Pluot Jam/Preserve

Nothing like having a home made Jam for your breakfast and start the day - knowing that only health and taste has gone into your body! I have been making my own jam for a while now and I keep rotating the fruits each time. After my Raspberry Jam was over, I was thinking of what else to make when I saw fresh Pluots in the local market. Pluots are a dream to work with, in Jams, in Baking or simply to eat on their own. Man managed to hybridize so many things nowadays that its indeed mind boggling! Among them is this Pluot which is a hybrid of Plums and Apricots.

Two birds in one stone isn't it ;-) The ratio approximately is of 70% Plums and 30% Apricots. According to wisegeek :" Pluots are an intensely flavored fruit. They are full of vitamin C, have a very low fat content and are sodium and cholesterol free. Pluots are mainly grown in the Central Valley area of California and are available from late May through September.

You will know when pluots are ripe as the fruit gives to pressure and is also very fragrant. They should be handled delicately just as you would a plum. The pluot's sweetness makes it a great ingredient for many cooking recipes. They make a great addition to any summer fruit salad.

Pluot Jam/Preserve
The pluot can also be used as an ingredient in ice cream or yogurt, or in a sauce over pancakes. Many people add them to their breakfast cereals to sweeten them up. Blended pluots also work well in smoothies or in alcohol based drinks. " I made Jam ( or preserve) without using pectin and with minimal amount of sugar. Its almost like eating fresh fruit everyday ;-)
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Yields: Makes around 3-4 cups
  • Approx 7-8 Pluots, chopped
  • 1 orange
  • 1/4-1/2 cup sugar ( use after tasting the fruit. Mostly less is more. You can brown sugar too)
  • zest of one lemon

Add sugar to the chopped pluots.


Add the juice of one Orange and the zest to the pluots and set aside for 20-30min.


Place the mixture in a skillet with med-high heat after stirring well.


Bring this mixture to a boil


Once boiled, bring the heat down to low-med and cook for another 5 min until the fruit looks v soft.Mash it using the back of ladle or use Potato masher to mash it well


Cook until the mixture thickens into a Jam/Preserve consistancy.Pour this in sterilized Jars. Keeps well for maximum of one month in the fridge.It wont last you for more than 2 weeks I bet, since you will end up licking your spoon more often than not :)

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By Jennifer on Oct 17, 2013

Any reason why I couldn't freeze this?

By Helen on Oct 5, 2013

Today is dedicated to Jam Making! Excited about this recipe as I have pluots available. Would I get the same results with Stevia as a sugar replacement?

By Manda on Oct 16, 2012

I tried this recipe tonight. I didn't have an orange but I cooked the pluots with a pineapple quince. Tasty! I also used 1/4c brown sugar and 1/4c regular sugar. I love this recipe!

By sonvi anirudha on Aug 4, 2012

its a lovely recipe. it ried it without the orange and it still came out yummy... thanks

By KEVIN on Oct 6, 2011

Does anyone have suggestions for altering this recipe for canning and sealing in a water bath for longer storage?

Please refer this post of mine for info regarding canning: Plum Jam:

By Arno on Jan 5, 2010

Please know that orange and lemon are sources for pectin. The pith is big in pectin (but can also be bitter). There are old recipes for getting pectin by just boiling and straining orange pith. When you add a whole orange you are getting some pectin plus some from lemon zest. Enjoy these recipes!

Hi Arno - am aware of them being the sources of pectin. If this is lieu of me mentioning that this recipe is without pectin, then my intention was to point out that I was not using the store bought pectin. Thanks for your feedback though --DK

By karuna on Dec 15, 2008

nice combo. love the colour of the jam.

By Siri on Dec 14, 2008

Thats such an awesome entry for AFAM babes! :)) the jam looks so yummy! wish I cud taste it!


By Srivalli on Dec 14, 2008

Thats very interesting one dhivi...

By DK on Dec 13, 2008

Hi Veggie Belly,

Thanks for asking..well I have no particular reason for leaving out pectin..Just another lazy day when going shopping wasnt on my list(which mostly happens esp when I am making Jams! Gawd No idea why, now that I think of it!! :))

So this recipe will help for those who want to make one immedietly without depending on pectin! The rest of the ingredients is mostly th in one's pantry anyways :)

@all : thank you for leaving out your comments. I appreciate it

By Priya on Dec 13, 2008

Delicious Jam...prefect for the event..

By rekhas kitchen on Dec 13, 2008

mmmmm yummy looks so so mouthwatering

By Chandani on Dec 12, 2008

lovely:). I love plums and apricots, and this is a wonderful way to have both together..

By Curry Leaf on Dec 12, 2008

Lovely and perfect entry.I am yet to try these,not a fan of plums or apricot,though I am planning to use these in cooking/baking.Lovely colour

By Madhu on Dec 12, 2008

Pluto interesting .....? Home made jams r the best, lovely colour.

By veggie belly on Dec 12, 2008

woah! the combined a plum and apricot?! that sounds great, I should try and get my hands on some pluots. your jam looks delicious. i'm curious why you chose not to use pectin :)

By Jackie on Dec 12, 2008

I am glad to find your blog. I'll make my jam very soon.