Lacha Paratha is to North India what Parotta is to South. The difference is that Parotta is made completely with All purpose Flour (maida) while Lacha/Lachcha paratha makes use of whole wheat flour.Also Parotta is all about using fat to bring out that luscious taste, while lacha paratha does not use that much fat and is more about layers and crispiness. Usually Parotta makes use of rich ingredients - like Eggs, Butter/Ghee/Oil for its preparation. I don't use eggs other than Baking, hence I have avoided the use of it and instead simply made do with fat alone :).It involves technique and a little patience, but once you get it, it seems so easy that you would end up thinking why the heck, did it seem so hard earlier :) The tip is to roll the dough as thin as possible and then after making it into layers - Not to roll it thin. It should still be thick and not rolled thin.
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Serves: 2 people
  • Yields: Makes around 6-10 parottas depending on the size and thickness
  • 3 cups Bread Flour ( or All purpose flour/maida)
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • salt to taste

Add all the ingredients together.


Mix well and then add lukewarm water, until the dough starts coming together.


Take some mix of ghee(or butter) and oil in a bowl.Coat your hands with the mixture and then knead the dough well for 5-6 min until the dough gets smooth.


Let it rest for 10min. Divide the dough into small balls and start rolling each ball.


Roll it as thin as possible. It should get almost transparent.


Spread some melted butter/ghee on the surface of the dough and then start pleating.


Once you have pleated it all the way through, it forms into a small rope. Pick up the rope at the ends and give it a little twist in the air – like a skipping rope.


Place it back on the counter and start spiraling it starting from one end till the other end.


Once spiraled, give it a little press.


Now with a rolling pin, slightly roll it into a circle. Don’t press too hard and don’t roll it too thin.


Place it in a skillet and roast it with some ghee/oil.


Once done turn it around and serve hot with a gravy side dish. Vegetable Korma/Kurma goes very well with this.

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1 Member Reviews

By Dharani on Jun 11, 2012

Wonderful recipe ...  If we add 1/4 cup of wheat for making dough,  it will be easy to spread Parotta. Thanks for the nice demo. The parotta came out with layers.


By Manish on Feb 26, 2016

Why don't you use baking powder and sugar while making kerala parotta? what is the purpose of mixing baking powder? Please explain in detail the difference between kerala/malabar parotta and lacha parotta. thank you!

By Chandran on Dec 6, 2013

I made porotta, but it is not smooth as like we brought from hotels. Why it is happens so? In hotels the porotta will have a little rubber band type effect after cooking. but mine was like chappathi. dont have rubber band like effect ( Smooth)after cooking.

You would have to knead the dough longer. The longer you knead, more the elasticity (or the rubber band effect). The ghee gives it the flakiness. --DK

By Gayathri on Feb 9, 2013

Can I use wheat flour instead of maida to make parotta? I don't prefer using maida personally. thanks

Oh yes, that would make it Lachcha paratha - the North Indian version --DK

By Sowmya on May 3, 2012

Wow, a perfect demo. Have been wondering all these years how these tasty barotta is made. Used to feast on it while studying in Pondicherry!

By Mathangi Devi on Mar 9, 2012

if u don't mind can I add another tip... arrange d parottas and press twice or thrice on d sides. D layers wil get separated.

By fathima on Feb 25, 2012

Yummy..wonderful's nice..

By Naveen on Nov 16, 2011

try applying a little more oil before you start pleating your parota

By sam on Aug 11, 2011

Has any One made this using bread flour because mine hasnt worked out.The inside layers are not cooked even when I made the parotta very thin towards the rolling bit and when I make it too thin the parotta goes too hard and inside bit is still not cooked.

By Divya Kudua on Nov 18, 2008

Despite several trials,I'v never been able to get THAT perfect layered parotta.I follow the same method,but always end up getting a-distant-cousin-of-parotta thingy..:-(

By Divya Vikram on Nov 15, 2008

Appa makes perfect parotas! lovely layers!

By Usha on Nov 14, 2008

These look very delicious and perfect..loved the step by step pictorial...

By Medhaa on Nov 14, 2008

love the way they have come out looks perfect.

By kamala on Nov 14, 2008

Perfect Parotas Dhivya..Yesterday only I made this for my Daughter's Bday..

By DK on Nov 14, 2008

HI Raaji

The only reason that I can think of why it came out without the layers would be the way you spiral the dough. Just make sure you dont spiral the dough one on top of the other. It should be in parallel almost. Like one spiral, the next one should almost begin at the end of the first spiral etc....Try doing it that way and it would work...

Hope this one helps Raaji "

By Supriya on Nov 14, 2008

Beautiful blog DK. I'm enjoying all ur marathon creations, many must-trys here. Glad I browsed thru.

By Arundathi on Nov 14, 2008

amazing - you made parottas! :-) i'm eternally in awe!

By Madhu on Nov 14, 2008

You have explained it very neately DK, tempting too.

By raaji on Nov 14, 2008

Oh god the people in the video looks like some magicians working out with paratha.....i tried it divya but as i started rolling it out it came as a normal one...i couldnt see you know why???

By Srivalli on Nov 14, 2008

Thats my most favorite roti!!! I am really curious to know what you are going to make twm..mugalai roti!

By Curry Leaf on Nov 14, 2008

Lovely .I too follow the same method as you.But it is difficult.Yours look lovely

By Kitchen Flavours on Nov 14, 2008

Wow laccha paratha looks yum, crisp and soft. Thank you for sharing.

By Bhawana on Nov 14, 2008

jiyo mere lal :), tum to cha gayi blogs mein. fundu lachha paratha.

By SMN on Nov 14, 2008

DK very well shown wth the pic also . they look so expert in all time fav

By Lakshmi Venkatesh on Nov 14, 2008

Nice Presentation. My hubby's favourite. I make them very often.

My e-mail id is :

By Priya on Nov 14, 2008

Laccha paratha looks scrumptious..great work Dk..i have something on my blog for u..pls check it out: