Paneer Moong Kathi Roll (Falka Roti) By DK on Nov 3, 2014

This simple Chapathi roll boats of immense protein using vegetables, paneer & moong as filling. Perfect for lunchbox. Immensely flavorful & a rounded meal.

Capsicum Cheese Paratha By DK on Oct 16, 2013

Easy Indian flatbread stuffed with Yellow, Red, Green, Orange and Purple Bell Peppers. Addition of Mozzarella Cheese makes it protein rich as well.

Paneer Paratha By DK on Jun 12, 2013

One of the most popular Indian parathas is this flatbread stuffed with Paneer (Indian cow milk cheese). Simple to make and enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Methi Roti (Fenugreek Flatbread) By DK on Mar 4, 2013

Fenugreek leaves are known as Methi in India and this simple flatbread made using Fenugreek leaves is simple, nutritious and hearty.

Mooli Ka Paratha (Radish Flatbread) By DK on Dec 10, 2012

Popular Indian flatbread stuffed with peppery grated radish and radish greens. Nutritious, filling and especially warming during winter mornings.
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Kuttu Ki Puri (Buckwheat Poori) By DK on Oct 20, 2012

This popular bread is made mostly during Navaratri/Dussera fasting (vrat). Made of Buckwheat (Kuttu flour) & Potatoes, these are fried to make crispy puris.

Zucchini Falafels with Yogurt Tahini Sauce By DK on Aug 13, 2012

Zucchini Squash gets a protein boost with these pan fried crispy Zucchini Falafels. A delicious Yogurt Tahini sauce completes the picture.
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Cheese & Green Garlic Paratha By DK on Jun 1, 2012

Paneer and fresh Mozzarella Cheese combine to make these uber delicious Indian flatbreads. Green Garlic gives it a light garlicky flavor.

Purple Aloo Gobhi Paratha By DK on Apr 29, 2012

The popular Indian side dish Aloo Gobhi gets stuffed into a flatbread where I use purple cauliflower and purple potatoes instead of regular colors.

Cheese Quesadillas By DK on Feb 24, 2012

Easy appetizer/lunch/snack, these quesadillas are perfect for all occasions and is equally loved by kids and adults alike. Using heirloom bean blend puree makes this little more nutritious.

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