Blueberry Cake Eggless

There are some recipes, which work so well under your finger's supervision, play along with you as you cook, behave exactly how you dream that it should and come out looking like a winner! They are simply perfect for all occasions - be it a birthday party, a potluck or for that cozy tea with your loved one. Less time in kitchen but the result makes you look like a superwoman - who just managed to finish office work, tidy up home, make something looking shop bought yet look looking fresh and all reared up to go!

Among such recipes is this Blueberry Coffee Cake! The prep time is a laugh and the taste worthy of hours of effort. I have adapted this recipe from TasteofHome magazine where I have made it eggless. Its a total keeper with a wonderful crust yet soft as you nibble through it. Tastes perfect for evening tea - though coffeecake nevertheless! ;-)

  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Yields: Makes around 10 Servings
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup butter, at room temperature
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup applesauce
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 cup low fat sour cream
  • 1 cup fresh/frozen blueberries ( dont thaw if frozen)
  • 3-4 tbsp cinnamon sugar ( add sugar + cinnamon powder) for topping
If you want to Bake using Microwave pls refer to these articles 1) How to Bake in Microwave 2) How to Bake in Microwave Convection Oven For making Substitutions please refer my handy chart 1) Baking substitutions 2)Egg Substitutions
1. Cream the sugar and butter together.
2. Add the applesauce and vanilla and blend some more.
3. Combine the dry ingredients except blueberry in a bowl, mix well.
4. Add these slowly to the wet ingredients alternating with Sour cream and blend. Fold in the blueberries.
5. Grease a Cake tin and spoon half the batter into the pan. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and then spoon the remaining batter. Top it off with some more of the topping.
6. Bake in a preheated 350F oven for 40-45 min or until the skewer inserted in the center comes out clean.

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2 Member Reviews

By Apeksha on Aug 30, 2012

The cake came out just perfect, i replaced the sour cream with equal amount of cream cheese and 1/4 cup of yogurt and the cake came out just perfect.....

Recipe Image

By Siri on Nov 6, 2010

I made this cake yesterday for the Diwali potluck party and it was an instant hit, though there were other contenders like Rasgulla, Double Ka Meetha etc. Perfect amount of sweetness - from both sugar and blueberries, lovely flavor from cinnamon topping. In short, everything about this cake is just Perfect. Thanks babes for such a keeper recipe!

More about this at -

Loads of Hugs,



By Pete on Jan 31, 2016

Delicious. My son has egg allergies so this recipe is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks !

By Rajinder on Jan 30, 2016

Fantastic! I followed the recipe but made cupcakes instead so baking time was reduced to 20-2mins. Cupcakes were perfect! My son is allergiec to eggs and this was a hit! Will definitely make this again! Looking to blend in chocolate chips or finely diced of shredded apples next time.

By Kristin on Jan 27, 2015

Awesome recipe! I made in a 9x13 pan and just put the cinnamon/sugar on top; would have been perfect if I had just made it into a crumble though. Will make again.

By Ellie on Aug 14, 2013

Thanks a million for sharing this recipe, DK! No blueberries on hand, so I made it with chopped apples yesterday. Yum! Only had one problem, I think I used a cake pan that was slightly too small because my cake came out very tall, but by the time it was cooked through in the middle, it was just a tad burnt around the edges. Next time I'll try a roomier pan. Anyways thanks again! This is a keeper.

By anne on Aug 7, 2013

This looks very good. I'm allergic to eggs and am very anxious to try this--it sounds delicious. Can this be baked in a square or rectangular pan? Anne

By Suzanne on Jun 19, 2013

Can I replace the sour cream for non dairy food. Soy , egg, nuts, lentils are not the option either As my daughter is allergic to them all :( Please let me know if I could bake this? Also if you have any cake recipe W/o all the above Ingredients plz let me know. Thanks :)

mm..would something like avocado appeal to you? I am not sure how it would in this recipe but it can be used as a sour cream sub. Pls refer this : Hope this gives you an idea to take things forward --DK

By on Jun 14, 2013

I would love to know the nutritional breakdown; such as how much fat per serving. Thanks so much!

By maha on Jun 17, 2012

:wink: very nice

By ann on Mar 21, 2012

This has become one of my favorite recipes and I make it often. I especially appreciate that it's eggless. I use sweetened applesauce and add 1/3 cup chopped walnuts to the batter. It looks attractive and is quite scrumptious.

By Chaitra Makam on Dec 8, 2011

Hey wanted to know if i can just omit blueberries and make it a plain cake. with some almond extract. Also does it fill 2 8" pans? or should i make it twice?

By Shivani on Jul 16, 2011

i tried many shops culdnt find applesauce...tell me can i use coke or anything else instead of tat...please reply soon..iam already using yoghurt instead of sour cream...

By Shivani on Jul 15, 2011

can i use canned blueberry as fresh n frozen r not available easily here in India

I havent used canned blueberries but I think you can use one on one substitute after draining the canned blueberries.

