By DK on Oct 09, 2007

Egg-in-the-hole goes by many names – “Egg in the basket”, “hen in a nest”, “one-eyed monster breakfast” ,”toad in the hole” etc.etc. Call it by any name – the end result makes a beautiful and attractive presentation. There is this story for how I came by this recipe. I was newly married and one fine morning after the usual breakfast of idli’s – u know the typical south Indian breakfast – for many mornings past, my DH popped the sudden discussion about the importance of Protein and it is essential (blah blah and more blahs) ! I was like ‘oook,so?”. He asked me if I could make egg for him in the mornings. I hate eggs and promptly told him so. He was like ‘its ok’ and left it..but I felt bad and checked out online for recipes and made him Omelette one morning..he was v moved at my effort and I was so happy that I kept making him that recipe ever after!!! – until I got bored!.

So one of those peppy morning, I tried to be creative and came up with this recipe. He loved it. About a month after my ‘invention’ , i was surfing channels and suddenly i saw this channel ( i don’t remember which ) where a woman was making eggs just this way calling it the famous American comfort food! I dint know whether to be happy or sad. Sad because, it sure was not unique and perfectly not my invention [discovery more like it] or happy that I had a TV show creativity :)

This is a v.v.v.v.v simple recipe and that which takes hardly any effort at all. Here goes

Basic Information
Prep Time: Under 15 min
Cook Time: Under 15 min
Serves: 1 person
  • 1 egg
  • 1 bread slice
  • 1/2 tbsp butter
  • salt and pepper to taste
Cut a hole right in the middle of the bread.
Keep the cut piece aside
Brush it with butter on both the sides.
Place it a Pan which has been lightly greased with PAM.
Break open an egg and pour it right in the center of the bread on the hole
Sprinkle salt and pepper on it.
After 3-4 min, once the side is done, turn it over.
Cook for few more minutes and its done.
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91 Responses to “Egg-in-the-hole”
  1. I grew up with this one as “Egg in a Basket”, but I’ve heard all the other names everyone’s listed here including a “Bull’s Eye”.

    Regardless of what it’s called, I love it. And to change things up, serve with aged cheddar and/or salsa.

  2. Its also called, egg on a basket

  3. Yummy! and lovely. This is so amazing.

  4. jean

    my husband made this for me and the kids years ago and we all love it he calls it egyptian eye

  5. To: Darrell James;
    I kinda’ thought the same thing too, but wait until you taste it. YUMM! And the little piece; fry it up and put some jam on it to eat with your sandwich – - all SO yummy and so much fun. I am a huge fan of fried egg sandwiches and this is a new twist. The bread kind of takes on the flavor of the frying egg. Try it! You may end up with “egg on your face.” :wink:

  6. What happens to the bread you’ll take out for the egg? waste? This is a little bit of a none-sense. Will you go all through the troubles doing this just to fill a hole you created in a slice of bread with an egg? Just create the usual egg sandwich orfrench toast for crying out loud! LOL… People!

  7. Norma

    James- they even have chickens in Nigeria!!! Diebirchen, TOAD IN THE HOLE is an English classic made with sausages baked in a savoury batter (Yorkshire pudding) served with onion gravy. It has nothing to do with fried eggs and bread.

  8. Taylor- -your idea with the g\lass is GREAT! I have just the old TUPPERWARE tall tumbler to use!!! Thanks!

  9. jophet
    September 19th, 2013 on 12:10 am
    can somebody help me how to make the egg yoke shape heart?
    Give this site a try – hope this is helpful!

  10. very nice bread and egg omlette

  11. Marcia

    This message is for James. What world do you live to ask if Nigeria has eggs. You have to educate yourself a lot more.

  12. Diebirchen

    That is not “‘egg’ in the hole,” but “‘toad’ in the hole”!

  13. james

    They have eggs in Nigeria?

  14. Richdhrc

    As seen on the movie Moonstruck. Although Italians use a real piece of good thick crust bread.

  15. jophet

    can somebody help me how to make the egg yoke shape heart?

  16. Hi ma name is Elu from N/E of India from small town Imphal. I like the pumkin donuts, its tempting and wanna try it out. I got a small shop n i tried donuts n sold it, wanna give a try wit p d nuts. and ya site is resourceful, helping me so much.Do mail me tasty easy recipes. thanks

  17. piya

    :) :) :) i loved it … its not common n india … i m gonnna try it tomorow breakfast nly :)

  18. Cathy

    :-D Love these. My mom and grandma always made them. They called them Eggs in a Hole. Try them with a little paprika! My kids loved it when I used a special shape cookie cutter like a star or rabbit. Nowadays, I have to make them with gluten-free bread but they’re stll a favorite around our house.

  19. :lol: We always called this “Eggs in a Nest” Still fun and enjoyable!

  20. to make cutting the hole in the middle of the bread even easier, just take a glass cup, and press it into the bread and it should make a perfect circle.

  21. Mia

    Also called egg in a picture frame, kids love this one. Thanks Ann for the avocado suggestion, sounds good.

  22. This looks like a great inspirational idea as a way to get kids to eat not only eggs, but brown bread as well.
    I am going to give this a shot over the coming weekend.
    Thanks for the cool idea – I genuinely never saw this before and it is oh so simple!

  23. Lisa

    Geesh, someone took the time and initiative to write out and admit her disappointment that it was NOT her original creation and the comments are slamming. Have some respect. If you have nothing nice to say, then try a simple thank you.

  24. Ann

    I will say this… Screw the butter and use olive oil instead. Just put olive oil in the pan and it will coat both sides, when flipped and add some greek seasonings to the toast & eggs while its cooking in the pan. Add then Fresh slices of nice Tomatoes with a leaf of fresh basil.

  25. Ann

    This isn’t new…. I’ve been making eggs stuck inside the toast ever since I was a teenager. Then sometimes nice sprinkle of cheese… When did this become great news to do with eggs. Hell, you can get an Avocado stick an egg inside of it where you pull out the nut and season it pop it in the oven… A beautiful egg cooking inside an Avocado. Been doing that for years too.

  26. Mitch

    I was always taught to press and twist a wine glass in the center of the bread to make the center and I keep the little puck of bread and toast it in the pan to dip in the yolk =3

  27. Jubemi

    Love this recipe, its not very common here in Nigeria. I will definitely try it

  28. Dana

    Toad in the hole is not a English casserole no matter what Wikipedia says! It is sausages baked in the oven (You can add onions/herbs). When everything is really hot, and the saugages have a little colour, remove dish from oven. Then pour a (Yorkshire)batter on and when puffed up & brown its ready to eat. Serve with potatoes & vegetables of your choice & with lashings of (beef) gravy. Delish but not a casserole!

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