Soft Mysore Pa(k) Recipe | Indian Sweet Recipes
The word "Mysore Pak" does wonders to an Indian's palate (esp. a South Indian). Immediately as if a switch went on, there is an instant drool.  This has to be one of those most complicated yet most loved and popular sweets of all. Takes lots of practice and experience to make but the result - so damn worth it. When I think of Mysore Pak, I think of a sweet which is slightly hard and crumbly with a honey comb texture since that's what I grew up with. But then came another new (and improved?!!?) version from the famous South Indian Sweetmeat shop called Shri Krishna Sweets where they made theirs which was exceedingly soft with a melt-in-the-mouth texture oozing with ghee and sugar. Extremely high calorie and extremely delicious. People thronged in like crazy over these and that passion continues till date. The honey comb texture is still made and loved but these melt-in-the-mouth types, I think,  are a full head ahead in the race.
Soft Mysore Pa(k) Recipe | Indian Sweet Recipes
This version is similar. I say similar and not the exact same cos its not brimming or oozing with ghee nor it is saccharine 'I-am-going-to-puke-sugar-with-another-bite" sweet. But its close. :) It melts just like the ones at the shop and its DELISH. Regular readers know that I am all anti sweets but even I couldn't save myself from a total sugar high (ate 4 big squares without any prodding or begging! Come to think of it, I don't even remember my mom offering one!) Talking of whom, this was made by my mom. She is a queen of Sweets - be it in making them or for eating them- royally. She can survive on those alone - so much unlike me.:) And well - since this is one of the most complicated sweets, it is certainly not an ideal one if you want to capture the steps of making one! Lots of screaming, scolding and cursing happened while this process was being shot . Although the steps below seem to mislead a viewer of the length of the process, let me tell you - it takes only about 15 minutes. The process is extremely fast and it is not 'my-kind-of-recipes'. By that mean which allows for multitasking! I survive on multitasking (not by choice, believe me) and this is move-i-will-bite type of recipe...but man! It is sooo worth it :) We use part oil instead of all ghee and if you made a face - trust me, you will not know it!
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 8+ people
  • Yields: About 15 med-large pieces
  • 1-1/2 cups Gram flour (Besan), sifted
  • 1 cup Ghee (we used solidified)
  • 1 cup Olive oil (light. NOT Extra Virgin). or use all ghee
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
1. Heat the oil and ghee together.
2. In another pan or vessel take the sifted gram flour(besan)
3. Now add few tablespoons of the hot ghee to the flour.
4. Just about 1-2 tbsp enough to mix it a little so that it forms into crumbs. This process is done so that it prevents the flour forming lumps while you add it to the sugar syrup mixture.NOTE You are not roasting the flour here. I know the pan on the stove is misleading but my mother is only pouring the ghee on the flour and mixing it to form crumbs. You can do this on the side on a plate too.
5. Now soft this flour well.
6. Meanwhile mix the water and sugar together in a heavy pan.
7. Let it come to a boil and keep it going until you get a one thread consistency. ( The candy thermometer would show 220º F - 222º F)
8. This is where you need more than one hands (surely not a great situation when you want to take photos).  Keep stirring the pan while you sprinkle the flour evenly all over the syrup's surface. (Please give a warm welcome to my mom's hands at Chef In You ;)) Note: Please get used to the word "stirring" cos from this point on to almost the end of the post I am going to be using this term repeatedly to the point of boredom. But I hope to be excused cos this action is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for the well being of Mysore Pak as well as the consumer later on :)
9. Once all the flour is in and well stirred this is how it will start looking. Mind you - you are still going to keep stirring. Tips : At this point keep the flame to Low-Medium heat. This is to make sure that the flour does not turn red very soon. Also make sure that the ghee mixture on the side is Med-High flame. You want to keep it at that temperature (so keep the flame going for ghee)
10. Take a ladle of ghee mixture and pour it evenly on the flour surface at the same time keeping the stirring going.  The minute you add the hot ghee to the flour, it will froth up like the picture below. Yes, dont worry - we need that :).
11. Continue stirring
12. When you see the flour absorbing the ghee and starts becoming thick (which will be in just few seconds), pour another ladle of ghee. It will froth up again,
13. wait for few seconds till it starts to look like its thickening slightly,
14. add more ghee.
15. Keep stirring.
16. Keep repeating this process and you will soon see that the mixture keeps getting thick and also changes color from bright yellow to brownish yellow. At this point you will also be hit with a amazing aroma of Mysore Pa. The deepening of color is dependent on the flame. If kept high, it will turn deep red (or deep brownish red)
17. Also the flour mixture should start leaving the sides. The stirring action will show that the flour mixture starts moving more easily without sticking to the sides or bottom. As you can see below, the bottom of the pan is seen more clearly than it did before.
18. If you stop stirring for a second, you will also find the mixture rising up with lots of frothing action that it actually starts looking more like the surface of a bubbling molten lava !!.( Sorry I couldn't come up with any other appetizing word. I think its the closest thing to describing how it looks  ) Tip: You can try one trick which my mother insists works more often than not, to find out the correct "padham" or "doneness". While stirring, quickly put a drop of the flour mixture on a plate. You should be able to shape the mixture into a small ball that is soft in consistency. Warning: Make sure that you do this all fast cos the sweet goes from not done to done to overdone in matter of milli seconds.
19. Keep stirring once again - the mixture should now move more freely, will be very aromatic, becomes thick - sort of comes together into a floaty mass and the bottom of the pan is seen more clearly. Tip: When you run the spatula through the middle of the mixture in a straight line, it should part leaving a clear trail. The best example I can think of right now would be like how Moses parted the red sea (!!) - See [ IMAGE ]. Of course it wont stay that way until the followers can pass through!!! But you get the idea. Once you can do that, you know its time for the next step.
20. Take a well greased plate or pan and pour the hot mixture into it.
21. Pat the Pan on the surface couple of times to make sure that the mixture spreads evenly on all sides. Let it sit for some time to cool down a little. You don't want to cool it down all the way. You just want to cool it down until it hardens up a little. This is because you need it to be still soft enough to cut it into shapes. Otherwise it will be too hard to do it properly.
22. Once set, cut them into desirable shapes. We did a simple square.
23. Now cool it completely and then slowly using a knife, remove the pieces.
Yummy, melt-in-the-mouth Mysore Pa all ready to be devoured. If you can stop eating them enough to have leftovers, then store them at room temperature in a zip lock bag or in a regular container. It keeps well for a long time. Soft Mysore Pa(k) Recipe | Indian Sweet Recipes

