Frozen Banana Chocolate Recipe |  Easy Chocolate Dessert recipes
When you have little ones in the house, the need to make something quickly is probably your kitchen mantra.  Mine has been this for the last few months. A lot has been happening at my end and life's been keeping me busier than usual. This probably shows the most in my blog (evidence being lack of posts, duh!) followed by the kind of recipes in my kitchen. Yes, I have been cooking a lot - some new experimental recipes even but mostly its been food that's bordering on keywords like -"Easy", "Quick", "Minimal Ingredients" etc.
Frozen Banana Chocolate Recipe |  Easy Chocolate Dessert recipes
When I said that to a reader few weeks back, she pronto asked me why I have not been blogging them given it would help others in the same boat instead of not blogging anything!. Huh? <scratching head> If I had the time to blog, I could very well cook something more elaborate right?! :) Anyways, last weekend I had a breather and given I was making my little one's favorite snack/dessert, I thought I will take some pictures along the way.
Frozen Banana Chocolate Recipe |  Easy Chocolate Dessert recipes
If you love bananas, chocolate and are nuts about some crunch, then this one will please your palate. We are not chocolate lovers in the house per se, but my little one likes to enjoy some on and off. This is his favorite snack and I don't mind him indulging given that this is on the nutritious side. Instead of butter, I use Coconut oil but you can use butter instead. You can skip the nuts as well and use any of the variations I recommend here.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 4 people
  • Yields: About 15-20 bites depending upon the size of the bananas
  • About 3 small-medium ripe Bananas, see Tips
  • 1 cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips - see Tips
  • 2 Tbsp melted Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, see Tips
  • 2-3 tbsp assorted Nuts (Almonds, Pistachios, Pecans, Hazelnuts, Walnuts etc), (optional)
1. Banana: I personally would recommend using ripe bananas that's not too ripe and/or mushy.
2. Chocolate Chips : You can use any kind you like - dark, semisweet, milk chocolate, white, etc. I used semi-sweet chocolate chips that's soy, nut and dairy free. My only reason to use this is to avoid Soy lecithin that's commonly used as an ingredient. Unless specified as Non GMO or Organic, I tend to personally avoid it.
3. Coconut Oil: I use Coconut oil, but you can use cultured butter instead.

Topping Variations instead of assorted Nuts
1. Crushed Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
2. Toffee Bits
3. Chopped Butterfinger Candy Bars
4. Chopped Salted Peanuts,
5. Toasted Shredded Sweetened Coconut
6. Coarse Sea Salt
7. Sprinkles
8. Granola
9. Chopped Salted Pistachios/ Smoked almonds
10.Cocoa nibs
1. Cut the bananas into bite sized pieces. You really don't need to be fussed about this.
2. Place them on a foil covered baking sheet (or use parchment paper).
3. Poke them with cocktail forks or any other fancy things you might possess in your pantry waiting to be put to good use. Freeze them for about 2 hours or until frozen.
4. Meanwhile dry toast any nuts of your choice.
5. Cool them and chop them coarsely into teeny tiny pieces. Set aside.
6. Stir together the coconut oil and chocolate chips on top of a double boiler. Make sure to melt the oil before using. I used almost 2 tbsp (may be 1.5 tbsp? ) of oil. Keep stirring until the chocolate is melted and all smooth (and velvety).

Note: You can do this in a M/W too. I do not use one hence cannot really advise on the time and/or intervals for stirring.
7. Now remove the frozen banana, dip it in the chocolate - completely or half way as per your liking.
8. You can either sprinkle the nuts on top of it and just roll it on the nuts (this might be little messier but that's the lazy woman's version :))
9. Place it back on the cold baking sheet until dried.
Serve this pronto or re-freeze it until serving. You might have some chocolate sauce leftover that you can cover and store at room temperature (note: Not in the fridge) for up to a month.
Frozen Banana Chocolate Recipe |  Easy Chocolate Dessert recipes

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By sameer on Dec 24, 2014

i like this recipy but how many day its valid to eatable?..

By sameer on Dec 24, 2014

i like this recipy and thought but how many day its valid to eatable?..

By Connie on Nov 20, 2014

I've always just melted the chocolate, it works great. Why add oil or butter?

By Shoba Shrinivasan on Mar 18, 2014

I remember seeing this recipe on foodgawker a couple years ago and although I am not a big fan of frozen banana or even a fresh banana the pics made me drool!!! Nice clicks and a quick fix snack! SHobha

By Anju on Mar 18, 2014

Hi, love the recipe. But any particular reason why coconut oil is used here? How about only melted choc?

I have used it instead of butter. --DK

By jonay on Jan 16, 2014

I have a lot of bananas and want to do something other than make banana bread so this looks great!!!! :-D :lol:

By kiran bathija on Jan 10, 2014

Looks to bee yummy

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By Anitha on Sep 5, 2013

lovely idea..... :roll:

By The Tin Man on Sep 5, 2013

:) The are absolute perfection. How delightful! I cannot wait to make them!

By Divya on Sep 5, 2013

Great Idea. Definitely will try for the next children's get-together