How to make quick and simple Vegan Chocolate Icing
I have a friend 'K' who loves chocolate to death. We have many similarities except this. Its indeed funny how we start our conversations every time we talk which goes in the following fashion. Every time she calls me, instead of the customary 'Hello' she would quip 'Started liking chocolate yet?' I would say 'mm..well nope, not yet!', she would reply 'Oh well everything is well with the world then !!!!' I would say 'K, you will never change!' she would then reply 'Clearly nor will you!!!!!! ' ..and then the rest of our conversations will continue. Her craze for chocolate is something I can never relate to, just like she would never contemplate why I run away from them. My mom has a sweet tooth too and I feel really left out amidst all these sweet tooth'ers (!!!! Yay - I invented a word!) So much so, K called me up and told me that her best birthday gift would be a chocolate pouring down from heavens right to her mouth!!!! Too much! Anyways, my first photo is symbolic to her dream although I am sure she would not mind opening her mouth wide open below my chocolate rain instead of that lifeless bowl! For all those Vegan's out there, don't feel bad about all this chocolate shower talk. I have an icing for you which not only takes jiffy to make, but is equally yummy to other versions. This icing is from Indian Cooking author - Tarla Dalal.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Yields: Makes about 1/2 cup (depending on the consistency)
  • 1 cup icing/powdered sugar, sifted
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • About 1/3 cup warm water (this will make it little thin. Add tbsp at a time until you reach your desired¬†consistency)
1. Not much of a step by step method to speak of. Just combine all the ingredients together until well combined. Don't forget to sift the powdered sugar. Makes life much easier when combining all of them together without any lumps. Add water tablespoon by Tablespoon until you get your desired thickness for the glaze. Of course you can always add some extra warm water if you find it too thick for your taste.
That's it. I am sure you have all the ingredients for it in your pantry right now. And it takes less 2 minutes!!! How to make quick and simple Vegan Chocolate Icing

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2 Member Reviews

By Sulekha on Aug 25, 2012


I got your site by chance.. I was looking for some other site and got your's instead \"smiley\" And I don't regret stumbling upon it...\"yes\"

I tried out the vegan chocolate frosting and it turned out very well. Such a simple recipe too. Would you please let me know how to spray a cake with icing? I have a golden spray with me but when I tried to spray it recently on another cake I had made, it was like a puddle on top of the cake with three sprays all randomly done, I must admit. 

By Marlinda on Jul 26, 2010

i made this few times when i sick with the life...hahaha...but its really nice and great to make all stress away!luv chocolate so much and i always try to do new recipes with the choc as well...just play around in the kitchen then u will find the beauty of choc *wink*


By Gloria on Apr 6, 2014

I want a dark bitter chocolate taste. When I tried using Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate with plain water and powdered sugar, it gums up!

By maryam on Jan 12, 2014

:roll: oooh.. its sounds delious and this look is perfect. Im from IRAN and in my idea your web is very professional... and I will be glad if you aware me of your new post... thanks my dear...

By Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes | Your Friend, Jen on Sep 20, 2013

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By Mary on Aug 19, 2013

I made a fruit caqke in the slow cooker(on hich) but it burned round the edge. Should I not have used a cake TIN/ I did double buttered crease proof paper .

By maria on Dec 26, 2012

8) I made this recipe, and it turned out a little watery. I decided to add hazelnuts to make it thicker. I threw the hazelnuts into the magic bullet and viola I had fresh nutella :) It was super delicious.

By pam on Dec 17, 2012

Really sweet and liquidy - I guess it just depends on your taste. Experiment with it before you use it on a birthday cake like I did.

By Swa on Dec 13, 2012

Please answer my query dk dear

By Swa on Nov 22, 2012

Will it become hard after pouring it on the cake. Please answer dk

By Bethcakemad on Jul 15, 2012

:wink: i made this and it was a really good just to drizzle over my cake i added a little orange juice and zezt an it was amazing x :) :-D 8) :!: i put the glaze upon my cake and spinkeled with smarties x it was a real hit

By tammers on Jul 7, 2012

I made frosting that wasnt runny at all with Cocoa powder, coconut oil and agave nectar. comes out AMAZING and paste like so perfect for icing cakes or using as a chocolate spread!!!!!!

By Haley on Jun 6, 2012

in the ingredients when you say icing/powdered sugar, can we choose to use either icing or powdered sugar? because i don't have any vegan icing in my house :(

They are the same thing

By Holiday Desserts - HippyMom - An Evolution of Female Community Parenting Board on Dec 24, 2011

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By Arunima on Nov 18, 2011

i love this recipe!!!it is very helpful. :) even though its very liquidy.

By Fran Fleischhacker on Aug 3, 2011

Are there any vegan chocolate cake recipes with agave instead of sugar? My pregnant daughter loves chocolate, is vegan and won't eat sugar. God bless her little heart! I want to bake for her, please help!

I do not have it Fran, but see if this recipe that I found online helps - Congrats to you and your daughter on the good news :)

By Jasmine on Jan 17, 2011

I made this cake and for icing I used melted plain dark chocolate (vegan) ,if I follow your icing method and add melted dark chocolate will it come out well?

By Vegan chocolate cake and a giveaway winner! « Black Cat Kitchen on Aug 24, 2010

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By Coral Edwards on Mar 29, 2010

Made a cake for a vegan friend, needed a matching icing. This is delicious! I initially made it too runny, but a bit more sifted icing sugar and it was fabulous! Thank you for providing a non creamy version... Saved me, the non-vegan, having to shop for appropriate butter etc... Will pass receipe on! :)

By Dawn on Oct 27, 2009

Very good and so simple!It tastes great with low fat vegan cake!

By CurryLeaf on Oct 6, 2009

WOW,looks great.Rather than buying vegan choco/chips this is better.Perfect click esp the first one

By chocolate shavings on Oct 5, 2009

That looks delicious!

By Madhuram on Oct 4, 2009

I made this frosting for my mother-in-law's birthday cake last month. It's pretty simple but very good too.

By Ambika on Oct 4, 2009

Hey DK, You know I love your blog! Please accept a 'Giant Bear Hug' from me at my blog.

By Pavani on Oct 4, 2009

Frosting looks great DK. I'm not a big choco-fan, but my DH is.. will give this a try.

By Alka on Oct 4, 2009

You are two days late sweetie..I made choco cake in pressure cooker and wanted to make some nice chocolate icing or anything close to that.But Googling lead me to only cream based ones and I simply dislike that. So instead , we ate BARE cake.Wish this post was up two days before..sigh...And Oh did I told you this looks and sounds so wonderful !

By Priya on Oct 4, 2009

Very helpful for many of us...looks prefect DK!

By How to make Vegan Chocolate Glaze | Simple and Quick Icing Recipe … | Diary Koki Bloon on Oct 4, 2009

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By Martin on Oct 4, 2009

Damn those look good... but pretty liquid don't you think? Not too much for me - You can reduce the liquid of course as per your taste , as I mentioned in the post...:) -- DK