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13 Member Reviews

By Sujata on Oct 8, 2014

Hi ,mysore paK IS my fav sweet...will try for diwali:) 

By Samreen on Aug 18, 2014

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By diya on Aug 7, 2016

Woooowww super awesome recipe....

By nishi on Aug 7, 2016

Woooww super awesome!!! my mouth is watering ill try ths recipe and ill share my feed back soon......

By sridevi reddipalli on Jul 11, 2016

thank u for sharing this sweet .i will try to prepare this one

By Sruthi Gupta on Jan 28, 2016

I totally love Mysore Pak. The name itself make my mouth water! Thank you for the brilliant recipe.

By Munira Moosa on Nov 5, 2015

You just have an awesome way with words. Your explanation couldn't have been better if you tried. Too good. Thank you.

By Sunita Jacob on Sep 3, 2015

Really ...very well explained...I just loved to go through your recipe... keep it up and your mom's presence is appreciated...will definitely go thru all yr recipes..

By Reema S on Aug 31, 2015

good recipe - Thanks. Now the question is can we do something simply creative with a leftover Mysore pak ??? kheer / payasam ... halwa ? Something pls. I got a box from someone, and ican have no more :)

Grind it in a food processor until smooth. Boil milk along with some cardamom (saffron, roasted nuts, additional sugar if needed, and the works) and then add the mysore pak paste. Stir until combined and you have Mysore Pak Payasam ready :) --DK

By propbuying on Nov 14, 2014

Just tried it today... awesome recipe indeed cheers :))

By Chitra on Oct 21, 2014

HI I tried this recipe yesterday for Diwali, unfortunately i found the raw besan taste coming through. THe consistency of peices were firm and melt in the mouth- the only issue was with the besan- any suggestions on how to resolve that?

