Healthy Carrot Soup Recipe
Rich orange color, aromatic with pleasing appetizing look, the sweetness of the carrot counterbalanced beautifully by the potatoes, celery and a touch of saffron, very nutritious and immensely beneficial to palate, sight and health - That's the elevator pitch for this carrot soup which I am going to give you. Not that it needs one! I classify recipes in a broader category of three. First - the ones which don't need anyone doing the PR work for them - they talk for themselves with their beauty and class. Second - They need slight help, a little intro - not much but a little push for ppl to look into its direction. Third - It needs heavy PR (for looks/taste/sense of smell etc)- but only till ppl hit the groove, after that they can talk for their own too
Healthy Carrot Soup Recipe
This one, I think fits the first category beautifully! It stands out and what more - its v healthy. Its not what I call as a typical hollywood wannabe - No plastic surgery, No flashy makeup, No overpowering perfumes or a sleazy demeanor. Its a natural. Soups as you all will agree with me, is one of the most healthiest way of eating/consuming food. Less cooking, Less processing, no need of heavy fat is what makes it earthy and nutritious. But even for such a dish - a little butter, cream, too much cooking can veto the very purpose of the recipe. Healthy Carrot Soup Recipe I have made this recipe, the way I make most of my soups with all their nutrition intact. How? Steaming! Lesser contact with water, more nutritious the vegetables. Boiling can strip the nutrition from the vegetables if you are not careful and do not follow some basic principles of boiling ( That's for another post). I steamed the chunk of the vegetables (that gives that beautiful rich orange color) and then right away process them for the soup. Adding milk is optional - I use skim milk - but its way better than cream. I use 1/4 tsp of oil. Lets go into the ingredients and the step by step pictorial shall we?
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • 2 large carrots, chopped into chunks (just scrub and clean the carrots. don't peel)
  • 1 potato, chopped into chunks (with the skin on)
  • 1 celery, (with leaves? all the more better)
  • 1/2 cup skim milk
  • 1 onion, chopped roughly
  • 1-2 garlic cloves, chopped
  • pinch of saffron
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • cilantro to garnish
1. Steam the carrots and potatoes for 2-4 minutes. They don't have to become super soft - just soft enough to be able to process in your food processor
2. Warm the skim milk slightly and mix the saffron with it. Set aside. The milk is for adding bit of protein to the dish.
3. In a skillet, heat 1/4 tsp of oil (you can easily skip it..just add salt to the onions to help it sweat it out), add the onions, garlic,chopped celery and salt to it
4. and cook it until soft. About 1-2 minutes.
5. Now transfer the contents of the skillet to a food processor, add the steamed vegetables.
6. Process it well.
7. Transfer it back to the saucepan, let it heat up - then bring it down to a simmer. Add the saffron milk
8. Stir it for 1-2 minutes and turn off the heat.
Serve warm. Its a very hearty soup, deliciously thick. If too thick for you, then add a little water/milk until it gets to your preferred consistency and season it accordingly. Add lots of pepper and enjoy! Healthy Carrot Soup Recipe

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5 Member Reviews

By Supriya on Jun 29, 2012

Oh I enjoyed making this recipie and it turned it great!! One thing I noticed was that the taste of aloo was quite prominent. Any tips on how I cna reduce the taste of aloo. But that apart, I really loved making this, and family enjoyed drinking it too. Thanks!

Recipe Image

By Priyanka on Mar 18, 2011

Do visit my blog to know how I made and to know my variation \"laugh\"

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By Kaladia on Feb 19, 2014

I made this today. Kind of taste sweet perhaps I didn't include enough celery? Just had my daughter add a bay leaf and zest of a grapefruit peel. Hope this adds the zing I'm looking for. However I do like the consistency of it. Thanks for the recipe.

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By mary on Jan 11, 2013

try adding some orange peel and a bay leaf it will make all the difference

By mary on Jan 11, 2013

try adding a little orange peel and a bay leaf. it will make all the difference

By clint on Mar 29, 2012

Neelam I love this soup and usually just have it with some crusty bread. Delicious.

By Neelam Masand on Mar 27, 2012

:wink: I'm making this one tọ̥dåy̲. My̲ husband jus loves soups so does my̲ daughter. But I need å little help here. What else do I serve with this soup for lunch so τhaτ its å complete meal 4 them? Gimme some idea with recipes pls *wink*

By Thamarai on Feb 6, 2012

DK! My husband and I try to go vegan. So I skipped the milk and even the onion and garlic since we don't buy these. Yet the soup tasted delicious! The carrot-celery combination with some curry powder and lots of pepper is an absolute winner! I also made celery soup last night. it was very soothing for V's sore throat. Thanks again for this winning recipe. We hate carrot poriyal. So this is a perfect way to get it in!

By Gaelle on Jan 30, 2012

I wonder how this would do with purple carrots...

By Recipes | Pearltrees on Jan 21, 2012

[...] Not that it needs one! I classify recipes in a broader category of three. First - the ones which don't need anyone doing the PR work for them - they talk for themselves with their beauty and class. Second - They need slight help, a little intro - not much but a little push for ppl to look into its direction. Healthy Carrot Soup Recipe | Low Calorie Soup Recipes | Chef In You - StumbleUpon [...]

By handmeafork on Feb 14, 2011

You can't really go wrong here. I made a very similar recipe the other day except I used honey and fresh thyme. This is the perfect recipe when you have extra carrots laying around. Here is my recipe:

By nikki on Nov 5, 2010

I know this is an older post, but I just found it. My question is; how much soup does this recipe make? I have a LOT of carrots, and a number of mouths to feed. :) thanks!

