How to make homemade Apricot Vanilla Jam Recipe
Its been a long while since I made a jam last! We have started enjoying other breakfast items which don't call for jam a lot hence I was not in a dire need to make some at home. For the rare occasion we needed Jam, a small store bought Jam seemed a better idea! But during one of my trips to Grocery stores, I came across some yummy looking fresh apricots. I had quite a lot of fruits stocked at home and knew that it will only spoil if I buy more. If you had already read through the rant about fruits and me, you will realize my hesitation. But those cute apricots won me over and I got few home. But once home, my sense came back and after eating 1-2, I was in a fix! So I did the next best thing to eating them fresh - Made them into a jam, of course!
How to make homemade Apricot Vanilla Jam Recipe
Using up the jam sounded easier to me than eating them just as they are! Oh well, that's me! :) I remembered that I had this one vanilla bean that I was storing for that "one special recipe" which did not come for quite a few months! I did not want to store that bean any longer and knowing that this supposed 'special recipe' was not coming my way any sooner, I thought of using it in this jam. I am glad I did. The slight hint of vanilla complements this tart jam so well. We don't like overly sweet dishes and I was not in a mood for too sweet a jam either. Although David Lebovitz suggests not reducing the sugar for the risk of the jam not setting, I reduced it by 1 cup. But thankfully, it did set pretty well for me. How to make homemade Apricot Vanilla Jam Recipe And also the point to note is that Apricots being tart once cooked, it is balanced out with the sugar hence it is not such a sweet end result. But from our experience, we know that our level of sweet is much less than the average folks out there hence my 5 cups worked well for us :) I might reduce it by 1 more cup and check out next time! You might also want to check out: Plum JamPlum Preserves, Pluot Jam, Raspberry Jam, Strawberry jam
  • Cook time:
  • Prep time:
  • Yields: About 4 cups
  • 2 lbs fresh apricots
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 6 cups sugar ( i used 5 cups)
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 tbsp orange juice/lemon juice
1. First lets pit the apricots. Slice the apricots in half
2. You will see the pit.
3. Using your hands or spoon remove it. Set aside and repeat likewise for the rest of them. If you wish, you can use one of the pits to place in the jar which you are planning to use. This pit is supposedly a practice by Europeans who do this so that these pits can impart a bitter almond flavor to the jam (Pit is not supposed to be consumed though - just for flavor)
4. Place these apricots in a huge saucepan along with 1 cup water and let it cook covered  in medium heat making sure to keep stirring the fruits until slightly tender.
5. Meanwhile slice the Vanilla bean in half
6. Scoop out the seeds.
7. In another saucepan add the sugar , rest of the water and vanilla bean seeds along with the bean.
8. Bring it to a boil.
9. Discard the bean and add it to the apricots.  Cook it uncovered and skim out the foam that rises to the surface. The jam will gradually thicken and will reduce in qty. It will have a jelly kind of consistency.
10. You can test the doneness of the jam in two ways. Use a  candy thermometer and if the temperature reads 220ºF (or 104ºC) its done. Otherwise you can do what I usually do. Keep a plate in the freezer while making the jam. When your jam starts looking ready, then scoop out a little jam and place it on the chilled plate. Place it back in the freezer for 3-4 minutes. Remove and test with your fingers. If the jam mounds and wrinkles like below, it's done. If runny and it does not have a body to it, then continue to cook the jam for few more minutes until it clears the nudge test.
Pour the Jam in your jars ( make sure you sterilize them. See how to in this post ) Enjoy it with your morning toast or in your fav. recipes. How to make homemade Apricot Vanilla Jam Recipe

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2 Member Reviews

By Sanchitha on Jul 23, 2010

I'm so much in love with this website and all the recipes that you post here. I made this jam 2 days ago and it turned out FAB!!!! absolutely FAB! I made it with Apricot and Strawberries and I replaced sugar with honey. The taste was very good and I was sooooo impressed with myself. I did not know jam making was this easy. Thank you so much for all the inspiration. Keep it up Dhivya!!

Recipe Image

By Sana on Jun 28, 2010

I am so happy I tried apricot vanilla jam and it turned out superb. My husband found it too sweet. Actually he likes lumps of fruit in his jam so he could feel he is eating a fruit. But I just loved this jam. And since I was just trying, You wouldn't believe I used just 4 apricots, It lasted for a week ;).
Thank you :) .


By Linda on Sep 29, 2014

It isn't the pit that is used, it's the kernel inside the pit. You crack the pit open with a nutcracker or hammer and then smash the kernel inside a bit to release the flavor. Only the kernal goes into the jam. Makes a big difference, although you could use almond extract.

By Visaradhavijay on Oct 12, 2011

Lovely recipe............So i hav a doubt regarding the apricots.........CAN I USE DRY APRICOTS FOR THIS JAM, INSTEAD OF THE FRESH ONES.........??????coz in BAngalore fresh apricots rnt available.......!!!!!11 :cry:

By Sarah Cosman on Jul 18, 2010

:-o Hello ! I made this recipe this morning. I wasn't too sure as to when to add the lemon juice? I added it in the first stage with the apricots and water. Hope thats right ! It turned out great :) And I'll make it again ! Thanks.

By Radhika Vasanth on Mar 10, 2010

Slurpp!!! love the that because of Vanilla bean... and trust me..this is the first time I ever saw vanilla bean... This must go well with all those breads you bake...isn't it.. btw, bought wheat germ and walnuts.. am all set for baking the banana walnut bread ..

By Deepa G Joshi on Mar 9, 2010

wow, the jam looks fantabulous... :)..what a combo..totally delicious...yuuuuuuuuummm

By CurryLeaf on Mar 9, 2010

yumyumyummy Love this.I had tried a microwave version and that too worked out fine.Slurp.. :-P

By Madhuri on Mar 8, 2010

Yummax! I specially love the pic where the jam is about the drip off the edge of the ramekin :)

By harcout breton on Mar 8, 2010

It turns out very nicely, I could smell the scent of vanilla beans right from here. Definitely gonna give it a shot. Thanks for the recipe.

By Joie de vivre on Mar 8, 2010

This makes my mouth water. I'm a huge bread and jam fan.

By Doli on Mar 8, 2010

Can we use vanilla extract instead of vanilla bean?

Oh you sure can Doli - add a teaspoon or two of extract in place of the vanilla bean :)--DK

By Madhuri on Mar 7, 2010

Jam looks delicious. Nice shots

By Priya on Mar 7, 2010

Thats a delicious jam, lovely clicks..

By on Mar 7, 2010

Jam looks delicious and simple and easy to make.Beautiful click.

By Divya Vikram on Mar 7, 2010

Long since I made a jam. Nice recipe Dhiv!

By Sharmilee on Mar 7, 2010

Last pic is awesome clicked at the apt timing just luv it, jam looks delicious!