By Sujatha Singh on Oct 15, 2014

This is by far the best step by step presentation of Mysore Pak.I can smell the aroma of my grandmother's kitchen as I see this.Thanks for reminding me of that golden era. god bless!! :)

By Preeti on Oct 15, 2014

You have been my Guru for all the Diwalis I've had since marriage(3 years now).Made Gulab jamuns, Kaju barfis, Nei Appaam and they all turned out wonderful. :) :) This year planning to make the above but probably with a twist; wanted to make 'Chocolate Mysore pak'. Can you help me out with that as to what do i add in for the chocolate flavour? was thinking of adding drinking chocolate powder :-? :?: thanks!

By Rav on Aug 17, 2014

Hi, tried this recipe today, initially it was fine and frothy when i added ghee but then suddenly it dried up, thou I was adding ghee little by little, please suggest what possible went wrong? Thanks,

By poornima on Jul 30, 2014

i very much like the mysore pak its sweet dish and also make heart happy

By Rekha on Jul 20, 2014

Good sweet. I will defenetly try this sweet. Thank u

By KANDHASAMY.M on Jul 8, 2014

super website

By Mrs srinivasan on Mar 21, 2014

I like all of your kitchen recipes. Every morning I feel like opening you site. Thanks. Mrs srinivasan

By Collin on Mar 16, 2014

Thanks for the great recipe. I suspect this recipe can be easily veganized by substituting Earth Balance Vegan Spread for the Ghee.

By Mysore Pak tricky! on Jan 31, 2014

:-? Oh wow this recipe was a very interesting one. It definitely takes practice and precision!! I am working on learning to make Indian sweets nowadays and I thought I would take on this was quite a challenge. I threw out my first batch as the flour got overcooked immediately after adding it to the sugar syrup and I was left with a mass of dark brown crumbles. In the second batch, well I ran out of butter and ghee so I had to use mostly oil so I am hoping I don't miss that buttery or nutty ghee flavor! Also, I had a film of water over my mysore pak after I poured it into a square pan to set. Overall, this was quite an undertaking and it will need more practice. Note to people using electric really need to boil the sugar syrup on a very low setting, because it can get overheated easily! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

By pacman on Jan 27, 2014


By Janson . T on Jan 26, 2014

If u add one pinch of cardamom powder it tastes excellent

By Vasu on Jan 5, 2014

I made them today and it came out very well! But I can still taste raw Besan...would you recommend to fry the Besan at the beginning to avoid it?

By Bharathi on Nov 2, 2013

DK I have tried many recipes from your site and last night Mysore Pak. Came out very well, Thank You! Only thing is I can smell Olive oil in that mysore pak, so wondering if there is any other oil that we can substitute for olive oil? Happy Diwali to you!

By Sudha on Oct 31, 2013

Thank you for a recipe that works consistently and reproducibility!

By Richa Sainani on Oct 25, 2013

I tried the mysore pak recipe and it came up really well. My parents loved it.

By Calvin on Aug 27, 2013

If you can't find ghee and are making your own substitute from butter, be sure to let it toast some before clarifying it or you will lose some of that nutty flavor of ghee.

By Angela Torrance on Jul 26, 2013

:lol: looks a lot like Scottish tablet but we dont use any flour very sweet and once you start eating it it is very hard tp stop!!

By neets on Jul 12, 2013

wow nice to see this sure i am going try this soonnnnnnn for my Daughter

By bina on Mar 19, 2013

well orliande..ghee is nothing but clarified just take some unsalted butter and heat it on slow flame.till it gives a clear light brown liquid.

By Roshni on Mar 18, 2013

Turned chewy :(

By orliande on Mar 15, 2013

:) what can i use instead if ghee or can We find it in a indian shop. thanks

By shana on Mar 10, 2013

wow wat a job i like it :!:

By lionel on Feb 15, 2013

:-P Chef Good Job............