By Shivani on Jul 15, 2011

:-P wow lovely cake...wantd to knw if i can use canned blueberry as fresh n frozen r not available in market in India...

By Namrata on Jan 31, 2011

Lovely..want to try it. But was wondering can I make it in loaf/muffin/regular cake pan. Don't have bundt pan.

Oh yes..u most def can

By Aparna on Dec 3, 2010

Lovely recipe. lots of tips too to make things easier. Hope to get into your "i made you recipe" thing soon. good work. cheers

By skghali on Dec 2, 2010

looks good I found what I wanted ...AN EGGLESS CAKE. I will definitely make this cake.I also liked the replacements suggested in responses :)

By Anuradha on Dec 1, 2010

yummy.... i m surely gonna make this very soon.... i just have one question... how to make this cake in a microwave oven???

I have updated the Ingredients section with the links for making it easier using m/w

By alka c singh on Sep 24, 2010

Hey DK! Can I substitute butter with any healthier alternatives w/o affecting the taste very much? Thanx!

By Ash on Jul 2, 2010

But,But ,Where is the cofee..As it says coffee.Or is it Toffee...

The term "coffeecake" or "Tea Bread" is usually used in connotation to "any cake or sweet bread usually served with coffee/Tea" and does not necc. always mean that it contains Coffee or tea :)

By nana on Mar 16, 2010

where are the eggs :?:

This is an Eggless recipe as its suggested in the title. If you want to use eggs - use 2 eggs slightly beaten instead of applesauce --DK

By nana on Mar 16, 2010

the cake look lovely

By hema on Jan 28, 2010

hai this recipe is very nice... can u plz show how to make eggless vanilla cake for birthday and fruit cake also. i tried fruit cake lot of time good, but i just want from u....coz ur baking recipes are very nice..........

Hey Hema, thank you so much for your words. I have one Eggless Vanilla cake coming up at Chef In you. Will surely try to post a fruit cake too. Are you looking for an eggless Fruit cake too? --DK

By Sanc on Jan 19, 2010

Hi Divya, I dont have baking soda. Can i omit it or how can i replace it. I read a couple of articles and its pretty confusing. Sanc

One of the most difficult substitutions in baking is for Baking soda. There is no exact substitution like many others and you would have to adjust other ingredients in the recipe..I have given 3 substitutions in my Baking Substitutes 101 post with one being ideal - chk it out. Hope that helps :) --DK

By DK on Feb 27, 2009

Hi Ruchi, I have updated that step to be more precise. Just alternate the sour cream while adding the dry ingredients to the wet. This is just to make sure that the dry and wet ingredients mix well together. Once that is done, stir in the blueberries gently. Hope this helps. Thanks for asking and pointing out :)

By Ruchi on Feb 27, 2009

I got here thru Madhuram's blog -thanks for the recipe. Could you please tell me at what stage do you add the sour cream?

By DK on Feb 26, 2009

Hi Anon - I know how that is having lived in a cold place myself. You can of course use microwave..another method would be to preheat Oven to warm and then place the butter there..the oven will act as a place with warmer temp. Keep it until softened, u can use oven since you would be switching it on to make the cake anyways :) Hope this helps. Wud luv to know how it turned out for you

By Anonymous on Feb 26, 2009

I am staying in a very cold place, even if I keep my butter stick out for days it would be hard. How shlould i soften it? Put it in the microwave for few seconds?

By Vidya on Jan 23, 2009

Hey this looks gonna try this for sure!

By DK on Jan 15, 2009

@all Thank you for your wonderful comments.

@Elaine : You can replace the applesauce with 2 eggs and it comes out more amazing than it already is. I used as an egg replacement.

As for Sour cream is concerned - Though I have not tried to make this cake this way - I know that usually Yogurt can be used to replace sour cream. Try same measure of plain yogurt (full fat preferable).

Hope this helps :)

By Elaine on Jan 15, 2009

hi, i would like to ask if i can omit the applesauce and the sour cream, any replacement?

By Sunshinemom on Jan 12, 2009

I won't ask for coffee or tea - just this will do!!

By Curry Leaf on Dec 28, 2008

Love the fact that its eggless.Looks too perfect.Perfect for coffee or with tea as well.

By Madhuram on Dec 26, 2008

Lovely cake DK. I don't have this pan, gotta buy it soon. Send this one also to my pured fruit event. It's unitl Dec 31st.

By Swapna on Dec 26, 2008

Lovely cake!!!

By Vaishali on Dec 26, 2008

Nice recipe, Divya, and the blueberries must make the cake really delicious. Love that it's eggless too!

By Red Chillies on Dec 25, 2008

Very nice cake and i love it for the fact that it is eggless and has lots of berries.

Happy Holidays and Happy New year, DK!

By Uma on Dec 25, 2008

lovely cake! perfect with tea. Yum!

By Alka on Dec 25, 2008

looks awesome...sorry about my wandering mind but it reminded me of hot and crispy Medu wadas ...lolz
Recipe indeed sounds simple,thnks for sharing :-)