Serves 3-4 ppl

By on Apr 8, 2010

Carrots for health and beauty cooking... Carrots for health and beauty cooking Carrots with their roots taste sweet and refreshing and distinctive aroma are very popular. For health Carrots contain loads of minerals and trace elements, vitamins C, B, D, E, K and pro-carotene, vitamin A ......

By tazer on Mar 3, 2010

wow i love it and its creamy so creamy dreamy steamy and very very creamy like pure carroty love milk from the carrot gods in woking. :cry:

By Donnaflowing on Feb 17, 2010

Thank you,DK for this delicious recipe! I just prepared it following your wonderfully inspiring instructions/photos. This soup is absolutely lovely to look at and delectable to savor. I've seasoned it several ways and love, love, love the addition of a teaspoon of ginger miso homestyle dressing [from Whole Foods organic line]! It's heavenly! Just right for this chilly evening, 30 degrees, in North Carolina. BTW-I love yr site. Thanks again for sharing the love. :)

I am liking your suggestions! Cant wait to make this again with those additions! Yum! Thanks for feedback :) --DK

By resina on Feb 9, 2010

yummy carrot soup tried it straight away.pls post corn soup :)

Thanks Resina :) Will post it soon--DK

By Alison on Feb 6, 2010

I'm considering making this (or something similar) this week. I got a great deal on carrots this weekend! I don't have saffron though? Any suggestions? I'm not sure what saffron tastes like, so not sure what to use in it's place.

Oh you can totally skip the saffron! I say this cos there is no "real" substitute for saffron per se. Annato, turmeric etc all give the color but dont add equal amount of taste. Better to skip it :) --DK

By Sanc on Jan 19, 2010

Hi Divya, Can I use 1/2 cup evaporated milk instead of skim milk?

Oh sure you very well can! This soup will be even more heavenly with evaporated milk adding richness to the soup! Dont think twice - Go for it ;) --DK

By bharathi on Jan 8, 2010

all your recipes are too good for their innovativeness,pictures.this soup was out-of-world,very filling and tasty.

By Johannes on Dec 4, 2009

mmmmmmmmmmmm :) True.. Add lots of pebber.

By Rashim on Nov 30, 2009

Thanks! :-D

By Sharmila on Nov 30, 2009

:-P Your recipes are so clear and informative. WIsh i had had access to such things during the initial period of marriage. Anyway its not too late.. Thanks so much and keep it going

By Shankari on Nov 29, 2009

Looks great!

By Rashim on Nov 29, 2009

Looks interesting! :-D I am going to try it tonight! 8) Since we dont eat onion and garlic- will the soup be good still? Any other substitute for that? Celery is available though..

Most of the recipes here can be easily made by skipping onions and garlic (unless they play a major role!) . They are not in major qty here, hence I dont think they will affect the end result to a notable extent! :) --DK

By chaitra on Nov 16, 2009

Can I skip the celery? We dont get it here in India. Any substitute for that?

Yes Chaitra. You can easily skip it. I dont think there is any substitute per se. Just leave it out, since it wont make that big a difference to the recipe --DK

By Michelle on Aug 16, 2009

YUMMY. Am going to make to get me through the cold Australian winters :)

By Sara @ Our Best Bites on Aug 12, 2009

I love creamy soups that don't involve cream- looks awesome!

By Natalie on Aug 12, 2009

In regards to Natasha's post; This soup has no water added to it, so if you were to boil the potatoes and carrots in water, you would have to dump that water out, along with the nutrients.

Yes, Mine doesnt have water - hence no question. But I think Natasha was mentioning about boiling vegetables for soups in general and not for this post in particular - DK :)

By diva on Aug 12, 2009

i love carrot soup! so this scores points with me and it's so healthy being creamless. even better! x

By Natasha on Aug 11, 2009

To my understanding, boiling vegetables leaches the nutrients INTO the water - so simmering vegetables for soup is no problem and preserves the nutrients.

Than I guess we have no problems :) I know in case of soups/stock we are going to use the water and what you say does make sense. But I have been cooking almost all my veggies even for other courses that its become more of a habit now :) - DK

By Tim on Aug 11, 2009

That colour is spectacular! I know it's meant to be a healthy soup, but I'd find it hard to resist stirring in a dollop of butter to finish :S

By bergamot on Aug 11, 2009

Looks great... i have bookmarked it... the pics are realy good

By Lisa on Aug 10, 2009

Now I'm craving carrot soup! Just lovely and so good for you too. It's a bit too hot for soup here today, but soon I will be trying this.

By saritha on Aug 10, 2009

Looks so colourful :)

By Parita on Aug 10, 2009

Soup looks fantastic DK, healthy and fulfilling!

By Pavani on Aug 8, 2009

Hi DK, Please drop by my blog, I've an award waiting for you.. Thanks. Soup looks colorful and delicious.

By Siri on Aug 8, 2009

Beautiful Beautiful pics DK :) I love the color! Siri

By singh b on Aug 7, 2009

look delicious and very rich.............

By Sonu on Aug 7, 2009

Lovely color! :)

By Divya Vikram on Aug 7, 2009

Looks petty! Love the third pic! Have a great weekend!

By sathya sankar on Aug 7, 2009

Wow carrot soup ! very rich n creamy....looks delicious..

By Ramya Kiran on Aug 7, 2009

Looks delicious and so healthy!