By prasanna on Feb 14, 2013

hi iam a first time user of ur website .. and found actually interesting ... i want to make this mysorepak .. but i never made sweets with sugar syrup before .. do u think it is possible to me to prepare this?

By jasminansari on Feb 13, 2013

the photographs and explanations are very nice thanks for that i will try

By Food | Pearltrees on Feb 12, 2013

[...] Mysore Pak Recipe | Krishna Sweets styled Mysore Pa Recipe The word <b>"Mysore Pak" </b>does wonders to an Indian's palate (esp. a South Indian). Immediately as if a switch went on, there is an instant drool. This has to be one of those most complicated yet most loved and popular sweets of all. Takes lots of practice and experience to make but the result - so damn worth it. When I think of Mysore Pak, I think of a sweet which is slightly hard and crumbly with a honey comb texture since that's what I grew up with. [...]

By raman on Jan 30, 2013

:oops: :oops: :evil: :-| :wink: 8)

By lionel on Jan 19, 2013

I will try this sweet thanks...........

By A post to say Thank you « Food and Fiction on Dec 10, 2012

[...] This method gave me the most amazing homemade mysore paks I had ever had. For a detailed recipe please refer here. [...]

By Kalps on Dec 4, 2012

Yummy..gonna try it soon...

By pepperbowl on Dec 4, 2012

my husband is big fan of mysore pak, I tried in different ways, but this method seems to be come out well. and thanks for step by step procedure for every second...

By celestine on Dec 4, 2012

I will try this it looks very simple

By | DIWALI SWEETS on Nov 23, 2012

[...] Mysore Pak (soft) [...]

By Mayur on Nov 18, 2012

Hi DK, This was a wonderful explanation! I was able to follow every step exactly as you mentioned it. The only part I was not so satisfied is that personally I felt it came out bit hard :( would u plz be able to help me figure out what just went wrong!!! :roll:

May be it was overcooked a bit --DK

By Anitha on Nov 9, 2012

Hi I just tried ur recipe. I noticed tht u hav not actually mentioned how long 1 should roast the flour (4th point) I had to refer similar sites for it. btw ones the besan is actually added to the syrup the entire process happens so quickly. Sad tht I couldnt make the "padham" exactly this time :( . my just finished hot mysore pak doesnt actually luk soft, Infact the mixture tht i poured on to the tray was not liquidy like urs.

I havent mentioned the time for roasting the flour 'Cos I am NOT roasting the flour. It only says "add few tablespoons of the hot ghee to the flour" and mix it so that it forms crumbs...I am not actually roasting anything here...I know the pan on the stove is misleading if you are not reading what the point says..I will put an additional note in there --DK

By Muhammad Saeed on Oct 20, 2012

tons of thanks this is quite nice recipe please keep posted us with such a nince food recipes will try this tomorrow at my home as i am in office now hey thanks and good day

By Sulochana Sharma on Oct 6, 2012

Your instructions for Mysorepak are really good and very easy to follow even for a novice. I keep making this sweet quite regularly and it does come out very well. After reading the procedure given step by step, I just wanted to congratulate for the whole recipe.

By Vasudha on Sep 16, 2012

Hi. I tried every single step of urs. the sugar paagu was perfect. but when i started adding the flour it became lumps n there was no syrup left to add all the flour :P what could have been the mistake. the end result was mysore podi :'( its my most fav sweet. can u help me pls....

By Preethi on Sep 16, 2012

Excellent Recipe came out so so so so well... Thanks for your detailed explanation.. Appreciate it!!

