Sticky Rice With Mango

By DK on Apr 15, 2011
Simple and Easy Thai Food Recipes
For something as delicious, the recipe is ridiculously simple. I mean, I bet that the thought - "why in God's name did I not make it before" - will surely arise when you make it for the first time. I totally dig such recipes. Easy on time, effort and money! May be I am just biased with this dessert. I dunno - I don't call myself a mango lover without a reason. By the way, have I told you I love coconut too? So you see - between coconut and mango, I totally go ga-ga (nope - not this one) over this Thai delicacy.
Simple and Easy Thai Food Recipes
As soon as the mango season started - or to be more specific, as soon I saw the first mango in the shop I pounced upon them like a starved person! I was in some ways - mango starved! After relishing them as it is, the foodie in me started thinking of recipes to use this in that I have not blogged before. And by btw, if you get a chance, take a gander at the other mango recipes I have posted in this blog. You will be convinced at my mango passion for sure then.
Simple and Easy Thai Food Recipes
I call this recipe simple also cos of the number of ingredients used in it. It has - wait for it- Mangoooo (duh!)..., Coconut milkkkkk.....Sugarrrr...., Sticcckyyyy rice..........(what? are u still looking for more?) That's it! Shocking isn't it?. Well, if you really feel dissapointed, you can throw in some sesame seeds. Happy Now? ;) The effort involved is v minimal. Other than the time taken to prepare the sticky rice (which the steamer can take care for you), rest of the stuff will be done under 10-15min. The prep time is a joke! And the cooking time is astoundingly minimal for something so delicious, I say! Have I done a good PR for this dessert already? Hope so :)

my kitchen notes (put together from various online sources )

Basic Information
Prep Time: Under 30 min
Cook Time: Under 30 min
Serves: 2 people
  • 1-2 large ripe Mango(es)
  • 1 cup coconut milk, Thai brand recommended. (You might need 1/2 cup more depending on the quality of the rice)
  • 1/4-1/2 cup sugar
  • 3 cups cooked Sticky Rice (see how to cook sticky rice)
  • 1 tbsp sesame seeds (optional)
Peel the mango and cut them into bite sized pieces.
Simple and Easy Thai Food Recipes
Talking about which, try to use Asian mangoes - the ones available in the Asian market (!!). The ones that are slightly small, yellow with thin skin and are so much more sweeter than the other varieties. Those are the ones that work the best with this recipe. I have tried with local Mexican Mangoes (the reddish tinged ones). They were OK but not as good as the Asian ones. Since this dessert is all about Mangoes and Coconut milk, good quality ones are a must to make it a lip smacking good dessert. Think Alphonso! :) YUM.
Simple and Easy Thai Food Recipes
Dry toast the sesame seeds. set aside.
Simple and Easy Thai Food Recipes
Warm up the coconut milk over medium heat.
Simple and Easy Thai Food Recipes
Add 1/4 cup (or more, as per taste) of sugar to the coconut milk and stir until dissolved.
Simple and Easy Thai Food Recipes
Now add the cooked sticky rice to the mixture.Stir it until there are no lumps
Simple and Easy Thai Food Recipes
Soon you will see that the rice has absorbed the coconut milk and it thickens into one mass or a thick porridge like consistency.
Simple and Easy Thai Food Recipes
Turn the heat off and cool this rice to room temperature.
Simple and Easy Thai Food Recipes
Place the rice in individual serving dishes, place the mango slices on top (add them before serving) and garnish with the toasted sesame seeds. It speaks of health and  Elegance with its simplicity. In short its - Ambrosia on a humble plate! I LOVE this dessert to death (does it show? ;)) BTW, make sure to eat it as soon as you make it since the rice tends to get drier with time. Its best when made. Simple and Easy Thai Food Recipes
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17 Responses to “Sticky Rice With Mango”
  1. Shawon

    I love sticky mango rice

  2. Trish

    Literally just walked in the door after having dinner at the one and only Thai restaurant in my area. DH already asked me to find a recipe for the sticky rice. Can’t wait to make this for him at home.

  3. from philippines but married an indian am now in kolkata west bengal want to know where i can get a sticky rice?and what is sticky rice in bengali language?looking forward from your reply …god bless your site…..

  4. Vidya

    Hi this is good and simple

  5. Nice, DK! It feels good to see someone else also loving it so much & talking about it with so much excitement!
    How they actually serve is sticky rice topped with small amount of somewhat salty-sweet coconutty thingie, topped with small, yellow colored, very light & salty urad-dal shaped seeds (we have this dal in India, I don’t know what it’s called!), along with cold chopped mango at the side. That coconutty thing I’m talking about is really addictive, trust me!
    [P.S.: I'm from Bangkok] ;)

  6. vineeta

    yesterday i saw it on tlc india……

  7. I love sticky rice and I love mangoes – can’t wait to try this recipe!

  8. What a lovely “Indian colours” presentation! Sounds like a delicious dessert, Tropical delish :-)

  9. this is absolutely deligtful and I love the presentation. just right for the summer.

    pls do check the new event at my site : summer coolers

  10. Lovely combination and it surely is a knock in the mouth flavor…

  11. Wow thats sooo inviting, sticky rice with mango tempts me a lot.

  12. wow! excellent picture with contrasting colors!

  13. ooooohhh this looks divine!!! Love the way you have presented it :)

  14. Sounds good, but what can I substitute for the coconut milk? Not a big fan of coconut.

  15. This is my all time fav dessert. looks soo good. :-). Do you want to send it to Healing Foods: Mango? Here is the link –

    I want you to have a chance to win one of those books :-)


  16. It reminds me of a trip i took to Thailand few years back. I registered for a two day cooking class and they taught us to make this dish. I have not made it at home though I should do it when I find good mangoes in my market. Thanks for sharing. H

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