Spinach Cheese Swirls

This is another of those party favors which look not only elegant and yummy but are v simple to make and the prep takes hardly any time and effort. This appetizers not only boasts of simplicity and grandeur but also of such a succulent taste that the entire package is mind blowing. I adapted this recipe from what a colleague made for us during one tea time meeting and I have fallen love with it since then.

So will you, once you make them too. Most of your kitchen's will already have these ingredients at hand, so its a quick one to make.You can use any variation as you please.

  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • Yields: Makes about 10-12 cheese swirls
  • 1 puff pastry sheet, thawed at room temp
  • 1 cup of frozen spinach, thawed and all moisture squeezed dry
  • 2-3 spring onions, chopped
  • Italian seasoning - or simple salt/pepper
  • 1/4-1/2 cup mixed cheese, grated
1. Preheat Oven to 400F. Lay out the pastry sheets on a floured surface and spread it with cheese.
2. Mix the spinach, onions and seasoning in a bowl and then spread it over the cheese.
3. Now slowly roll the sheet from the shortest end closer to you - like a jelly roll.
4. Cut them into slices and either brush it with egg wash or butter.
5. PLace them in a baking sheet and bake them till golden.
6. Serve them warm. :)

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5 Member Reviews

By Bilqeesh on Jan 13, 2012


I also put a lill salsa on the pastry before the cheese, YUMMY :D

Recipe Image

By Shalini on Apr 20, 2011

Just followed the recipe, came out great!

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By Shwetha on Jan 16, 2014

Hi, I've been wanting to make this since quite a while.However I had a doubt.Is it puff pastry sheet or pie pastry sheet? puff pastry sheets are small, right? it won't be big enough to roll it like you've shown. please let me know. Thanks

By shubhi on Feb 15, 2013

hi, wat is pastry sheet actuallyn how can it b substituted???

By shubhi on Feb 15, 2013

hi, wat is pastry sheet actually n how can it be substituted

By gigi on Jan 20, 2013

This recipe looks yummy. I would like to try it and let you know the outcome. Thanks..

By Maithri on Jun 29, 2012

I made this receipe today and tasted great. But i dint had pastry sheets available but tried it with plain flour so not really impressive looks wise.... Thanks for the good receipe DK

By Anusha on Apr 9, 2012

:) Made this today .... yummmy and delicious !!!!!!

By Ati on Nov 1, 2011

What if I don't have pastry sheets available? Can i substitute with leftover pizza dough or something? Or will that rise in the oven and mess things up?

By d on Jul 7, 2010

Hi I was wondering which brand frozen spinach you used? cause usually the frozen ones are quite bitter. thanks

Come to think of it - I have never seen what brand I buy. I have local health store where I buy all organic products and this Organic spinach is what I use. I never had the bitter taste. Will chk it out when I buy frozen ones next time and update here :)

By madhuri on Aug 19, 2009

i have sheets lying in the fridge along with spinach and i got home grown spring onions!!! just need what temperature should I bake these and should I preheat? and for how many min.s..this info would be great... Ihave grated mozarella cheese only/Would it be ok? or becomes soggy?? what is the best cheese to try these swirls? pl let me know dhivya... thanks for the help

Hi Madhuri, I have mentioned in the post itself - Oven temp is 400F. Baking time may vary from Oven to Oven. Once about 10 minutes are over, keep checking for golden and puffy exterior. You can use any cheese u like. Mozarella sounds great. Some parmesan/ Monterey Jack cheese would b great too.

By Kevin on Mar 30, 2009

Those look really tasty!

By Srivalli on Feb 28, 2009

Thats one awesome swirls..wish we had pastry sheets available here!..:((

By Latha Narasimhan on Nov 3, 2008

Saw this in SIRI's roundup! nice recipe. Though we donot get pastry sheets here, I sure to try this dish very soon! :)

By Divya Vikram on Sep 24, 2008

Dhiv.I made these for MBP.My pics are not too good though..Yet they tasted too good.Thanks for the recipe..

By giz on May 28, 2008

You're right - elegant and delicious are two words that would come to mind but not emphatic enough to describe how interesting this is.

By Hetal on May 28, 2008

hey you have done it again,one more delicious recipe from u,wonderful..

By Uma on May 28, 2008

Yum, those spinach cheese swirls are beautiful and colorful and flavorful and delicious.

By lakshmi on May 28, 2008

tell me can these be packaged and sent all the way to chennai?

By Siri on May 28, 2008

*boo face* I wanted to make these swirls.. since ages!. and here u are *ditcher* who made these before me.. *boo face again*.. hehehe

Just kidding re, these look yummy, just perfect!..


By Sia on May 28, 2008

here we go again divya :) i made similar swirls on weekend, almost same ingredients + few nuts for nuts like me;)

By Veda Murthy on May 27, 2008


oh i feel so bad i dont have an oven to experiment these lovely dishes u make


By Madhu on May 27, 2008

Dk that's an awesome appetizer, I would try this very soon.

By Red Chillies on May 27, 2008

Super cool recipe! This is such an easy one and as you said a great appetizer. I love the fact that we do not have to cook the spinach before hand.

By Archy on May 27, 2008

Wow, Looks so yummy !!
Really easy aimple recipe !! Very attractive !!
Shall try soon !! Thanx for the recipe !!

By sowmya on May 27, 2008

yummy...they look so gorgeous..am going to try them..

By sunita on May 27, 2008

Dhivs, this is one of our favourites :-)

By Divya Vikram on May 27, 2008

I have tried the spinach cheese combination using Phyllo dough..Using puff pastry sounds interesting..Perfect appetizer Dhivya

By ranji on May 27, 2008

the cheese swirls llok divine!!loved the cheese oozing out of the pastry!!yummmmm

By KayKat on May 27, 2008

Crazy marathon blogger, you! :)

Those swirls look delicious!

By Arundathi on May 27, 2008

those look absolutely delicious!

By TBC on May 27, 2008

How simple is that! I'm going to try this when I can. Thanks for the recipe.:)

By Hetal on May 27, 2008

Wow..this looks so yummy...have started feeling hungry.Yummy yummy recipe!!

By Happy cook on May 27, 2008