By Swapna on Sep 15, 2012

Thanks for the recipe...I made this today and came out yummy

By Kalpana on Aug 23, 2012

I am not fond of sweets, so I never try sweets, especially the ones with sugar syrup:( (un)fortunately my daughter had Krishna sweets Mysore pak @ friends and kept asking me to make it at home. I kept pushing it, but made arrangements to get actual Krishna sweets Mysore pak for her. With a week left for the sweets to arrive she lost her patience (she is 6yrs old and u know what I mean) and wanted it that evening. I tried this recipe that day and told her it was my first time and chances are it won't be good. But I was wrong, I was shocked to see the end result, it was awesome and my daughter said mine was better than Krishna sweets Mysore pak:))) thanks for this recipe and I definitely did sleep peacefully that night and so did my daughter :)

That is the best compliment I can hope to get EVER! Have to say, I m glad your daughter kept insisting 'cos now she made 3 ppl (including herself) immensely happy! Thank YOU :) --DK

By sk on Aug 6, 2012

This is the first tine I tried to make Mysorepak,and this was the first website I looked at.came out wonderful!!! Served to friends and no one could believe it was homemade.I ate the SriKrishna variety only once before and fell in love with it.But being in U.S missed it a lot.Now its at my fingertips and 30 mins away.thank you so much!

By ratna on Jul 17, 2012

hey! great way of expalining things... thumbs up for that! I have sweet tooth, but m forbidden to have ghee :cry: please gimme an idea about oil free or less oil sweet! :) thanx.

By snn on Jun 16, 2012

coooool i love this..............

By Rabia on Jun 14, 2012

Born Mysorean, love mysorepak, and you are a wonderful narrator! Perfect instructions with beautiful sense of humor.

By Hema on May 10, 2012

I made this right came sooooooooooooooooooooo very well. Its like unbelievable to me. Thanks for posting this recipe. Another Thanks for explaining it soooooooooooooo well.

By Tom on May 6, 2012

Any chance of this working without Ghee? We vegans like sweets too!

By pinky on Apr 6, 2012

Thanks for the detailed receipe with your lovely tips. i read the blog half an hour ago and tried mysore pak... but i dnt know what went wrong it was extremely brittle. the moment i was putting oil in the same ( the third time) i saw it was not at all like a paste but chura. still i managed to put that in the bowl and pressed it with some bowl. but my final outcome was not smooth one... the taste was awsome, it melted the moment i kept in my mouth but all broke with very few pieces intact.. i think they too will break once i hold them to eat.... PLS let me know what went wrong so that next time i can correct.... :roll:

If the mixture turned crumbly then it means that it was overcooked. You should have removed it few seconds before that. This sweet is indeed tricky in the sense that it gets overdone in matter of seconds. Please do refer my steps 18 and 19 for more details. I personally vouch for step 18 where I keep a small plate just nearby and drop a little of the mixture occasionally to see if I have reached the state of "done"ness. Hope this helps you the next time in making the perfect consistency. --DK

By Priya Naveen on Mar 12, 2012

I don't know what went wrong. I was slowly adding the flour the sugar syrup n half way thru the sugar surup sucked up all the flour ( I still had remaining flour) and it started forming lumps...:( my first attempt... thought of suprising hubby for our anniversary...:(. I started adding ghee in the hope of making it smooth but to it was still lumps and finnaly at one point the ghee started oozing out but i still had the lumps. I have transfered into a greased pan hoping i make some shape...:(. Dk can you tell what would have gone wrong. I used 2 cups sugar, 1/2 cup water and got the 1 string kambi patham... I like to try agian if you could clarify my doubts Thanks Priya Naveen

mm...First of all - Happy Anniversary Priya :) Sweet wife, you sure are to attempt an immensely tricky but awesome sweet for this occasion. But don't give up. Lets see - Did you follow the first step of adding HOT ghee to the flour and then when it forms crumbs, sifting it into fine flour? This is done precisely to avoid the lump formation when adding it to sugar syrup. See Step 4. Also there should be lot of stirring. You have to keep moving your hands, stirring them non stop. See Step 8. --DK

By johana on Nov 20, 2011

Looks simply yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well it looks great. Mouth waterinG!! LOL :) OMG!!!

By Saravanan on Oct 26, 2011

Hi I tried your recipe, but it came ordinary Mysore pak not melt Mysore pak. What could be the wrong thing I did?. Can you explain what the difference between ordinary Mysore pak vs melt Mysore pak by recipe or incredients/preparation methods. It seems both type have the same steps to prepare.

By Shobs on Oct 24, 2011

I am in search of the perfect Mysore pa recipe and will surelytrythis tomorrow. But I want the crunchy one too. Anyplace I can get that recipe?

