By SMN on Jan 23, 2009

it is one of my fav and looks so yum..i love it with rice dahi and this one :)

By Happy cook on Jan 23, 2009

I made this dal too , still have to post them.
Looks yummy delicious.

By Vibaas on Jan 22, 2009

i love this and it looks soooo soooo yum.

By Usha on Jan 22, 2009

Looks absolutely yum...loved the spices you have used in this dhal!

By Gita's Kitchen on Jan 22, 2009

The step by step procedures are very useful for first-timers like me...Nice clicks...

By Gita's Kitchen on Jan 22, 2009

The step by step procedures are very useful for first-timers like me...Nice clicks...

By Pavithra Kodical on Jan 22, 2009

Dal makhani looks delicious and creamy :)

By Lisa on Jan 22, 2009

This is one of my favorite Indian dishes and I have made a few different versions. Your version is especially appealing.

By Indhu on Jan 22, 2009

have been wanting to try dal makhani for a long time... excellent pictures :)

By DK on Jan 22, 2009

@Madhu - yes Madhu. I love it too and I meant whole black Urad Dal only. Have added it next to the black lentils.

By Madhu on Jan 22, 2009

Love love Dal makkani,I always use whole mosoordal while making it.Like the spices you have added there...
When you say wholeBlack lentils, is it whole black urad dal ?