By donpin on Oct 19, 2011

you are awesome with your explanations and make one want to read and read. love the subtle sense of humour thrownin hear and there.

By Kavitha- on Oct 17, 2011

Hi, I tried this with exactly 1/2 measurements and full ghee, but unfortunately it went out into crumbs ... I think I reached overdone stage. Is that right ? Please clarify. So that i can stop it the stage before the overdone one. You are correct, it happend in milliseconds.

Yes, unfortunately I think it was overdone and u kept it a tad longer...well Mysore Pa is a v difficult sweet so dont think twice about the test I have mentioned in Step 18. It might help the next time to get that perfect consistency.

By rajashree on Sep 4, 2011

it looks super.i will make this for my wedding day this week

By usha on Aug 21, 2011

One clarification. whether besan is raw or fried


By sailaja on Jul 16, 2011

:lol: :lol: i loved this recipe and i will try.thx

By Indian Sweets | INDIAN FOOD on Jun 19, 2011

[...] Soft Mysore Pa Recipe | Traditional South Indian Sweets | Chef In YouDescription : Rich, ghee laden Krishna sweets discovery Mysore Pa(k) is one of most loved and popular sweets – more popular than its counterpart which has honey comb texture. .. [...]

By Srujan on Jun 12, 2011

Hi! I love your recipes and the way you write. You should start your channel on youtube and post videos of your recipes. Thanx for this wonderful recipe.

By Priya Mohan on Jun 6, 2011

Hi, me and my mom made this but it did not come out like a paste (as seen in the above pictures). It came out more like a thick greasy dough. I think this part is where we went wrong: "Just about 1-2 tbsp enough to mix it a little so that it forms into crumbs. This process is done so that it prevents the flour forming lumps while you add it to the sugar syrup mixture." Do we have to leave out the not-so-fine parts of the flour and make the mysore pak with the fine flour, or should we use the whole thing? I also felt like the proportions were not right. By the way, it definitely more than 15 minutes to do this. :(

And this is why Mysore Pak is a difficult sweet to conquer :). Now to answer your query - You have to press the crumbs into fine powder and add them too. If you discarded it, that might explain why your proportions are off.Actually my mom made this in 13 min. I put 15 min hence :)

By Radha Rayasam on May 31, 2011

:-D :-D :-D :-D You are a gifted writer! You should write comic skits too, no kidding! Moses bidding the sea to part, lava gurgling.....buahahaaha.......and introducing your mom's hand, too cute. One of my most favorite recipes. Almost rolled off the couch laughing! Fab recipe, will try soon! Love.

By sunitha on May 25, 2011

Hi Myself and another friend of mine tried this Mysore Pak recipe, I dont believe it, it turned out soooo gooood :lol: for the first try itself. I just love your website, my search ends here for Mysore Pak. Thanks a ton, Keep posting.

By Nivedita on May 21, 2011

Can I take the risk of making it??? wonderful photo stream. thanks, hopefully to try one day.

By archana on Apr 26, 2011

hi if i dont want to use olive oil can i substitute with oil and if so then what will be my measurement coz adding another 1 cup ghee wud be too much plz hepl i would like to make these

By sunita on Apr 26, 2011

if i do not want to add olive oil then i have to add another cup of ghee right that means 2 cups of ghee

By jyothi on Apr 24, 2011

hi your mysore pak looks so wonderful, can we use exra virgin olive oil for this.

By sreelu on Apr 24, 2011

My god such a well documented recipe , you make it seem so easy to cook. DK you know I am stone throw away right, if you ever need taste tester remember me :) I would love to try this out for upcoming puja at home.

By Ranjini on Apr 24, 2011

:) tried this "lite" mysore pak and loved it. Only slight change was I used only 3/4 cup olive oil and 1 cup ghee, was enough.Thanks!

By Preetha on Apr 23, 2011

Thank you for sharing this recipe, complete with nice pics, clear instructions and a sneak peak at mummy's hand too! :wink:

By Viji on Apr 22, 2011

Came out very well DK. Hope little one is doing well and you enjoy your mom's care. Viji

By Vardhini on Apr 22, 2011

I only have EVOO. Can we use canola oil? Vardhini

Any refined oil. Not mustard oil /gingely oil /soya bean oil etc. becasuse they have some kind of odour/distinct taste. You can also use dalda,(vanaspathi )instead of ghee.

By Vardhini on Apr 21, 2011

I only have EVOO. Is it ok to use that or canola oil? Checking before I buy regular olive oil. Vardhini

By Vardhini on Apr 21, 2011

Good that I checked back the comments. I only have EVOO. Can canola oil be used or should I be using the regular olive oil.

By shaikhmohammed on Apr 21, 2011

i would simply say -fantastic- awesome. excellent way for explaination.

By Sudha on Apr 21, 2011

:wink: Looks amazing :)

By Indrani on Apr 21, 2011

DK, you can make any recipe look so simple, your step-by-step pics are always so helpful, god bless u, will try to make it one day from your tutorial, bookmarked, pica are droolworthy

By Lata Raja on Apr 20, 2011

What was i thinking when I said "I just can't believe it"? sorry if itdid not make the intended sense...too good to belive would be right:) I can't take my eyes off the screen!

By Divya Vikram on Apr 20, 2011

The pics look adorable DK. You should have made a video while your mom was making this :)

By Sanyukta gour on Apr 20, 2011

Looks absolutely yummy n mouthwatering... Growing up my grandpa always use to take us kids to taste fresh sweet from our sweet shop..memories refreshed with this Mysore pak.. First time here..u hv a lovely space..visit mine as time permits...following u dear... Sanyukta

By Jay on Apr 20, 2011

What kind of olive oil is used here? I mean is it the light or dark (EVOO) coz I have only the EVOO variety at home all the time.

Its light - regular olive oil. Not Extra Virgin. I personally think EVOO is too fruity for this sweet

By Vimitha on Apr 20, 2011

Melt-in-d-mouth mysore paks look so yum

By Vardhini on Apr 20, 2011

Oh no this is not fair DK. I now have to make 'coz my hubby loves this sweet.

By Champa on Apr 20, 2011

Looks great. I don't make this for the fear of eating the whole tray.

By Lata Raja on Apr 20, 2011

Ghee and olive oil...I just can't believe it:) Got to try it!

By Padmajha on Apr 20, 2011

The moment I saw the title I was reminded of SKS. I generally don't buy this because, as u said, its too much ghee and too sweet for my taste.I am tempted to try this but wondering if I will get it right.The clicks are extremely tempting.

By Betty on Apr 20, 2011

I never knew that mysore pak is something that can be made at home. I thought the process might be more complex. But your way looks simple. I am gonna try this for the evening snack :) Thank you for the receipe.

By sunita sil on Apr 20, 2011

good and easy one my god how you cus manage with 2 hands of yrs i mean cooking and then thesebeautiful delicious photos yummmmmmmmmmmm? god provided you how many hands while making these????????????????

By Hari Chandana on Apr 20, 2011

Looks simply delicious and perfect.. thanks for the recipe :) Indian Cuisine

By Priya on Apr 20, 2011

Omg, those mysorepak bites tempts me a lot, i can finish it without any hesitation,am drooling over those irresistible pieces..

By Rajani@eatwritethink on Apr 20, 2011

oops okay step 1 got it :wink:

By Rajani@eatwritethink on Apr 20, 2011

hey cool... so at what point do you add the olive oil? sorry i didnt get that in the post?

By Nishi on Apr 19, 2011

These Mysore Pak reminds me of Venkateshvara sweets in Bangalore. I? think they make the best Mysore pak ever. It's hard to believe that yours is soo low in ghee and sugar. This is an awesome recipe :)

By arundati on Apr 19, 2011

sks mysore paa was on the must take back home list when i was studying in coimbatore, funnily when they opened shop in hyderabad, i've never bought it... this post made me drool all over my computer!

By prathibha on Apr 19, 2011

I just love the mysore pa of krishna sweets...recently my MIL has sent me a pack of it which I consumed all this like any thing...looks superb..loved the way u hv written wid care..:)